Beck agrees: Birtherism not such a smart strategy for GOP


Beck made it quite clear on radio today when he delivered a message to those who do question the president’s citizenship.

“Stop with the damn birth certificate!” he said. “Stop!” According to him, it is a non-issue that only detracts from the real problem in America, which is progressives fundamentally transforming America.

“If you’re going to lose your country– we’re going to lose it on a birth certificate?” he asked. “You have a real opportunity to talk about American exceptionalism … instead you’re going to waste time on the birth certificate?”

“You’re out of your mind if you think that is a winning argument for the next election. You’re out of your mind. You have to go fight the battle on the principles of America!”

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But, who’s your Daddy?? A British Kenyan!!! [ OR NOT??] There is the catch!!
A child of Natural Born Parents?

The birth certificate issue is just the opening salvo in the 2012 campaign. POTUS Obama will never authorize the release of the original long form certificate and by not releasing it to the general voting public, they will have the perception and belief that POTUS Obama is covering up his past to hide something. Many simply WILL NOT VOTE for a man who hides his past, period. This issue that D. trump is pounding away early in the game is a simple and direct strategy to damage Brand Obama. It is a classic capitalist business strategy to destroy the competition by brand damage! Once the brand is destroyed, nobody buys it anymore. The MSM knows this and they are trying to sell the ” Don’t mention the Birth cert” message because it “damages” the Republican brand. the reverse is true. Some Republicans are buying this “message” from MSNBC & CNN. Whatever they sell, don’t buy it!

Can’t agree more with Beck on this point, and have said so on more than a few occasions. This is a Dem winning strategy. Portray the conservatives as a complete loony bin.

Even were it legit, there is no legal reconciliation that would happen… even if it did in the court system… until long after any Obama 2nd possible term. So your point?

Carry on with this issue at the conservatives’ peril. There are more important, legitimate and identifiable flaws on which to do battle.

Problem is that we need a solid “great communicator” candidate to step up to the plate. The current crop. Of potential candidates do not have the skill set or “magic” with the populace to defeat the”one ” that the msm loves. Dearly. Imho I am glad trump is hitting him early and hard. The. Birth cert issue. Segues into economic issues for trump when he gets airtime.

Got my degrees, can count to ten and know the basic alphabet so when I say get the stuff it goes way beyond just the birth certificate. I don’t believe in ghosts nor do I believe that a stranger enigma should be President. That said, doubt is the gateway drug that we can use arguing with those who voted for the O’BlastingCap in 2008. They are the targets and they, not knowing anything substantive about the spouse of Bamzilla, are those open to shame and ridicule. Granted, this is a risky tactic but risk gets respect. Confession, I never waste my few hours watching television so this guy Glenn Beck I know not.

I admit I’m a Palin fan. There I said it.

I just sat through the most exhausting interview Trump has yet to do. Let me tell you why he won’t get any further than the interviews? First off, he has done nothing but speak of the headlines currently running in the blogs. That’s all he has. No other specifics. He rides the waves of the talking points. The comment of taking other countries treasures if we have defeated them in war was a bit over the top? But his religious answers are just as Beck pointed out, almost cringe like, especially speaking of the whole bible kerfuffle the other day. But what absolutely makes me want to scream out laced with profanities, is the whole ‘me, I’ talk. Granted, he is a VERY successful man and has a right to point to those successes. But we currently have a ‘me, I’ guy in the WH, now. Here’s how I see it playing out. Trump is high in the polls, but soon he will start to dip as the herd starts to crowd a bit with all the candidates saying they are jumping in or jumping out. Trump starts to get bored with it, and soon realizes as with any kind of business deal that the marketing is not working. Eventually he decides its not in HIS best interest to continue because the money and reputation mean more to him than throwing it away on a lost cause. Which again I state, we already have this mentality in the WH. (Libya is a prime example) Why do we want another one?

Look everyone wonders if/when Sarah will get in? Here’s what I would do. Wait it out. Let all the ones dipping their toes in get out on the circuit and do the same boring interviews Trump is doing. Let Obama create more issues, and then lay in wait for the very last moment to jump in. Everyone will believe they are riding the wave in, only to get sideswiped by Sarah all geared up and ready to go. Let the prey relax and feel safe before you spring the trap!!! She’s a hunter. She knows what she’s doing. So relax, she’s leading them to her. Not the other way around.

Sorry for the lecture.

I am certain that Barack “Barry” O’BimBo BabyCakes has data miners reading every word written on these blogs so it is valued tactic to flush them out with preemptive strategies before they are sprung on the innocent gullible public. That said, there is something regarding S.A.D. (Sidney Anne Durham) that is sympathy suck sensitive; for example, she was an eighteen year old beatnik bimbo broad doing the circuit while addicted to heavy illegal (heroin, coke, speed) drugs whose sex life was random chance right up to the birth. The timing was before Roe – v – Wade so getting a licensed physician to perform a termination was unlikely in a small community like Honolulu so the misguided teenage waif gave birth. The PR SpinMeisters plan to turn this situation into a sympathy suck melodramatic scenario with witnessing, crying jags and tortuous dialogue.


Sorry for the lecture.

Don’t ever be sorry for long-winded posts. Most of us have those from time to time.

As for Sarah Palin, I hope she does jump in at some point. She certainly wowed the TEA Party crowds prior to the 2010 midterms, and despite what some people think, she is intelligent.

I have tired of hearing the “if there was anything there the Clintons would have used it in the primary” bs. They did use it, they let their second string put it in the public realm and, it’s obviously still out there. Unfortunately, it’s being pinned on the Republicans but it should be put back right where it belongs, in the pro-Hillary camp (some have become Ind, some Repub) where it started.

I don’t think Trump is damaging the conservatives or the TP movement, don’t see evidence that it’s being promoted in either group and the Indys are still running from Obama. Trump is what he is and imho, he is a bore with a monstrous ego. Who wants another one of those types after what we’ve seen since the 2004 Dem convention, the Greek columns, the Pres-elect seal, etc. ugh! enough!

Agree with Paula, and thank you for that “lecture.” and Mata, as far as the BC, Obama is spending a lot of money(probably someone elses) to keep this going, his leaders evidently think it is an issue that benefits them, his record certainly won’t.

Sarah Palin is my first choice for POTUS, however, the MSM/Democrat spin machine in alliance with the comedy crew on late night tv have done a full frontal assault on here reputation and character. Unfortunately, doing some damage to her with independent voters and especially women voters. This makes it a hard, uphill battle for us with her as the Republican nominee. Mike Huckabee is the most electable of the current field of undeclared candidates at this point in time. My concern with him is we need a true, down and dirty, in the trenches fighter to win this thing and Mike Huckabee may not have the stomach for the viscious attacks that will transpire from the W H and MSM. Palin can handle it for sure, But this is the one thing I like most about the potential candidacy of Donald Trump. He Will hit hard and often! He knows how to soften up the opponent with these feint attacks EG; birth cert, etc. while holding out with the bunker buster attack using opposition recearch results. Trump has the cojones to finish the job on POTUS Obama and bring home the bacon!. Chris Christie would be great!, but he has obligations to the voters who elected him in N.J. and I respect his comittment and obligation to them regarding the mess that he inherited from Corzine.


Thanks JG. Hope your movie does great!!!! Hahaha

Usually I don’t go into tirades. But I really wanted to scratch my eyes out.

SOOTHSAYER posts 5 and 7. You’re not well.

Rick, it would be ugly for Barry O’Bamzilla to throw his mother under the bus but to think he is of character not to do it is ludicrous, “Everything is political” so everything necessary to retain power is suspect.