Allen West Channels Harry Reid


Here’s a great video of Rep. Allen West (R., Fla.) — Tea Party all-star — speaking to supporters in his district. At around the 1:30 mark you’ll see West offer up a rather amusing impersonation of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), who recently told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that the Tea Party and those who practice its “extreme views” will be a “short-lived” political phenomenon.

But that’s not all. West also discusses rumors that he’s in the running as a potential GOP candidate for Vice President in 2012. He says it’s “very humbling,” but “the place I need to be is in the United States House of Representatives.” He doesn’t exactly rule it out though, adding: “If God be willing, certain things will happen in the future…”

He also talks about last week’s vote on a three-week continuing resolution. West and 53 of his Republican colleagues voted against the bill, exposing a bit of a divide on the right. “There was a little bit of browbeating going on,” he says, presumably referring to GOP leadership’s effort to limit the number of defections. “It takes a whole heckuva lot to try to scare and intimidate me,” he continues. “But there were some of those new freshmen that you sent up to Washington, D.C. that you thought would hold the vanguard and they didn’t.”


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West is the best.
So forget all the rest.


He has more brains in his little finger than all of washington d.c.

Let’s not be rash or hasty. The man needs some seasoning and a track record. Just be patient. We aren’t hard up. There are plenty of viable candidates. If he’s good, he won’t fade in the stretch. He’ll still be viable 6 or 10 years from now after he has more of a chance to prove his worth. Besides, for a variety of reasons, I would rather have an experienced and accomplished governor than a Congressman as POTUS.