Bad news- growing pot contributes to global warming


People growing marijuana indoors use 1 percent of the U.S. electricity supply, and they create 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year (not counting the smoke exhaled) according to a report by Evan Mills, an energy analyst at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

After medical pot use was made legal in California in 1996, Mills says, per-person residential electricity use in Humboldt County jumped 50 percent compared to other parts of the state.

In order to produce some 17,000 metric tons of marijuana this year, Mills estimates authorized growers will use $5 billion worth of energy. That works out to the output of seven big electric power plants.

The rest here

H/T Daily Caller

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Dr. J, I’m seeing the commercial now. Two long haired 20 year olds, sitting in a college dorm room, discussing the latest lecture by Professor Imbecile, on how the oil and coal companies are destroying the planet, and that America, with it’s thirst for energy, is helping. They light up a joint. Then the scene jumps to a grow-house, with kw upon kw of lighting, and the outside meter, with the disc spinning faster than the eye can see. Then it jumps back to the two kids, who are voicing their agreement with the Professor’s opinions. Then a message about how being a drug addict is causing global warming.

Think the new-age hippie kids will buy the message?

Wait a minute, are you telling me that the green movement teachers union propaganda telling our childrens to unplug their phone chargers to save a few milliwatts per week will not save the planet? Are you saying that the same mother earth loving hippies are destroying the planet with their bazillion watt grow lamps? NAAAAAAAA

Around here we get story after story about how pot growers STEAL their electricity from the main lines, sometimes paying the ultimate price.
But usually they get away with it for a time.