Can Sarah Upstage Barack?


Let me begin with a paradox. The more Sarah Palin seems unelectable, the more electable she may actually be. The media blitzkrieg launched against Palin may be interpreted not as a sign of her unfitness for office but precisely as a measure of her eligibility. As I’ve written elsewhere, “Palin’s electability can be reckoned as an inverse function of the virulent campaign intent on her delegitimation. … The greater the fury … she is met with, the greater the likelihood that she poses a genuine threat. One does not raise a mallet to crush an ant.” Conversely, the beatification of Obama by the same leftist media is an infallible indication that they are arguing in partibus infidelium. Indeed, the media is almost always inversely reliable, providing an ironic touchstone for the facts of any matter. Just cross out and write in the opposite and we can be confident of a more accurate approximation to the truth.

Thus we are told that Palin’s “national negatives” are too high for her to be regarded as a viable candidate. But this is to forget that such “negatives” are mainly the result of a coordinated media assault whose effect can be mitigated with time, intelligent pushback and increased exposure on the ground. Presence can counter image and word of mouth can triumph over print. Negatives can be neutralized and even turned into positives. Harry Truman’s whistle-stop tour through the American heartland enabled him to upstage a heavily-favored Tom Dewey in 1948. The cries of “Give ‘em Hell, Harry,” which became his campaign theme, can translate in the present context as “Give ‘em Hell, Sarah,” if she takes her show on the road.

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Who else has as much name recognition and instills the amount of renewed enthusiasm as Sarah Palin. People can say what they will about her, but she can turn the decaying old Republican party around and give it the renovation it has needed for over 20 years. It doesn’t take a Harvard Professor to see what is wrong with Big Government, hell ask any farmer who has been paying taxes for his entire life and he could come up with a simpler more effective means of controlling spending and reining in the deficit than 50% of the people in office now.

No matter how they try and spin it the RNC cannot gain the amount of people needed in the time they have left to topple the Obamanation Machine while shutting out the Tea Party and Regan Conservatives.

Palin is the dagger that strikes fear into the heart of the MSM. And the OP is correct, the more they bash her, the better she looks. Also, as more time goes by, she gets more adept at her image being seen in a positive light. In ’08 when she was thrust upon the national scene, she did well – made a few mistakes, but did well. However, as time goes by, she just keeps getting better.

I would love to see a debate between her and Obama.

anticsrocks I’d love to see that debate as well.She should get her ass to the cold of Iowa and New Hampshire like Obama did and face up against Romney,Huckabee et al.Let the games begin.

In politics, as with everything, timing is, well – everything.

Just as Fred Thompson got into the race too late in ’08, I believe it is too early to jump into the deep end of the primary pool.

1. I have been following Sarah since McCain’s announcement in 2008. I talked to AK people who hated to see her leave. She has many things that Obama doesn’t have. She is rooted in the same soil that our founding fathers were. She doesn’t talk down to others. She has one of the qualities of a true leader that Obama will never have. She rises up by helping those around her succeed. Obama must push them down to maintain his lofty position.
Sarah is very comfortable within herself. She speaks her mind. Obama can not speak coherent words unless they are written on a teleprompter. I have been very surprised at the number of people who have seen Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Most of these people are independents.
Sarah knows there are 50 states, not 57. She understands the history of the US. She has personal values that she will not compromise for personal gain. Obama will sell his soul for personal gain and it looks like he has when you look at his position on Israel and the middle-east

Good post Curt

Palin would make an excellent President. She is the anti-Obama. The MSM is trying to destroy her. But, I ask one question. If she is so unelectable, why all the press coverage? The left is terrified of her. That’s the answer.

YES she can use her brain better, because she loves AMERICA, and takes AMERICA’s interest
in all her views, she is AMERICAN, and a PATRIOT, willing to give it all for her COUNTRY