Biden’s Brilliant Move: Arming Nazis for Peace and Stability


by Jeff Childers

Welcome to the new bizarro world, where left is right, right is wrong, and everything is upside down and topsy-turvy. To set the dining table, recall that last week, without a shred of public discussion and without consulting anyone except his traditional neocon toadies, in secret, Biden armed the Ukrainian army with missiles to shoot into Russian cities. Apparently unsatisfied with having dared the Russians to object to U.S. missiles flying across their breakfast tables, completely spoiling Russians’ morning blini, Biden is still sprinting the wrong way up the nuclear war escalator.

The alleged President of the United States, the free world’s bastion of freedom and democracy, the shining light upon the hill, the country that saved the world from the German Chancellor with the funny mustache, is now officially and literally arming nazis.

In a story describing Ukraine’s infamous Azov Battalion only as “a one-time militia with a checkered past,” the Washington Post ran this understated headline: “U.S. lifts weapons ban on Ukrainian military unit.

A military unit! Not even a “controversial” military unit!

The article competed for being WaPo’s shortest story, offering only a few terse paragraphs. There’s so much that could have been said about Azov, including easily obtained, eye-popping visuals like the one I included above, all fussily ignored by WaPo’s editors.

In WaPo’s few short paragraphs, the corporate media platform never applied the N— word directly to Azov. Instead, it reported the goose-stepping regiment as having “far-right and ultra-nationalist roots,”  which is the same generic label it often slaps on Americans attending a MAGA rally.

A long-standing federal statute — the Leahy Law — sensibly bars any U.S. military aid to foreigners who ever committed serious human rights violations. So up until now, the deal with Ukraine logically prohibited giving any of our U.S. high-tech weapons to the Azovs, who not only believe in literal Hitlerian Nazism, but since 2014 were busy little nazis overrunning western Ukraine, where they committed countless serious human rights abuses against Russian-speaking people, which President Putin often claims was one of the reasons for the invasion in the first place.

Following a short but disastrous flirtation and betrayal between Stalin and Hitler at the start of World War II, Russians have always hated Nazis. Especially Nazis who rape and pillage their comrades with the official imprimatur and support of Ukraine’s government.

But like Alfred E. Neuman always said, don’t worry! The State Department’s neocons have now given Azov the all clear. Apparently, Azov’s stormtroopers have refrained from war crimes for a short while, and they aren’t even really the Azov battalion at heart, so it’s all okay now:

image 3.png

To reach its abhorrent conclusion, the morally flexible State Department performed some legalistic sleight of hand, redefining the current Azov Battalion as different from the old pre-war one.

Why do this now? My best guess is that Biden’s Neocon Brigade thinks this is a way to hurt Russia, by turning the propaganda knife in the nazi wound, and siding with Russia’s historic enemies even while preposterously insisting the Azovs are reformed nazis, and not nazis per se.

The WaPo briefly acknowledged how badly the Russians are likely to take this sordid development:

image 5.png

Forget about the Russians. How will the rest of the world view this new Biden escalatory scheme? Arming Nazis evokes a level of hypocrisy and moral flexibility undermining the credibility of America’s status as a world “leader.” If the party that prides itself on “liberal values” is willing to arm literal Nazis whenever it’s geopolitically convenient, what does that say about the Democrats’ true priorities and beliefs?

The well-worn Pogo meme is, in this case, directly appropriate, thanks to one Joseph Robinette Biden:

image 4.png

In the cartoon’s original version, sketched for 1971’s Earth Day, the leaves were labeled with words like “morals”, “ethics”, and “values.” Walt Kelly’s now famous slogan was a twist on an old military chestnut, “We have met the enemy, and he is ours,” long attributed to American Naval Officer Oliver Hazard Perry in 1813.

Biden and his State Department Necons want to slice this maneuver very thinly by simply pretending that the Azovs aren’t Nazis, despite everybody knowing perfectly well that is just a lie of convenience. By arming neo-Nazi insurgents like the Azov Battalion, Biden is shamefully turning America into the very evil it fought in World War II.

Chalk this up as one more red line over which Biden has wandered. I’ll ask again: Where is Congress?

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