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First Emanuel’s legal team argued that he actually did live in Chicago, boxes of stuff in his home and all.

Then Emanuel’s legal team argued that he always intended to return to Chicago, noting that he maintained ownership of his Ravenswood home….even as he rented it out to someone who had no recollection of any boxes there.

Now,Emanuel’s legal team is arguing that exceptions can be made for NOT living in Chicago for national service.
I suppose we will see this rushed in front of the Supreme Court.

If he suckers his way back on the ballot, I’m running for Mayor of Chicago next time. I have some boxes somewhere in Chicago. I swear. Obama will write me a letter to back me up.

In the last election, service members from overseas were exempted from the vote. How’s that for national service?

Ballerinas and political thugs hardest hit. Those appellate judges will be laid off or fired.

This is the Chicago machine churning and spinning. We all know that (Alderman) Ed Burke pulls the strings and wants Chico to be the next mayor . That assures him (with Daley out of the way) that he can call all the shots.
Chico has no investigations near him (at this time – that could change) unlike Rahm and his ties with Clinton to the Freddie/Fannie pillaging. They fear the wrath of the Feds when Obama is out and if Rahm were to be elected. And Rahm with his big war chest will be expected to ‘share’.