Biden To Demand “Humanitarian” Ceasefires as Israel Encircles Gaza City


AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

by Ace

Read Ed Morrissey’s article for details of the IDF’s invasion of Gaza, and its encirclement of Hamas’s main stronghold, Gaza City.

Just as the IDF is ready to begin rooting Hamas out of their terrorist snakepits, Biden declares that it’s time for “humanitarian pauses” to permit Hamas terrorists to escape.

I mean, to “get hostages out” and bring in food for the poor Hamas-supporting Palestinians.

Remember what we all said about Biden pretending to take Israel’s side in public so that he could restrain them privately? They even leaked to Axios that that was exactly what they were doing, to reassure their pro-terrorist left that they weren’t really trying to protect those awful New York Money Men from genocide.

Well, now Biden has even given up on supporting Israel publicly (though insincerely).

Now he just wants to protect those peace-lovin’ Palestinians.

The IDF is deep in the unholy country of the enemy, and just had to fight off surprise attack from terrorists coming out of their tunnels.

In other words, the IDF finds itself in a precarious position thanks to its rapid success [that is, its rapid movement across Gaza[, one that isn’t sustainable in stasis. Which is why, of course, that Joe Biden picked this moment in time to tell Israel to stop its operations so it can negotiate with the terrorist army that insists it will settle for nothing less than Israel’s complete annihilation. Take it away, NYT:

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will urge the Israeli government to agree to a series of brief cessations of military operations in Gaza to allow for hostages to be released safely and for humanitarian aid to be distributed, White House officials said on Thursday.The message comes as President Biden revealed on Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel had previously agreed to halt shelling briefly on Oct. 20 to allow for the release of two Americans, Judith Raanan, 59, and her daughter, Natalie Raanan, 17.

Mr. Blinken will push for more of what American officials call “humanitarian pauses” in the war when he arrives in Israel on Friday for another round of diplomacy amid fierce fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas, the group that controls Gaza.

Hamas’s — and all Muslim terrorists’ — strategy has always been to launch cowardly terrorist sneak-attacks and then call in the defense. They have no actual defense — except the big one: leftwing media and leftwing governments, who will demand that Israel make no reprisals against the people slaughtering them.

Leftwing media and leftwing governments are Hamas’ air forces.

Now, Hamas’s promise to stage millions — yes, millions — of 10/7 slaughters until Israel has been “annihilated” presents some problems for Hamas’s media and governmental air forces.

It is difficult to claim that you want a ceasefire just to give the parties a chance to work things out by treaty when one side has declared it will continue launching terrorist butchery and rape operations until the end of time or the end of the Jewish people, whichever comes first.

So how did the left react to Hamas’s declaration that everything their western supporters were saying about ceasefires and peaceful negotiations were terrorist propaganda and murderous lies?

Oh, the normal way — they just refused to report it. They can’t have the public knowing that Hamas has already announced that it doesn’t matter what Israel does, they will proceed with genocidal terrorist attacks until every Jew is dead.

So they just straight-up refused to report this.

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Israel should say no to biden. A ceasefire is only beneficial to the savages of hamas. Israel should continue to destroy root and branch the entire terrorist regime of hamas.

Israel WILL continue to flush out the scum and kill them. They can’t turn back after the horrendous atrocities; if it was Hamas’s calculation that they could commit heinous crimes and the fall back to their time-worn tactic of “Don’t hurt me! Can’t we be friends?” bullshit, they miscalculated badly. If Iran wanted to seriously stir up chaos and deadly fighting, they accomplished their goal.

Of course none of this could be happening without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden incompetence. Iran wouldn’t have the money to carry out their terrorism, much like Putin, without Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden fully enabling them.

House Approves $14.3 Billion Israel Aid Package, Slashes IRS Budget – Biden Regime Threatens to Veto the Bill

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is concerned he might lose the vote of those who approve of the beheading of babies, rape and burning of women and murder of children. He doesn’t want to lose that constituency.

He’s concerned ISRAEL will lose support in the US, allowing the MAGA faction to block funding in Congress. Johnson has already tied aid to Israel to rescinding IRS funding.

These people are frauds and phonies on every front. They’re using aid to Israel as a bargaining chip to keep the IRS from enforcing tax compliance with their wealthy patrons; they’re pretending it’s all about fiscal responsibility, when high-income tax cheats are costing over half-a-trillion dollars in revenue per year.

Last edited 26 days ago by Greg

Israel is fighting for it’s very life. They can’t play for time. They have to destroy Hamas, then they probably have to destroy Hezbollah. Then, they’ll probably have to destroy Iran.

And you know why? Because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled them. He lifted all the sanctions Trump used to prevent Iran funding terrorism and he took every opportunity afforded him to provide MORE money to Iran to fund more terrorism.

If the IRS is not going to enforce the laws on Hunter, who evaded taxes on his bribes and influence peddling, why should they get more money to steal every nickel and dime they can from middle income people.

A ceasefire for “humanitarian” reasons???

In the battle for the Hamas stronghold: 100 children and women went out to face the fighters


A war of iron swords : Givati ​​fighters, who are more identified than any other brigade in the IDF with the Gaza arena, lost 13 of their comrades in two serious incidents in the first days of the ground maneuver: 11 soldiers of the Sabar Battalion were killed yesterday (Tuesday) by an anti-tank missile hitting a Nam APC “R” in the north in the Gaza Strip, and two soldiers of the Givat patrol were killed by an anti-tank missile in the building where the force was staying.


During the battle on the 17th Force base adjacent to Jabaliya, the IDF soldiers were faced with an unusual sight: Hamas sent a group of about 100 children and women towards them to act as a human wall. “We are prepared for more cases of such cynical and blatant use of the population,” said one of the officers.

Maybe joe could worry about the humanity of Hamas sending their own women and children to die.

When the USA declared war we borrowed money, sold bonds and rationed, when Isreal or Ukraine declares war they come begging. Maybe the citizens of Isreal dont need free health care or free college, Taxpayers already have donated billions to that country every year for many years.