CBS Ignores, ABC MELTS DOWN Previewing First Biden Impeachment Hearing


by Curtis Houck

Thursday morning marked the first official House committee hearing on the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. But on the network morning news shows, CBS Mornings refused to preview it while ABC’s Good Morning America lost its mind about the inquiry occurring “absent evidence,” of Biden wrongdoing with no “direct, concrete evidence” and “[n]o bank account, money transfer, overt act” tying Joe to his son’s life of ruin.

ABC co-host and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos was apoplectic in a tease: “Just moments away, House Republicans holding their first impeachment inquiry into President Biden despite no evidence of impeachable offenses.”

After the initial wave of GOP debate coverage and Army Private Travis King returning to U.S. soil, senior national correspondent Terry Moran took his turn to spin for the Biden regime, huffing that “the Republican drive to impeach Joe Biden will begin in earnest officially” and will be “a solemn moment, but there is a problem.”

The problem, Moran explained, was that “[f]or months, Republicans have been digging, looking for direct, concrete evidence to back up those allegations,” but “they haven’t found any.”

“No — no bank account, money transfer, overt act that would show the link between Hunter Biden’s business dealings — corruptly — and Joe Biden’s personal accounts. Ne — nevertheless, they’re going to move forward,” he added.

Moran continued to spin, bragging about a “lack of connection” on investigating the Biden family inside the GOP given “there are a group of about a dozen — couple a dozen Republicans who have broken ranks” and “don’t support this effort”.

“Nevertheless, they will proceed,” he huffed.

After he closed by lamenting “partisan fireworks” are “certain,” Stephanopoulos angrily replied before moving on: “No question about that. But, of course, this is unprecedented. The first time we’ve ever had an impeachment inquiry absent evidence.”

Earth to Terry and George: Here’s some evidence. Then again, it still wouldn’t occur to them if it had knocked them off their feet like an avalanche.

NBC’s Today only gave the impeachment inquiry hearing a partial segment (44 seconds) tacked onto a discussion between co-host Savannah Guthrie and Capitol Hill correspondent Ryan Nobles about the looming government shutdown.

“Meanwhile, the House Republicans are still planning on doing their first hearing in their impeachment inquiry of President Biden. What do you expect there,” Guthrie asked.

Nobles explained the hearing will have “three expert witness” that “Republicans…invited…to piece together the information that the three committees investigating the President’s family have collected with the goal of attempting to try and establish a link between Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the President himself.”

Like Moran and Stephanopoulos, Nobles told viewers there’s nothing to see here: “But, at this point, they’ve really yet to uncover that smoking gun that specifically makes that connection.”

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What We Know and Don’t About the Trump-Ukraine Affair
The major question is whether President Trump used American foreign policy to try to damage a political rival.
Published Sept. 25, 2019
Updated Nov. 26, 2019

Where would the NYTimes get this idea ?

The evidence against biden is overwhelming. The SARs reports alone are more than enough to impeach.

There’s evidence that Hunter Biden peddled an illusion of influence for financial gain. There’s NO EVIDENCE that Joe Biden was complicit in his son’s scam.

If there were such evidence, Trump’s congressional ass-wipes would have presented it. This is the same crap as their massive election fraud bullshit.

“The dysfunction caucus at work”

It would be embarrassing to broadcast the behavior of the Democrats. Many of the Democrats were involved in the nationally embarrassing impeachment of Trump where NO evidence was presented. All they do is lie about the purpose and target of the hearings, constantly focusing on Hunter (when they aren’t reciting the phony charges against Trump, which has what, exactly, to do with this?). And where did this AOC clone, Crockett of Texas come from? Does she think a House hearing is the same as talking with her girlfriends from the ‘hood? She showed herself to be a complete moron and an embarrassment to all Texans.

 But, of course, this is unprecedented. The first time we’ve ever had an impeachment inquiry absent evidence.”

