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Keep in mind, that’s in 2021–by that time the economy may be able to absorb that amount of unemployment, for example through retirement and retraining.

If you can’t tell the difference between labor supply (workers) and labor demand (jobs) then you shouldn’t be commenting on economic matters.

Don’t put such high bets like that out there Liberal1. Unless manufacturing industry returns State side (China holds roughly 70 percent of the entire World’s exports in manufactured goods), there is no means or ways for that many jobs to be asborbed ontop of the millions already lost as various industries such as Public and Private Aviation manufacturing seek to exit this Nation by your 2021. And that’s not counting the service industries that supply fabrications and electronic suites to these industries, which itself will be even larger loss of jobs if the industries collapse State side.

(objectivity) (NOT!)

retirement and retraining

Retirement is something that You prepare for over a lifetime of working, saving, investing and should not be forced upon You based upon a broken Economy. Retirement in a broken Economy, with Your best Earning Years behind you, your Investments being less sound or robust is what many Americans are facing. Those that are “Vested” in Government promises that were paid into over a Lifetime are looking at a “trust”. The Public Trust that was given to the Government, especially Congress, to have exercised prudence in spending to guarantee the solvency and functionality of Social Security and MEDICARE that they have paid into for all of their working lives .They are VESTED. Lets see how that pans out.

Congress and various Administrations borrowed from Social Security to finance Programs that have failed but bought Votes. Most of those Programs are called Entitlements. There are several Generations of Americans that are “Entitled” and will be for the rest of their lives, as opposed to those that have paid into Programs and are “Vested”.

Retraining, Hmmm. Retrained for what? The Bogus Green Industries that have proved neither productive, efficient nor would have never been funded by Private Capital? If the Ethanol Industry had not been heavily subsidized at Taxpayer expense, it would have failed after the first 4 Quarters.

Liberal1, Economic Illiterates like you waste everyone’s time here trying to educate you and ween you off those failed concepts and foolish notions that come off like a sales pitch used by snake oil salesmen.
Over Taxation, Over Regulation and Over Spending got US into this morass that is the Economy today. The Congress and the Current Regime have destroyed or crippled Private Industry and Retirement or Retraining will not solve the Employment issues. Retire to what? Be Retrained for What?

Until Fiscal Prudence becomes a Priority, the Economy will be in the Hurt Locker, Businesses will either close their doors or not hire. Putting Everyone on the Government Payroll is a failure right out of the gate. Liberals ARE the Problem. Their Over Spending, Over Regulating and Over Taxation is LEGEND.
Those who have never had Private Sector Employment or Success in Managing a Business should not be Regulating a damn thing or be trusted to steward an Economy above Lemonade stand level.

For anyone to buy into Your logic is patently absurd. No one should take advice from Economic Illiterates. Period.

Oh, and on a thought on all of this and on topic, do CBO Figures really matter?
Who actually looks at them?

The Congress that Crafts Legislation, holds meetings in closed committees and then Votes for Bills that they admittedly haven’t read?

Old Trooper: Oh, and on a thought on all of this and on topic, do CBO Figures really matter? Who actually looks at them?

A burning question ever more on my mind is, to what percentage have they ever been the least bit accurate in their predictions? When history is revisited about spending, the government’s (and their bipartisan counterparts like CBO) have been notoriously low on their figures, and spending considerably higher than what they thought.

hope they listen to the wise people of AMERICA, instead of letting the fools which are too many
in GOVERNMENT JOBS, trying to fix problems they create themself to begin with.

Mata, If you ever find a Government Project/Program that came in at or close to budget I will eat My Hat, your Hat or anyone’s Pet Crow.

800,000 additional people might be expected to leave the workforce through 2021 because they will no longer need to defer retirement until age 65 to keep their health insurance.

The fact that a person has retired earlier doesn’t necessarily mean that the job he or she has left has been “destroyed”. One person’s retirement frequently results in the hiring of someone else.