BOMBSHELL: Boxes of Hillary Clinton E-mails Have Suddently ‘Gone Missing’


National Review:

Steve Doocey: Another bombshell in the ongoing Clinton e-mail scandal. Newly released interviews from the FBI’s investigation into the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server show that a number of boxes of printed e-mails of Mrs. Clinton’s have gone missing. This as we learn that a top official at the State Department put pressure on staffers to change e-mail classifications to keep them hidden . . . Clinton’s communications from the freedom of information requests. There were a lot of them.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: They’ve printed up a bunch of them, put them in bankers boxes and now two of the boxess are missing. Remember, when this was first discovered and she was ordered to return all her e-mails to the State Department, on her own, she decided to return the work-related ones. That’s problem number one.

Under the law, when you work for the government, all your e-mails belong to the government. The government decides which you get to keep as personal and it gets to keep. She reversed that. She didn’t actually return the e-mails. If you send an e-mail to me and you deleted it and say ‘Judge I need a copy of it,’ I would hit reply and send it back to you electronically — thereby giving you everything you gave me.

What Mrs. Clinton did was to make paper copies of the e-mails and deliver those to her lawyer to go to the State Department. The paper copies do not have on them all the underlying meta data – where they came from, when she received them, were they altered . . . all that stuff was kept from the government.

Now we find, not only did she keep that from the government but somewhere in this process, from her to her aides to her lawyers to the state department, to the FBI, two of the twelve boxes of paper e-mails are gone.

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Since there’s no hint (to us in the public, anyway) that these boxes were marked as to which emails (Jan – March 2003) or April May 2004) (or some other organizational order) were in which boxes, there’s a chance (slim if you know Hillary) that all that happened was a re-boxing of the 12 boxes down to 10 boxes.
I might have done that, myself.
But, since it’s Hillary, it is probably more nefarious.

The Clinton e-mail scandal ceased to be “ongoing” over 2 months ago.

Here’s an example of an actual ongoing story: U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to interfere with elections. Note that both republican and democratic members of the Homeland Security Committee acknowledge that this has actually happened.


Meanwhile, any other individual commuting the same type of crime as mrs clinton would already be behind bars….

Hillary Clinton has never been found guilty of any crimes. There has never been sufficient evidence to even charge her with crimes. People aren’t put behind bars based upon unproved accusations made by their political enemies—at least not in the United States.


mrs clinton has not yet been found guilty of violation the espionage act because the department of injustice has been in extreme cover-up mode. Even Hellen Keller could see and hear that justice in this case was not applied.

mrs Clinton has committed many crimes and one need not be found guilty to have committed a crime or in this instance, several crimes.

She should have been wearing a $12,000 designer orange jumpsuit for some time now had justice been applied.

The concept of equality as put forth by the Framers was “Equal Justice Under the Law”. When this is not applied, as in this case, there is not equality in America. Does not mrs clinton continually harp on “equality”?

Now where do you suppose they went maybe the trolls took them

Obstuction of justice, intentional slow walking of FOIA requests the boxes were put in the same mail box as the computer that had the backups
Some people are starting to get a tiny bit suspicious except Greg.