I guess they missed those two times when not only did the Democrats conduct an impeachment inquiry with ZERO evidence, they IMPEACHED twice with zero evidence. In fact, one “impeachment” was carried out with no inquiry at all. But, in the Democrat examples, not only was there no evidence REAL evidence the Republicans wanted to introduce (the very evidence that now justifies impeaching Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, coincidentally) was prohibited by the liar, Schiff. Beyond that, the Democrats presented nothing but rumor, hearsay and innuendo.

This kind of suppression of information is how derelict, incompetent, corrupt, treasonous bags of shit like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

They ARE covering the GOP’s bullshit. They not giving the morons a megaphone. If they want a spotlight, produce some effin’ evidence.

Meanwhile, the stupid f*cks are on the verge of shutting down the government and foisting a twice-impeached moron with four pending criminal trials on the party as their candidate.

So, Comrade Greggie, are you saying that over 100 SARs should not be investigated? Are you saying that MILLIONS of $$ from hostile foreign nations that has gone to Biden family members should not be investigated?

As to the government being shut down, you should be thrilled at that. Think of all the CBP officers that will be required to stay home, not being on the payroll, and all those wonderful illegal aliens that will be able to just walk across the border unimpeded.

Oh, wait…………………………………..

Americans may not know what to call the graft and corruption of the Biden Crime Syndicate, but they know it was flat out wrong. And they know that Hunter Biden violated the Mann Act.

I haven’t seen evidence of any of that. I’ve only seen claims on pro-Trump social media, which have become a veritable blizzard of b.s.

What I believe is that Hunter Biden was running a scam peddling illusionary influence. That’s totally reprehensible, but they haven’t even come up with evidence that it was illegal. I don’t think Joe Biden was complicit; I think he was betrayed. Drug addicts will do that.

Since it’s clear you didn’t watch. This may help you understand the legality. Since you don’t have an appropriate law degree it’s safe to say Turley knows more than you.

I not only watched, but analyzed what I was seeing and hearing. You really should try that sometime. You’re pointing me to Breitbart? Please. They’re deliberately misrepresenting what Turley said. I heard what Turley said.

In his opening statement Jonathan Turley clearly stated that the evidence does not support impeachment; that they don’t have facts, they have allegations.

He said much more, you cut off his full context. Plus this is just the beginning. More to come.

I not only watched, but analyzed what I was seeing and hearing.

Apparently you didn’t because that’s not what he said.

See, in Greg’s and every other leftist’s mind, the proper way to conduct an impeachment is, first, simply have the votes to push it through, and then to begin by making wild, unsubstantiated accusations with no evidence and work backwards from there. Procedure, facts, evidence and due process plays no part in their scenarios.

Higgins is full of shit. Here’s Exhibit 202. Wolfe wasn’t “prohibiting” a damn thing. Figure 1 was outside the scope of their warrant.

Having planted the bogus idea that some sort of coverup is indicated, Higgins quickly rattles on about Blue Star Strategies, Hunter Biden, and the election, then asks Turley if his clown show committee should be investigating impeachable actions, as if the aforementioned was actually evidence of them.

It wasn’t. They have no evidence against Joe Biden. Unlike the situation with four-times-criminally indicted and twice-impeached Donald Trump.

There is nothing more credible in an investigative effort than bank records

It’s worth noting Higgins doesn’t say a word about what was in Attachment B; he skips over Wolfe’s observation that it was inappropriate and appeared to be a cut-and-paste from somewhere else.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden got Shokin fired to protect his cut of Hunter’s Burisma bribe and for an additional $5 million bribe.

Legal expert tells Biden impeachment hearing: President ‘has lied’

AOC Gets Triggered After Elon Musk Takes Shot at Her “Intelligence” – Was Previously Roasted for Her Response to the Illegal Migrant Crisis (VIDEO)

That’s a photo of the President and Vice President of the United States. What point do you believe it makes?

You really don’t know how this works.

Is it something worth knowing? Then explain it to me.

Ever think of clicking on the picture, or does someone have to do that for you?

The GOP’s own witness just stated that their current evidence DOES NOT support impeachment; that they have only allegations.

It’s an impeachment “inquiry” not an impeachment. Dems didn’t even have an inquiry for the second one they pulled on Trump. I’d bet you fully supported it.

