By Releasing the J6 Tapes, Speaker Johnson May Have Saved America


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I was born to be a single-issue voter. My journey into politics started at age 8, when Roe v. Wade was decided and my mother explained to me why she was crying: “You know how a baby grows in his mother’s tummy? Well now she can go to a doctor and have him kill it. And it’s perfectly legal.”

I couldn’t wrap my head around that then. And I still can’t now. Within four years, at 12 years old, I was going door-to-door collecting signatures for the New York Right to Life Party. I made myself a pariah at Yale writing pro-life editorials and became radioactive in my Ph.D. program after getting filmed (by one of my professors!) standing with Operation Rescue during its Baton Rouge “Summer of Mercy.” And crashing my own department’s Women’s Study Tea to grill their speaker, a Planned Parenthood abortionist, about her organization’s racist, pro-Nazi origins.

My New Litmus Test is January 6

But right now, my litmus test issue isn’t abortion. Or mass, low-skill immigration. Or gun rights, religious freedom, national security, or any one of the many crucial questions that bedevil our stumbling country. A candidate could step forward who checks every one of those boxes, and at this point I’d keep my arms folded. That is, until he answered another simple, straightforward question:

Do you believe in letting the Democrats steal our elections, stifle any challenges, and unjustly imprison citizens who protest all that — and will you collude with Democrats to keep secret exculpatory evidence so that innocent Americans rot in prison, while leftist arsonists and rioters walk free?

Because if a candidate in word or deed betrays that his answer is “Yes,” all his pro-life palaver and patriotic jabber mean nothing. They’re a “noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” A pro-fraud Republican — calling a spade a spade — who claims that he cares about unborn life, or secure American borders, or any other issue, isn’t really telling the truth. He doesn’t care enough about those values or any others — not enough to stop the Democrats from fraudulently winning whenever they decide it’s really, really important, as they did in 2020. Not enough to stop the Department of Justice from putting their boot on the neck of anyone who raises a question or complaint.

So just like a billion dollars somebody offers you for your home, if it’s multiplied by zero, that’s exactly what it’s worth: Nothing at all.

Who Are the Pro-Fraud Republicans?

Who are the pro-fraud Republicans? That answer is easy: Every Republican who opposed releasing the January 6 tapes to the public — tapes which already, thanks to a brief and limited release that was squeezed out of Kevin McCarthy, got the innocent “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley out of prison. I said months ago that we need to see all the non-violent (99.99%) January 6 prisoners pardoned, and then running for Congress. I’m delighted to report that Chansley, now free, is running for the U.S. House.

There is no consideration of “security” that could justify denying crucial evidence to defendants while they’re on trial. That’s how they do things in North Korea, not in America. At least, not till recently.

Republican Senate Minority Leader (God help us!) Mitch McConnell didn’t even hide behind “security,” but blurted the quiet part out loud. He said the tapes shouldn’t be released because they’d “undermine the narrative” of the Capitol Police. Now what kind of country lets evidence of innocence undermine the narrative of the police, anyway? A free one, as ours used to be.

God Bless Matt Gaetz and Mike Johnson

By forcing out Kevin McCarthy (who’d flouted countless promises he’d made, most importantly his pledge to release this crucial evidence), and making room for the infinitely better Speaker Mike Johnson, Rep. Matt Gaetz proved himself a courageous patriot. He carved out his place in the history books.

So did Speaker Johnson for braving the wrath of the countless Vichy Republicans who’ll wink at unjust imprisonment, election fraud, the legal persecution of opposition candidates, and any other crime — just to wrest back control of the GOP from their political rival, Donald Trump.

Eternal disgrace awaits them, the scorn and shame that were heaped on the French collaborators in Paris when that city was liberated in 1944. No need to shave their heads in the streets. Just kick them out of Congress in the next primary races.

America’s Joan of Arc

If you aren’t fully red-pilled on the massive miscarriage of justice in service of tyranny that the January 6 trials amount to, you owe it to yourself and your descendants to follow the work of the heroic journalist Julie Kelly. Read her book, subscribe to her Substack. And pray for her, as ordinary Frenchmen once prayed for Joan of Arc.

What must we do next? Julie Kelly, who knows more about these cases than anyone, says that America needs new January 6 hearings, conducted by the U.S. House. It must mine the actual evidence, all now public on tape. The House should subpoena the real villains of January 6, from Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who refused Trump’s offer to send in the National Guard, to every top official in the Capitol Police and the FBI. We need to know how many feds were actually urging Americans to enter the Capitol — the way feds recruited hapless American citizens to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.

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I wonder who assured these liars that the videos would never be seen?

You think the DoJ feels remorse for that? Just one less voter for America.

I just watched all the video from Congress’ cameras showing this man’s “wrong-doing.”
All he did was walk while police waved and stood aside.
No crime.

Newly released footage of Matthew Perna (seen a red sweatshirt) shows Matthew walking calmly in the Capitol shooting video.

Matthew pled guilty to initial charges, believing he may face 6-12 months in prison.

Only after pleading guilty did the DOJ inform Matthew that they would seek a TERRORISM enhancement to his sentencing, which would raise his sentence to a potential 9 years in federal prison.

4 days after receiving news that the DOJ would push for this terrorism sentencing enhancement, Matthew went into his garage, put a rope around his neck, and hung himself.

This is on biden, pelosi and all of the democrats and prosecutors who have done this to Americans.

Until some of these criminals (the REAL ones) are punished… HARSHLY punished, the downslide to the fascist totalitarian police state will continue and accelerate.

We all know by now how much the M.S. Media protect and Shield the Democrats we saw that under Obama as the M.S. Media Kissed his Rings and Washing his Feet for Eight full Years now the very same acts of Treason Biden is committing