Chris Matthews You Ignorant Nimrod


Chris Matthews and Clarence Page: Trump Must Be Talking About Bush When He Says “How Did He Get Into a Good School” (Chuckle, Chuckle)

Chris Matthews Ten Minutes Later: No One Would Ever Question the Academic Chops of a White President!

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No, he really said this. Ten minutes apart.

First, bringing up Transcriptism, Clarence Page chuckled that “He [Trump] must have his presidents mixed up,” meaning it must be Bush who needed special help to get into Yale (and Harvard Business).

They both had themselves a laugh at that. How dumb Bush is! They’ve been saying that for ten years, of course.

Then, next segment, still marveling that only a racist could question a president’s academic ability, he said, quote, “They would never say this about a white president!!!”

Um? Didn’t you? Like five minutes ago?

Didn’t you? For ten years straight?

And then, in case you completely forgot about the last ten years, I repeat: Didn’t you just five minutes ago?

This is not about “racism.” This is simply about their certainty that Bush was dumb and Obama is smart.

I’m not so sure. Am I racist?

Why? Because I’m supposed to just assume that someone who gets into an Ivy school is smart, the same as Matthews and Page don’t as regards Bush?

And let me point out: by Chris Matthews apparent rule, it would in fact be racist of Page to make this joke, since his unstated premise seems to be you can only talk smack about a president of your own race.

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And the dumb and stupid keeping showing it on a daily basis.

I was at the credit union this morning and they indoctrinate you in the waiting room with CNN. carvelle was speaking and the entire time he called everyone names that didn’t agree with barack, barry, steve, or whatever his name is, and continued saying how stupid the people of the US are. It amazed me. People sitting in the waiting room were sucking it up. I have found over time you can always tell a liberal because they will call you all kinds of names, tell you how stupid you are and can’t give you one ounce of evidence to back up their mouths. I hate to label people, but this is what I see from my vantage point.

What I don’t get is that Democrat leaders and ‘liberals’ continually like to spread the lie that the “American people are stupid.” Lets’ stop and think about this. Aren’t they part of the “American people?”

Hey Democrats and so-called ‘liberals’! You may not think that your chosen leaders are referring to you personally as being stupid. But you can rest assured that they are, because they certainly don’t exclude you when they show their utter contempt and disdain for the very people who put them in office. No one should ever, ever, support or vote for anyone who thinks that they are stupid. It’s like these Democratic ‘liberals’ are spousal abusers and “The American People” are their bruised, battered, subservient “bitches.”

Or are ‘liberals’ just too stupid to realize that they mean YOU! ?

Jesus’ half-brother James described hypocrites as like men who could look at their real selves in a mirror then go off and immediately forget what sort of man he is.

That sure fits Chrissy!

the person who find AMERICANS stupid is far more stupid, he is mixing the word stupid with the word TOLERANCE THAT FOR HIM IT IS CALLED STUPID HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE WORD TOLERANCE MEAN, BECAUSE HE IS NOT A TOLERANT AMERICAN; but let him not sleep too comfortable,
just in case the SMART TOLERANT AMERICANS decide to come to ask him to explain
what his favorited word [STUPID] MEAN TO HIS MIND

R) “I fear young son Obaamlet doth make imperial claim.
G) “He make claim for father’s steed and mother’s faint noble breed.
R) “But doth he knoeth Wittenburg?
G)” Rail him not for he took games over study and knoweth not a prince’s place.
R) “Prince of games not study doth make folly blood rail anew

Rosenmatthews and Guildenpage are dead