CBS News Cover-Up-Gate: No Comment On Obama Hot-Mic


We have an update on the story of CBS’s refusal to release the full recording of His Presidency Barack Obama calling American workers “Slugs.”

Blogger John Romano of Yes But However has been doing the work of a real reporter, holding CBS to account for their decision to withhold this very newsworthy audio:

Is CBS protecting the President in some way? Did the White House bring pressure to bear on CBS over the tape? Is this all much ado about nothing? CBS News’ “decline to comment” doesn’t help matters much.

Boy, you have to love it when a “news” organization, a company in the business of seeking comment from the subjects of their stories, refuses to comment on one of their own stories.

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The same CBS that “covered”the Sarah Palin speech in Wisconsin on tax day? the one with the video of all the “demonstrators against Gov. Walker” The one with the voice over narrative about “there are more anti Walker people then pro Walker people ” except that the video shown was from a different day? CBS news is a total shill for the “chosen one”

From what I understand, he also labeled government worker ‘lazy’, and of course americans ‘slugs’.

Of course they are protecting him. They, like Sissy Matthews, feel that it’s their duty to see Obama succeed in whatever it is he’s doing to wreck us.