Breaking news: Still no news whatsoever from Palin e-mails


No, just kidding. The media is indeed coming up with important scoops each hour. Here’s a bombshell that dropped at Bloomberg shortly after 3 p.m.:

WaPo’s also chasing a hot lead that Palin really is Trig’s mother. Matt Welch of Reason surfed around this afternoon and found that her e-mails were the top story at the websites of the New York Times, the LA Times (“The archive will continue to grow”!!!), the Post, USA Today, and even the Wall Street Journal, thus prompting the question of whether this is a slow news day which the media is using Palin to fill or whether it only seems like a slow news day because the media simply isn’t covering anything else. The front page at MSNBC as I write this:

If you click the “Latest Updates” link it brings you here, where the latest news is that Palin was thinking about being VP even before McCain started looking at her. And to think, some of you guys thought this creepy media feeding frenzy wouldn’t yield anything good.

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