Dems didn’t even have an inquiry for the second one they pulled on Trump. I’d bet you fully supported it.

Yes, Comrade Greggie was in full support.

You’re damn right I was. The GOP’s cowardice set the stage for Trump’s attempted comeback.

What about those over100 SARs about the Bidens, Comrade?

Those are the reports that show the damming evidence dumbfuckss like greg ignore because they are getting ass raped by msnbc.

So, f**k the Constitution, the rule of law, due process and proper procedure, YOU hate Trump, so GET HIM? Yeah, that’s the Democrat version of “democracy”.

The only time the Democ-Eats wanted the U.S. Constitution was the 25 Amendment and their failed Impeachment otherwise they prefer to Ignore the Constitution especially the 2nd Amendment and some Pea-Brain who claims the 2nd Amendment was written to protect Slavery while Slavery is not mentioned

Why don’t you listen to that again. He said the evidence HE is aware of does not reach that goal. Perhaps that is true, but he hasn’t seen all the evidence; that’s what the hearing is for. However, what you are not used to seeing in these procedures is fairness and open mindedness, since you’ve only seen Democrats conduct their show trials.

While Republicans discussed the facts, Democrats veered all over the place, anywhere but where the damning evidence was. They even, unsurprisingly, displayed grotesque hypocrisy by criticizing the proceedings. Of course, when THEY impeach, not only do they have no evidence to present, but they forbid Republicans from issuing THEIR evidence.

The firing of Shokin itself has enough evidence for impeachment, but I expect the Republicans to lay out a veritable buffet table of damning evidence. We already know most of it and I bet there is much, much more and even more will be revealed if the House committee gets enhanced investigative powers.

Democrats embarrassingly lowered the bar for impeachment to all that is required is enough votes. This inquiry is several orders of magnitude superior to the Democrat version.

See B.S. Fake News 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning are just two of them

HE’S SHOT: Joe Biden Rambles During Arizona Speech: “June 6th Insurrection” – Then Shuffles Off Stage (VIDEO)

Republicans Release Another Incriminating WhatsApp Message From Hunter Biden to Jim Biden (VIDEO)

I just makes your head spin to imagine if 1/1,000,000th of this evidence existed on Trump how quickly he would have been IN JAIL These lying, hypocritical leftists will never admit that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is totally corrupt and HE has probably forgot he did it!

This doofus needs some Australian Shepards or Blue Heelers to get him off the stage.

While distracting with its impeachment clown show, the House prepares to commit political suicide behind closed doors: Tensions erupt between McCarthy and Gaetz at closed-door House GOP meeting as shutdown nears

The Democrats need to agree to some spending cuts. The shut down will be on THEM if it happens.

In your imagination. The only thing the republican House majority has accomplished is chaos, and everyone knows it.

The shut down will be on THEM if it happens.

It’s always the same; whether Democrats are in the majority or simply have enough votes to block legislation, they always expect the Republicans to bow to their demands (and they often do). They need to go along with the spending bills being offered that are specifically targeted and live with it. Of course, as long as they depend on the Ministry of Propaganda to hold them blameless, what’s their motivation?

Maybe you could explain the many benefits to the American people of shutting down the government.

For one, it lets them know how LITTLE they need the gigantic bureaucracy that mostly exists only to support the bureaucracy. It also is just about the only time when wasteful spending is brought to light. There are far too many gutless Republicans that go along with Democrats to get their share of the graft, but instead of coming under control, wasteful spending, deficits, debt and inflation just continues to explode.

THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. If the morons had it, they’d show it. Their own witness observed that they have none.

The Democrat strategy for the Biden impeachment inquiry hearings: ignore the evidence and create a circus.

And Democrats DON’T LIKE IT. Too much visibility.

