Arianna planning huge expansion of citizen journalism


Arianna Huffington is planning to use AOL’s infrastructure to launch a major expansion of citizen journalism in advance of the 2012 presidential campaign, she tells me in an interview, sharing new details about her vision of expanded political coverage in the wake of the merger with AOL.

Huffington described her plan as “Jeffersonian,” and she says she plans to use AOL’s Web site, a network of sites that cover local news at the granular level, as a vehicle for expansion modeled on HuffingtonPost’s 2008 “Off the Bus” coverage.

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Wow. Imagine that. A story about the left-wing media, featuring a story from a quasi left-wing blog, and nary a single comment–even by the person who posted the article.

Liberal1, HI, don’t you worry, the comments will arrive, but think that there are important issues that create a delay, when is your worthwhile comment comming about that issue,
Is it a good idea or a mediocre one, or a bad one, from hufftington?

Anyone who views Huffington’s tripe as anything more than Lib Gossip is delusional.
It is no more Journalism than graffiti on a public restroom wall is. Pandering to the radical
element is viewed as ‘fashionable’ but is a L O N G W A Y S off the mark as a Journalistic
work. It is a spot where those that missed the mark on reality can offer their take on things
that they neither understand or have rational workable solutions for.

Journalism it ain’t. But now a lot of Fools have the net equivalent of a Refrigerator Door to
pin their scribblings on. What an accomplishment!