Save a black man’s life. Get murdered as a reward


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Disgusting. The good news here is the dirtbag killer was shot dead by police. The police have been cleared in the use of force against the killer. They have saved taxpayers unnecessary costs that would have been afforded this killer a defense.

Democrat infested Milwaukee is 90 miles from Appleton, they set this criminal free upon the State, not just the residence of Milwaukee. Jumping bail?

We are returning to “justice by cop,” which was the very reason California instituted its original Three Strike’s law…. decades ago.
Too often police were fed up with arresting the same few criminals over and over again only to have a then-liberal justice system keep letting them off.
So, California police began killing repeat offenders when they caught them in commission of crimes.
Looks like the pendulum is swinging back to this bad solution.

Free the Lion from the Zoo and get Eaten. Tis killer needs strapped into a Electric Chair and fried until he sizzles