See B.S. News Awful Broadcasting Company melts away like with Dorthey and the Wicked Witch and nothing so far from the Lying Peacock News and CNN sits on its backside doing nothing but the typical cover-ups have more reasons to Tune Out and Turn Off the M.S. Mecia totally Birdcage Liber and boycott the Fake News Press Birdcage Liners/Fish Wraps

09/29/23 – Even some Republicans admit Biden impeachment hearing is an ‘unmitigated disaster’

If Republicans can smear Biden as corrupt, then they can make Donald Trump, who is facing 91 criminal charges across four indictments, appear less corrupt to voters

In their first impeachment hearing, Republicans sought to smear President Biden with totally debunked claims straight out of 2019. This is an impeachment inquiry without basis, looking for a reason to exist. After six hours of grasping at straws and, in some cases, fabricating evidence, Republican insiders were privately admitting to reporters this was an “unmitigated disaster.”

Before we dive into the substance of the hearing, it’s important to frame a few things upfront. After fearing for his job, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) unilaterally opened this politically motivated impeachment inquiry based on zero evidence and without a full House vote—after promising he wouldn’t unilaterally open one without a full House vote. This was a capitulation to the far-right extremists within his caucus in a desperate effort to cling on to his Speakership.

There is absolutely zero evidence linking Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Nor is there any evidence indicating that Biden used his political positions of power to aid Hunter in his dealings. Nothing in today’s hearing proved otherwise. In fact, Republicans’ own witnesses undermined their narrative…

That would be the view from the UK.

It’s the view of a left wing kook from the UK. In other words an opinion. There fixed it for you.

In case you missed it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mully

If Republicans can smear Biden as corrupt, then they can make Donald Trump, who is facing 91 criminal charges across four indictments, appear less corrupt to voters

His premise is flawed.

A Recycled Conspiracy Theory

Republicans acknowledge this impeachment inquiry exists to try and find evidence they don’t have.

Which republicans have made this acknowledgement? None who have seen the volumes of evidence.

They’re openly digging for dirt on Biden at the request of Donald Trump, who has called for Biden’s impeachment ahead of their 2024 election face-off.

One could argue that Republicans are simply continuing the scheme Trump began in 2019 when he extorted Ukraine in an effort to pursue a probe of Biden.

There is no evidence that any extortion occurred.

They’re literally using the exact same conspiracy theories.

Ahmed Baba is an entrepreneur and journalist. He is co-founder and president of Rantt and a columnist at The Independent. He covers a wide range of topics including politics, disinformation, culture, tech, and business. His work has been cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, Rolling Stone, and more.

He is nothing more than a limey left wing hack

Zelensky himself said there were no threats, no extortion. Are Democrats calling Zelensky a liar, someone that would lie just to receive money from the US?

What evidence is that? If they had any they’d show it. Until they do, they’re just flapping their lips.

Which republicans have made this acknowledgement? None who have seen the volumes of evidence.

Linked article title: The Biden Impeachment Begins: B(r)eaking Down The Evidence.
THEY DON”T BREAK DOWN ANY. Do you imagine they have?

Meanwhile: 09/29/23 – Republicans reject own funding bill, US government shutdown imminent

Hardline Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday rejected a bill proposed by their leader to temporarily fund the government, making it all but certain that federal agencies will partially shut down beginning on Sunday.

In a 232-198 vote, the House defeated a measure that would extend government funding by 30 days and avert a shutdown. That bill would have cut spending and imposed immigration and border security restrictions, Republican priorities that had little chance of passing the Democratic-majority Senate.

The Senate, meanwhile, has been advancing a bipartisan stopgap bill to fund the government through Nov. 17, though it was not clear when they would vote.

“It’s not the end yet, I’ve got other ideas,” Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters following the defeat of the bill he had backed.

He declined to say what those ideas were…

Hardline Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives

Define “hardline.”

In a 232-198 vote, the House defeated a measure that would extend government funding by 30 days and avert a shutdown. 

Hummm, that would be 198 votes to “extend government funding by 30 days and avert a shutdown” and 232 votes to allow a shutdown. But then, you don’t mention that of those 232 votes to facilitate a shutdown, which you have been bitching about, 211 of those were Democrat votes.

Of course, I know that you are thrilled that our U.S. military will not be paid during the shutdown, but the Ukrainian thugs will be. Perhaps the people who elected those “nay” voting Democrats will ask them why that is.

