AG Garland’s Impartiality Questioned Due To Conspicuous ‘Kill Trump’ Tattoo On Forehead


via Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Attorney General Merrick Garland’s integrity was called into question during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday when Republican lawmakers noted the “Kill Trump” tattoo emblazoned on his forehead.

“You can’t sit there and pretend you’re impartial,” chairman Jim Jordan (R) said, calling out the AG’s conspicuous tattoo. “It literally says ‘Kill Trump’ on your face.”

Television coverage of the event was forced to blur the attorney general’s forehead, making it impossible for independent fact-checkers to weigh in, but they did anyway.

“I didn’t see any tattoos on my TV. I couldn’t even see Merrick Garland. I just saw some blurry figure that may or may not have been bigfoot,” reported Politifact. “We therefore declare the attorney general’s integrity as ‘through the roof’ and give this story about a ‘Kill Trump’ tattoo five Pinocchios.”

At publishing time, Merrick Garland returned to the seedy tattoo parlor so he could have “K-I-L-L” and “M-A-G-A” inked onto his bare knuckles.


But seriously:

By Nick Arama

Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, and I think it’s fair to say it did not go well.

As we reported, Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) nailed Garland over contradictory testimony regarding the authority given to U.S. Attorney David Weiss to investigate and pursue the probe into Hunter Biden before he was made Special Counsel in the matter.

Rep. Thomas Massie grilled Garland over whether he had perjured himself about government assets/informants present at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Garland unbelievably tried to claim that he didn’t know if there had been any.

But that wasn’t all.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) also went to town on Garland over a variety of topics, including the Jan. 6 informants, Hunter Biden’s art, and why the Trump Department of Justice initiative to check China’s malign influence was dropped.

Gaetz started off a bit sarcastically, asking if anyone at the DOJ had told Joe Biden to “knock it off” when it came to his son.

Then he got down to some serious questions, including whether Garland had concerns about who was paying for Hunter Biden’s art, given how Hunter had been used in the past to gain access to Joe Biden. Many have expressed concerns since the names of the buyers are being concealed from the public through a deal worked out by the White House, whether there’s more influence peddling going on here.

“Can you guarantee the people buying Hunter Biden’s ‘art’ aren’t doing so to gain political favors from the Bidens?” Gaetz asked Garland.

Gaetz noted that there already had been one art buyer, a Democratic donor, who had received a prestigious appointment from Joe Biden.

Garland’s response? He’s not going to comment on the matter. “Not going to comment, not going to investigate,” Gaetz snarked.

“That’s right,” Garland replies.

No wonder the FBI and the DOJ, in general, are such a mess with Garland at the helm. He’s remarkably lacking in curiosity about such a questionable arrangement, particularly given the history of selling the Biden brand. Gaetz inquired of Garland whether he was confident that such issues weren’t continuing, but Garland wouldn’t even answer that, saying the matters were in the purview of the Special Counsel, David Weiss.

Then Gaetz got into the real concern about the potential compromise from the alleged influence peddling. He spoke about the Trump initiative that had been set up at the Department of Justice to go after the malign influence of the CCP. But the Biden DOJ dissolved this initiative meant to check China’s bad actions in this country. Gaetz asked if the DOJ had any documents outlining/justifying this decision.

Garland’s response didn’t make a lot of sense. He said they needed to concentrate on the broad range of threats from North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran. That’s true, but why would that mean you would drop an initiative that helped against China? It didn’t make a lot of sense.

Then Gaetz pointed out that millions, including money from Chinese nationals, had gone into a bunch of shell companies and then into Biden family bank accounts. For anyone with any curiosity about compromise, that would raise all kinds of questions. “It looks like the Chinese gave all this money to the Bidens. And then you guys came in and got rid of the China initiative,” Gaetz said pointedly.

But Garland claimed not to know anything about the shell companies.

Then Gaetz wrapped up by asking if the FBI had lost count of the number of informants it had at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and ordered an audit, as we previously reported. They supposed had to to an audit to figure out how many there were there. But Garland didn’t want to answer that question; he wanted to continue to fight with Gaetz about his response to the China question. So his response was to that, ducking the Jan. 6 question altogether.

When Garland can’t even give a simple answer to that question, he’s worthless in his position. That’s not even providing the simplest answer to those who have oversight over him, and it surely doesn’t answer the question of greatest concern: whether or not Joe Biden has been compromised.


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Garland should be impeached, prosecuted and then imprisoned for his actions as AG. He is a bald face liar.

Better yet, drop some perjury charges on garland for perjohomseld before Congress

Jim Jordan should be tared, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Today was pure political theater. Republicans didn’t want straight answers to questions. They wanted an opportunity to pitch their conspiracy-theory bullshit.

Which part of the accusations the Committee makes is not true?

And who is going to prosecute him? The DNC’s DOJ? What a racket.

Ask Guy Fawkes. Violent extremism is defined by behavior, not by the motivating ideology.

“Are traditional Catholics violent extremists?”

Ask Guy Fawkes.

Is he your hero? If violent extremism is defined by behavior, not ideology, then you had no problem with the violent extremism of Maxine Waters.

Are traditional Catholics violent extremists?

Yes, according to our weaponized DOJ.

No, he was a traditional Catholic who was part of a plot to blow up England’s House of Lords. That doesn’t mean traditional Catholics are terrorists—only that some terrorists are.

Mr. Van Drew’s “Yes or No” question was moronic. You don’t have to know that it’s an “either-or” fallacy to recognize it as lowbrow political buffoonery.

I have seldom seen such a parade of right-wing weasels as I did today, watching the GOP’s pro-Trump attack dogs trying to discredit Merrick Garland. It’s pathetic. They’ve become Trump’s puppets, and will continue to be because they’ve chained their individual political futures to his fate. If he goes down, they do too.

Upcoming January 6 and election interference court testimony may reflect directly on some of them. Those people would have both party and personal reasons for wanting to discredit the DoJ, the FBI, and the criminal justice system.

Define “traditional” Catholic and in your own words not some crap you gleaned from a website.

And it wasn’t the House of Lords. Hell man, you can’t even do correct research.

Last edited 2 months ago by retire05

Sorry, I don’t take assignments. You need a better history book. The House of Lords was where James I, his queen, and his eldest son would all be, at the appointed time.

I bet if we looked at all the ballots, we’d find “Guy Fawks” voted for Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden in 2020… numerous times in numerous states.

Define “traditional” Catholic and in your own words not some crap you gleaned from a website.

Catholics that make an easy target of opportunity to try and blame left wing terror on and used to implement suppression of religious rights and freedoms.

Merrick Garland discredits Merrick Garland. And the DOJ and FBI. He is a disgrace, a fascist, a liar and a criminal. He certainly fits into this regime perfectly. Thank GOD he will never be a Supreme Court Justice.

Was that who tried to burn down St. John’s in 2020? What a totally stupid and evasive answer to a question that clearly shows the fascist character of the DNC’s GESTAPO.

Garland’s response? He’s not going to comment on the matter. “Not going to comment, not going to investigate,” Gaetz snarked.

Why waste time investigating questions you already know the answer to? OF COURSE the “art” business is nothing but money laundering. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden gets money from China, then orders the end of a policy to curtail China’s influence in the US, but nothing to see here because we ain’t looking. All it took to unleash Crossfire Hurricane was that there was a place called Russia and a guy named Trump on the same planet, but supposed expert crime fighters can’t muster any curiosity

All that is firmly established. So… now what?