Another Joke In The White House Tonight?


How far have we fallen since the days of Reagan?

Here’s a good indication. The “poet” Common has been invited to the White House tonight. This poet has written about killing President Bush, shooting police and even dedicated a poem (A Song for Assata), to fugitive NJ State Trooper killer Joanne Chesimard who has been a guest in Castro’s Cuba since the 1980s.

Incredibly, this “poet” is eerily similar in tone and content to Tyrone Greene, a character played as a joke by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s.

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I’m still waiting to hear a good explanation of why this guy is being allowed by the Obamas into the WH.

I’ve heard the explanation that all good artists are confrontational, and “out there”, and that we shouldn’t discriminate because we don’t agree with what he says at times. Then again, there isn’t many artists that have promoted the killing of a President, or of cops, or serenaded a cop-killer. And that is just the truly extreme things this guy has said. Never mind about how he talks about women, or the white race, or anything of that nature.

Is this what we want, as representation of artists, be they writers, musicians, painters, etc.?

Tennyson is rolling over in his grave.

Face it-how far from terrorist cop killers are our president and first lady? Ayers and dohrn are obama’s good buddies