AOC draws Biden-sized crowd


by Don Surber

If AOC drew an attendee for every headline the media posted about her rally in New York, she would have had more people than the ones who showed up for her . . . and Bernie Sanders.

It was a rally for Fire Alarm-Pulling Jamaal Bowman who likely will lose today’s Democrat primary for his congressional seat.

Michael Elgort tweeted a picture to his 11,000 followers and said, “From this angle performance of AOC on the stage in front of 50 people half of whom are journalists is even funnier.”

The picture was taken at the height of AOC’s performance. Maybe that was why she was hopping and bopping like the Crocodile Rock. Or maybe she skipped her meds at breakfast. Another video showed hundreds flanking the stage on the other sides.

AOC claimed 1,200 people attended — in a city of 8 million people. The barmaid’s popularity is past peak. Ask Madonna how that works.

Media coverage largely ignored how small her crowd was.

Politico said, “AOC, Sanders and other progressives rally for Bowman. Will it be enough?”

Yes, if only 1,200 people vote in today’s primary. 36,777 voted in the primary two years ago.

The Squad is under fire from both the anti-Semitic wing of communism and its Jewish wing. Neither side wants her because she either hates Israel or doesn’t hate Israel enough.

Anti-Semitism vs. courting Jews has been a problem for communists for the past century. It always ends with the commies killing off the Jews.

American Jews finally have noticed this. AIPAC is spending a lot of money to oust members if the Squad. In my newsletter last November, I wrote:

The New Republic reported, “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is expected to spend at least $100 million in the Democratic primaries in an effort to knock out the seven Squad members, reported Slate. They include Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman, and Summer Lee — all black and brown members of Congress who have been vocal critics of Israel’s war on Gaza.”

OpenSecrets reported AIPAC spent $8.5 million on primaries last year. Upping the ante more than tenfold means a field day for all those strategists you see on cable TV.

Whether this works is a question Democrat voters will answer in the primaries because Republicans have no chance of winning in these districts. The Squad is riding the revival of Nazism on college campuses. There is no room for H8 except when it comes to Jews, Asian-Americans and rednecks.

The spending is a backlash against Democrat elitists accepting Palestinian soldiers in civilian garb raping, torturing, murdering and mutilating 1,200 Israelis.

Politico’s story on Monday said, “A win for Bowman would mean he withstood an unprecedented outside spend by the pro-Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee, whose super PAC has shelled out $14 million to make an example out of him for his vocal criticism of the Israeli offensive on Gaza. Already, the race has been labeled the ‘most expensive House primary ever’ by the ad tracking service AdImpact, with the vast majority of the spending going against the incumbent to boost his challenger, Westchester County Executive George Latimer.”

A loss by AOC would be a bigger surprise.

While her rallies may not draw large crowds, she sure knows how to milk headlines.

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I heard Bowman use the words “fight” and “guns” (as well as numerous F-bombs), so he is clearly inciting violence and an insurrection. I hope someone asks how many people Sandy had bused in to that “rally”.

From the M.S. Media Bottom Feeders AOC DRAWS Thousands

Just in; the dirtbag fire alarm puller lost his reelection bid yesterday. Good riddance to a big pile of brown shit.

Jamaal Bowman loses in New York. Thomas Massie rubs it in.

I’m kind of getting a better understanding of the thought process behind this anti-Semitic pile of shit pulling a fire alarm to try to subvert a vote on a spending bill so Republicans would get the blame. He’s insane.