Biden White House had Alex Berenson kicked off of Twitter


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Hitler got rid of all the critics and sent thoose who refused to obey to Concentration Camps Hitler also disarmed the Jews then rounded them all up into Concentration Camps

I’ve been on twitter. If you say ANYTHING that doesn’t match the regime’s rhetoric, they ask for your phone number to make sure you’re not a “bot” or troll.

Twitter is state-run media.

Stay away.

I don’t care about Twitter but I wished Musk had bought it to deny the left with a propaganda megaphone. It’s corrupt just like everything else the left infects.

Alex Berenson

BOOM! I say again, BOOM! The federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just said
and other social media platforms don’t have an unlimited right to discriminate against speech.

Let a thousand flowers bloom.

The First Amendment protects speech: It generally prevents the
government from interfering with people’s speech or forcing them to speak.
The Platforms argue that because they host and transmit spooch,
Anchemeat diso gries them an unqualificd license to invaldate laws that
hinder them from
censoring speech they don’t like. And they say that license
entitles them to pre-enforcement facial relict against B 20.
Wereiect the Plattorms” attempt to extractafreewhecline censorshin
right from the Constitution’s free speech gr
marantee, The Plattorms are not
newspapers, ‘Their censorship is not speech. Thev’re not enutied to pre-
entorcement facial relict, And HiB20 is Constitutional because it neither
compels nor obstructs the Platform
own speech in any way. The distnict
court erred in Concluding otherwise and abused its discretion by Issuing a
preliminary injunction. The preliminary injunction is VACATED, and this
CSe IS REMANDED for further procecdines consistent with this optnion

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