Biden Could Have at Least Mentioned WWIII in His SOTU Address


by Stephen Kruiser

I don’t want to blame Biden for everything, just most things. The Dodgers bullpen imploded a couple of times this weekend, and I probably can’t pin that on Biden. I haven’t ruled it out though.

A couple of weeks ago in a “Beyond the Briefing” video, I mentioned an exchange I’d seen between ABC’s Jon Karl and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Rubio went through a list of everything around the world that’s fallen apart since 2021. Ever the dutiful lapdog, Karl said, “You’re not suggesting that’s all because of Joe Biden, are you?” Without hesitation, Rubio replied, “Absolutely.”

We all know it’s not a stretch. When the American president is weak, the bad actors around the world see that as a green light. When that president begins abandoning longstanding allies, as Biden has done with Israel, their trigger fingers get really itchy.

The Biden administration continues to insist that the official stance towards Israel hasn’t changed at all. After months of parroting the “Pity the poor Gazans” rhetoric of unhinged college protesters, that all rings very hollow.

That was before Iran did what it did over the weekend.

Then an interesting, disturbing, and disgusting bit of news surfaced, which Matt wrote about:

On Saturday, Iran initiated a barrage of drones and ballistic missiles at Israel. Thankfully, most of them were successfully intercepted and caused minimal damage. Of course, in a stunning move, President Biden is pushing Israel not to retaliate. It’s hard to imagine why Biden would do that, except when you consider that Joe Biden has been appeasing Iran since his days as Barack Obama’s vice president.

With that in mind, it’s also not surprising—though it’s still shocking— that Joe Biden not only had prior knowledge of Iran’s assault on Israel but also technically gave it the green light under certain conditions, according to a report from the Jerusalem Post.

At this point, it’s difficult to remember if Joe Biden ever was a patriotic American. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is really creating a suspicious legacy for himself too, isn’t he?

As Matt notes, the Jerusalem Post report said that the powers that be in Washington conveyed to Iran through channels that whatever it did to Israel had to be “within certain limits.” If ever something merited an expletive-laden reaction, it’s that line, but this is a family newsletter.

We were assured when Joe Biden was running for president the last time that he was the level-headed alternative to Donald Trump. We heard “restore order” a lot back then, even though things around the world were pretty darn orderly then. Unfortunately for America, Israel, and most of the world, the low-info voters bought it.

Matt wrote another post that dug up some old tweets of Biden’s (more accurately, his handlers) about Iran and Trump that are real doozies, including this one:

Team Biden’s idea of “strategic action” was to tell a sworn enemy that it could launch an attack on one of our allies as long as it was only a kinda/sorta attack.

The adults are most definitely not in charge.

Whether this story turns out to be true or not, it’s obvious that Iran was emboldened by the Biden administration’s tepid support of Israel. The repeated threats to change the nature of the relationship probably have Tehran hoping that it can help that change along.

There’s also the fact, as we have discussed a few times, that the Democrats have a lot of their policy driven by what loud, ignorant, college protest mobs are screaming about. They’re terrified of the kids getting louder. People around the world notice that. The “Free Palestine” loons have visibly worn down the administration. There is no reason to believe that full capitulation to the terrorist sympathizers by the Democrats won’t happen.

Buckle up, the ride between now and the election is going to be like being on a Boeing plane that’s been nicknamed “The DEI.”


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Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has only one concern: his ass. All he worries about is how events affect HIM. He wants to.. he MUST be reelected, otherwise he will be facing the same assault Trump is now, only it will be for legitimate crimes. He MUST protect his ill-gotten gains. Nothing else matters. So, he tries to pretend to support and defend Israel while at the same time warning them not to defend themselves against Islamic terrorism. In essence, he has armed both sides, then lit the fire of war.

Because David Duke came out in support of Trump, Trump was blamed and accused of being a white supremacist. Trump had to repeatedly deny being or supporting white supremacists, as if the denunciation the previous hour was not good enough. But Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is actively craving and pandering to the anti-Semitic, pro Hamas terrorism, “Death to America” voter. Does anyone bother to ask him if he supports “Death to America”? Does he actually come forth and denounce these disgusting turds enjoying American freedoms while denouncing the greatest nation on earth? No. No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t because he wouldn’t want to offend those who hate this nation and want it destroyed.

Well, they DO have similar goals.