Breaking: Fleebagger coalition falling apart?


Have the fleeing Wisconsin state Senators had enough of life on the lam? Fox Nation reports that “dissension in the ranks” has arisen, thanks to the financial pressure levied by Walker in stopping direct deposit, as well as the difficulties of pregnancy:

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as i said before…what do you expect from garbage..lived too many years and have played this same game for for many years in Europe , Russia , China and now the US..

Thomas Jefferson in his written papers, way back when, challanged the leadership of this country and the interity of the individuals representing the people.

Time to read books, not just what one finds on the internet…….Stupidity is all over the place. It is a good thng that light travels faster than sound, you can see the stupid one’s before they open there mouth…

Gotta love the headline…. “fleebagger”! LOL

Eventually, and one by one, they figure out they look like the irresponsible, foolish obstructionist cowards they are. This “run for the hills” behavior has been the most unconcionable events in this event. If my elected official did that, I’d be starting a recall campaign.