Ballot stuffing is legal only in Federal elections


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Court Overturns Ganim Win in Bridgeport Primary, Calling Evidence of Fraud ‘Shocking’

BRIDGEPORT – A judge ruled on Wednesday to overturn the city’s Democratic primary election, initially won by incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, following claims of absentee ballot fraud by his opponent, John Gomes.

After two weeks of evidentiary hearings for Gomes’s absentee ballot fraud lawsuit, Judge William Clark ordered a new Democratic primary based on 180 pieces of evidence presented by Gomes’s legal counsel.

In the 37-page ruling, Clark said the video footage presented by Bill Bloss – Gomes’s attorney – was particularly alarming.

“Mr. Ganim was also correct to be ‘shocked’ at what he saw on the video clips in evidence that were shown to him while he was on the witness stand,” Clark wrote. “The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.

Ganim was one the many city officials called to the Fairfield Judicial District Superior Courthouse for questioning, along with Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member accused by Gomes of stuffing ballot dropboxes.

At the witness stand, Ganim told the court he was “shocked” by an 18-minute video – subpoenaed by Gomes from Bridgeport police – that appeared to show 12 instances of Geter-Pataky either depositing stacks of ballots herself or handing ballots to others from behind her reception desk, and four instances of Martinez dropping off ballots.


This fraudulent activity is nothing new to Connecticut, and especially in Bridgeport. Tom Foley was defeated by Dan Malloy in the 2014 race for Governor when Bridgeport kept the polls open and the ballot printing active until Malloy had enough votes to defeat Foley. CT is a cesspool.

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This is the danger to Democrats if RFK Jr. stays in the race. The media and leftist courts love to ignore Republican complaints about election fraud, no matter how much evidence is presented, but would they be able to ignore Kennedy’s complaints and those of his followers?

Yes they would be able to ignore it.
They ignored the illegal ballots in Wisconsin, ruled illegal by our supreme court.
Even Republicans ignored illegal ballots in GA, no chain of custody. So much illegal and janky shit in 2020 all ignored, no one prosecuted, no one is ever really prosecuted so the Democrats can say the fraud isnt a problem.