Biden: The big buildup begins


By Monica Showalter

In Hollywood, they call it the ‘big buildup’ — the public relations offensive to make some dumpling in the lineup of lookalikes into a star.
We see it now in Hollywood-for-Ugly-People, Washington, D.C.
Latest from this side is from James Clyburn, the kingmaker of Democrats, as AT Editor in Chief Thomas Lifson noted here today, the man who swatted away a slew of candidates vying for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and made the main man Joe Biden, for a Super Tuesday blowout.
According to Breitbart News, citing a Bloomberg report:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” House Majority Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said that “people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda.” But his ratings are low because even though people are “very pleased” “when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities,” that doesn’t show up in polls, and Biden will be like President Truman who did things that “were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed.”
Clyburn stated, “I want to see him run again. I told him that. But that decision is up to him and his family. I think that if he learned anything in this election this November, it is this, that people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda. That’s why we were able to defy all odds and do what we were able to do in defying conventional wisdom.”

He gets worse:

“…there is no substitute for substance. And on substance, Joe Biden is exactly what we need. For those people who are more enamored with style, with high-sounding speeches, and that sort of thing, they are not going to be satisfied. But when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities, they are very pleased. And that doesn’t show up too much in polling. I think a lot about my favorite President of all times, Harry Truman. Nobody left office with lower approval ratings than Harry Truman. But if people look back, they called him one of the top 10 if not the top five presidents of all times. That’s because he took the necessary steps to do what was needed to keep this country together, to bring some decisions into [the] fore that were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed. That’s going to be the case here with Joe Biden.”

Saying Joe Biden has substance is like saying a toilet that doesn’t flush is still a working toilet. Joe Biden has no substance, he’s an empty shell of a man, a creature who has changed his beliefs the way normal people change their underwear, a puppet for the billionaire class and its radical left-wing allies, as well as teachers’ unions, united in their elitist desire to keep the little guy down. Clyburn claims he’s trying new things, but well, he’s trying things that don’t work, such as turning up the money presses. That’s not innovation, that’s idiocy.
And Harry Truman? Joe’s the new Harry Truman? Many of our readers knew Harry Truman and Joe’s no Harry Truman.
Joe Biden is an insentient wretch who’s a laughingstock on the world stage, a man who doesn’t dare campaign in public based on his low turnout, the most corrupt human being ever to darken the White House doors, and about to get even more senile in his dotage as he moves into his 80s.
Clyburn has been making lunatic comments about Nazis lately but is no fool and knows the truth about both Biden and a lot of other things. Last time we heard from him, he was admitting that Democrats “all knew” that their massive overspending package signed by Joe Biden would indeed trigger inflation. He knows how these things work. Now he’s claiming that everyone out there is happy with their bank accounts, given that inflation at the 8.5% level is expected to cost American families upwards of $11,500 a year. (It’s come down a tad since but not by much.) The supposed wage gains are not making up for those losses. But who needs facts when the name of the game is gaslighting the public to build up Old Joe?
Clyburn is not the only one making strange statements to build up Joe Biden all of a sudden.
Kamala Harris is all in for Joe, declaring five days ago that she will be on the ticket with Joe Biden when he runs again, signalling confidence that the old dotard has got the reelection thing in the bag. She won’t challenge him. And why should she? She can’t win so much as a single delegate on her own, as her miserable campaign in 2020 demonstrated. But with old Joe capable of dropping dead at any moment, the presidency would be hers without it. In a way, she could go Joe one better by not only not having to campaign, but also not having to win delegates to have the presidency handed to her.
Meanwhile, her longtime pal, Gavin Newsom, governor of California, another San Francisco Democrat from that particular center of Democrat power, which has soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at its epicenter, has declared that he won’t challenge decrepit Joe for the presidency, either. According to the Times of San Diego:

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Its all leading t o a Global Government under the UN(Useless Nations)which we have been told is for World Peace but the truth comes our the Vultures and Wolves of the UN showing themselves is what they really w ant a Global Government under their total control its not for peace no Doves there just Vultures

Clyburn is the prototypical Democrat hypocrite. Idiot Biden has a long history of racism, racist remarks and anti-black legislation, yet Clyburn, on demand, endorses idiot Biden and sinks Bernie’s chances once and for all.

Kamala, too, puts her hypocrisy on display. She declared idiot Biden a racist in a debate but now embraces him. She and Clyburn prove, beyond any possible argument, that Democrats are racist and the only thing they care about racism is how they can weaponize it.

Of course they have to falsely build idiot Biden up because he is such a total disaster. Like they attempted with Obama’s disastrous economy, they have to tell their fools that the reality is the opposite of what they see it actually is. Sadly, far too many actually consume and believe this.

There is not one single bright spot in idiot Biden’s performance as President (and it is nothing but a performance, because he is neither legitimately President, nor is he the actual decision maker). At work, we called people like him “stomach hands”… everything he touches turns to shit. Comparing him to a non-functioning toilet is perfect; they both become full of the same substance, and that is the ONLY substance of idiot Biden.

These are dark, dark times for America.