So, there is going to be a government “shutdown”, which is really a misnomer, and you can thank the Democrats for that. They wanted to run out the clock, and they have succeeded, once again looking for a reason to lie to the American people and blame Republicans.

And you will perpetuate the lie every chance you get, Comrade Greggie, because you lack the morals to tell the truth.

Last edited 2 months ago by retire05

This is the first time since 1996 where the appropriation process through regular order has occurred. Since 1996 the government has been funded repeatedly by continuing resolutions.
Regular order appropriations allows for single subject bills with amendments and debate. This is the legislative process Congress should be doing annually to fund the government. 73% of the government has been funded through four appropriations bills.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

NBC Is HORRIFIED that Potential Government Shutdown May Disrupt Billions of US Dollars Being Sent Off to Ukraine

This is what should happen. The people of America no longer want their tax dollars going to this boondoggle in Ukraine.

As Pence just pointed out, if Putin’s invasion of Ukraine prevails it’s only a matter of time before he crosses a NATO border, at which point American troops will engage Russia directly. If you were paying a bit of attention you’d know Putin is already attempting to destabilize multiple eastern European nations.

History has apparently taught some people nothing.

And, never forget, we can all thank corrupt traitor Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden for enabling and encouraging Putin to invade Ukraine. That’s what you get with election fraud.

Get a dictionary.

Define “hardline.”

21 republicans rejected the republican bill along with 211 democrats. Hence, “Republicans reject own funding bill”.

Get a dictionary.

Get a spine.

Democrats voted against the bill because they would rather present a united front than do what is best for the nation and the citizens of this nation. It’s their “crisis” strategy that they have been using for six decades.

Well, see, even when Republicans have the majority, Democrats expect them to ALWAYS bow to Democrat demands and carry out Democrat policy. Otherwise, they shut the government down.

All Republicans are asking for is a funding bill that addresses the NECESSITIES, like securing the border…. AGAIN. Democrats just want to rain money on everything so they can steal without being detected.

CNN Poll Backfires as Majority Blame Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats for Government Shutdown

Democrat Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm on Cannon Building – OBSTRUCTS A FEDERAL PROCEEDING – Shuts Down Congress! – PHOTO RELEASED! – WHERE IS THE BIDEN DOJ?

This was more than any Trump supporter did on January 6th!

Time for a motion to vacate

McCarthy is a traitor

Yeah, do that. Then you could make your smarmy statutory rapist Matt Gaetz House Speaker.

GOP Rep Moves to Expel Jamaal Bowman After Speaker McCarthy Calls for Punishment Over Pulling Fire Alarm

Maybe Trump could try that to stop the next electoral college count.

No smearing is necessary. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden IS corrupt, it is already proven. Hunter peddled the influence, the money flows to the Biden Crime Family and then Hunter pays Pop’s bills. There you go. This is what a SOLID case built on EVIDENCE looks like, as opposed to relying on rumors, innuendo, hearsay and outright lies like the Democrats do.

And, of course, it was Hunter himself who stated he pay’s Pop’s bills and gives him 50% of his take.

How original. We need more meme-echoing morons in Congress.

“I am amazed, and I love the fact…”

Circumstantial evidence against whom? Hunter Biden doesn’t hold public office and never has. He was never empowered to do anything on behalf of the government—unlike Trump’s immediate family members, who subsequently received a $2 Billion infusion of Saudi investment capital from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He was paid management fees for nearly two years before making any investments.

Maybe the GOP should look into that.

The media’s willingness to dismiss the growing mountain of circumstantial evidence…

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Report: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run as Independent After Democrat Party Made It Impossible for Him to Compete in the Primary Against Joe Biden

Finally, someone that stands up to being F**KED by the DNC. I guess he already had a beach house, so he couldn’t be bought off.

Tough break, Destroycrats.

More than enough money has been wasted on bidens war against Russia.
America first, screw Europe.

Your House MAGA morons just forced rational republicans to join Democrats to stop a government shutdown.

Correct. Trump’s puppets weren’t allowed to hand Ukraine over to a murderous Russian dictator with their “clean” bill.