Chicago may quit being a sanctuary city


by Don Surber

The big news in Chicago this weekend was black voters are threatening to vote Republican if City Hall does not do something about illegal aliens.

Dream on. That won’t happen. What Chicago needs is a referendum to repeal its sanctuary city status — and it may get one.

But Republicans are getting their hopes up again.

Breitbart reported,

“A group of black Chicago residents rallied on the city’s South Side to warn City Hall and the City Council that they are organizing to defeat any official that supports Mayor Brandon Johnson’s fealty to sanctuary city policies and the continued spending of millions on illegal aliens, even to the extent of voting for Republicans over the Democrat Party.
“Speakers warned the city’s aldermen that they will be targeted for removal and that blacks in the areas so badly impacted by the onslaught of border crossers flooding into the city would even begin voting for Republicans and independents to defeat Democrats who are so sold-out to the illegal alien lobby.”

The list of demands was awesome:

  • We want the mayor to sign an executive order immediately ending sanctuary city.
  • Remove illegal immigrants from our city.
  • We demand that the mayor and the aldermen to not allow any more busloads of illegal immigrants into the city of Chicago.
  • We demand that the aldermen vote ‘no’ on the budget that assume an additional $150 million or more — or any amount for immigrants
  • We demand a funded office of freedmen for black descendants of American chattel slavery.
  • We support the candidacy of Republicans, independents, and Democrats who oppose sanctuary city.
  • We demand that you support Illinois African Americans equitable black school achievement.
  • And we demand that the land grab of senior citizens’ homes and to replace us with illegal immigrants.

But threatening to vote Republican is a joke. I mean, who are these imaginary Republican candidates that black Chicagoans are going to vote for? Is there a pot of Republicans at the end of a rainbow? Send Geraldo Rivera back to Al Capone’s vault to see if that are any there.

The party crossed off Cook County long ago, in part because black voters are solidly Democrat no matter how detrimental that is to their lives. Many (not all) black neighborhoods turn into shooting galleries on hot summer nights.

That is the pattern throughout the nation as Democrats have become an urban party that rules its territories unopposed. After chasing Republicans away, Democrats turned American cities into shitholes (San Francisco literally is one) where bums have overtaken the streets and parks, teens loot stores, gangs run rampant, and the politicians get rich.

Monopolistic power allows Democrats to ignore their supporters and expand their power. The Census Bureau sets how many congressmen each state gets.

Thus for every 800,000 or so illegal aliens a state takes in, it gets a seat in Congress.

You can see why Chicago became a sanctuary city in 1985. The Establishment loves it because it means more power. When President Trump tried to get Chicago to obey the federal law, the Chicago Sun-Times scolded him.

It said in an editorial on April 15, 2019,

“Chicago has always been a sanctuary city, and we’re better for it.
“Immigration has been at the core of Chicago’s economic vitality and population growth, and it will continue to be.
“More than that, as Mayor Rahm Emanuel said last week, the United States is a sanctuary country. We are a nation of immigrants, and proudly so. A welcoming stance toward immigration is at the heart of our identity, and we trash it at our peril.
“That’s what President Donald Trump fails to understand. Or chooses not to understand.
“When he attacks immigrants as a bunch of criminals and freeloaders, he’s spreading a lie, and he’s making a more honest conversation about immigration policy — whom to allow in, and in what numbers — impossible.”

Lecturing Donald Trump — the son and grandson of immigrants — on immigration is like giving singing lessons to Taylor Swift. You may not like her voice but her singing made her a billionaire.

Four years later, illegal aliens have crushed Chicago’s city budget but the Chicago Sun-Times valiantly stands by the sanctuary city status.

In an editorial last week, it said,

“Alderman Anthony Beale (9th) wants to ask Chicagoans to weigh in on remaining a ‘sanctuary city,’ and it’s a question that could easily take Chicago down a risky road.
“An ordinance Beale has submitted would repeal the city’s Welcoming City ordinance in its entirety. Beale and others are also pushing a proposal for a referendum on the March 2024 ballot to ask voters whether Chicago should remain a so-called ‘sanctuary city.’”

But cracks are showing. Suddenly, the sanctuary city status that CST bragged about four years ago has become a so-called sanctuary city in scary quotes. The paper prefers calling it a welcoming city. The denial reflects a change in public attitude. Chicagoans have had it with politicians bending over for illegals.

Now power brokers like the CST are struggling to prevent a vote on keeping city from obeying federal immigration laws. OK, make the newspaper pay for the illegals then.

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Sorry Chicago but Reality Happens and it hits like a FreightTrain

Why? Are they xenophobic? Are they racist? Do they hate “immigrants”? Are they cruel and unsympathetic? I guess so… according to the left, that’s the only reason anyone objects to open borders and unlimited, unrestricted illegal immigration.

The thing to do, if the IL RSC is reading, is trot out the most Trump like candidates for each office and run on a platform to make Chicago not just “liveable”, but a place where young thrive and learned ought to be able to compete with prep school educated of any color. Just as the present mess was due to a tolerance for failure, corruption, violence, etc… theymust espouse a culture of real excellence, where half-ass anything will not be tolerated… because that is the hard road to success. In life,the only easy thing is failure and when you come to a fork on the road, the easy path usually leads downhill. Theirs should get a stark contrast with the left’sand should explain that the easy street the left promises is where they’re already living. Easy crime, easy bail, easy death. Easy failures at every level of education, easy pregnancies… They had to get to an intolerable issue to say enough. So, send the right candidates to get the job done if they win, because that will be the proof in the puddin.