Chrissy Matthews asks and answers his own question


Here Chrissy asks why conservatives refer to “mainstream media” as they do:

And here he answers his own question. He says it’s his job to carry Obama’s water.

Matthews is a tool.


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That second video is really telling. Mathews is essentially stating that he will do what is necessary, including spreading disinformation, and not questioning the hypocrisies, in order to further the goals of the Obama admin. Once upon a time, we had a media that ruthlessly questioned all actions and words by politicians, no matter which party they belonged to. Sad to say, but that is no longer the case.

John Sean Hannity has stated or intimated many times he’ll do what is necessary to beat BHO. Neither MSNBC or FOX(O’Reilly the exception) make any attempt to be unbiased.

Kouric outed Sarah Palin and CBS News. Kouric is toast and Sarah continues to earn millions. Karma.
Tingle down blathering is not working. Ask Keef Doberman and aMessNBC. I could go on, indefinitely.

@rich wheeler:

So, is Mathews a pundit, then?

Every time Tingles says a word beginning with the letter “p” I have to clean the spittle from inside my monitor.

The Bamster has started his reelection campaign. Tingles has started the search for red november.

Matthews is no more a newsman than Hannity.They both lack credibilty and are in the tank pro/anti BHO.

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I can’t wait till the fur starts flying in Iowa and New Hampshire. GREAT SPORT

Hannity is full of himself,which may be worse.

And Tingles isn’t full of himself??

Hannity gives it to you straight, you know where you stand. Hell the OP SHOWS that Tingles flip flops as it suits him. On one video he is wondering why everyone is mad at the MSM, which he clearly thinks he is a part of. Then on the other video he blatantly admits that he is partisan.

You won’t catch Hannity doing that.

One last thing, though. I don’t think Hannity is so much anti-Obama as he is pro Constitutional Conservative. In other words, if Obama were to ever begin to really govern from the center, then I think Hannity’s coverage would reflect that change.

Tingles just likes to hear himself talk so we can see how important he is…..NOT.

It doesn’t matter what Obama does, Hannity finds fault. He’s a one hit hatchet man. It’s his schtick and his adoring ,rabid fans love it. I think he’s every bit as pompous and full of himself as Matthews.

@rich wheeler:

It doesn’t matter what Obama does, Hannity finds fault.

I don’t regularly listen to Hannity, nor watch FOX, but from what I have listened to, I’m gonna have to agree with antics.

There is a differance between a news show and an op-ed. A news show is not supposed to be biased. People watch op-ed commentary and complain that it is biased. This is a Consevative blog; if you complain that we are biased, we might question your lucidity. No one should expect an op-ed to be unbiased: we have every reason to expect a news show to be, no not fair, that is to asssume you have a preference, but you maintain fairness. No news shows are there to report news without opinion or editorial commentary. To expect Hannity to be unbiased is to be ludicrous, if you tune in (I don’t) it is like turning on FA; you are not expecting anything but Consevative opinion. What causes the problem is the popularity of Conservative opinion, but in the arena of ideas and creativity, everything is equal and fair; unfortunately for the Progrssives, they don’t have charisma or talent, at least thazt is what the ratings say. They certainly have the exposure, perhaps the abandonment of princples in the news for editorial commentary has caused their loss of audience.

@Skookum 2:

They certainly have the exposure, perhaps the abandonment of princples in the news for editorial commentary has caused their loss of audience.

I believe that it has to do with their message. Hypocritical commentary is only swallowed by those without the brainpower to develop their own thoughts.

@Skookum 2: & @johngalt:

They certainly have the exposure, perhaps the abandonment of princples in the news for editorial commentary has caused their loss of audience.

I also think their ratings reflect what all the polls say and that is that the majority of Americans are center-right to right. So it would stand to reason that shows like Hannity’s which are to the right in content would attract more of an audience. When only 20% of the country is to the left, then shows or networks which cater to that demographic are going to understandably have less ratings/smaller audiences.

In other news, more folks have viewed Sonograms and Airport Radar than watch Chrissy Matthews.

/sarc off

Where in the MSM do you get negative stories of Obama? and when a story reports on wrong doing of a politician if it’s a demoncrap they don’t mention it. How ever if it’s an R the headline is So and So ( R State ). My point is that you can do more harm by what you don’t report, how much did they print on Obama’s life story? Nada, nothing, silch. Matthews is just symptomatic of the MSM dishonesty, tells half truths and out right lies. How is it that every Report by MSM use the same phrases to underscore the story, if you listen they will all use the same words almost to a tee. Coordination? Nah couldn’t be could it?

Good news Fear mongering Beck down 50% in viewership is being axed from his primary show on Fox.Good riddance.