Achtung! Andrew Sullivan Goes Nuclear; Palin = Hitler


Andrew Sullivan’s vendetta against Sarah Palin reached a new milestone on Friday after he insinuated that the former Alaska governor was somehow akin to Adolf Hitler. Sullivan referenced Leni Riefenstahl’s infamous pro-Nazi movie after quoting a former Palin spokeswoman on what he labeled “the upcoming propaganda movie, ‘Triumph Of The Will’ ‘The Undefeated.'”

The writer, who is a top purveyor of the “Trig Truther” theory about the Republican’s youngest son, made the latest attack on his blog on The Daily Beast as part of a “quote for the day” item. Sullivan reproduced Meg Stapleton’s laudatory words about the Palin documentary, which will soon be released in Iowa, and then added his beyond snarky one-liner:

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That’s so original! Now if Sullivan said he loved Sarah, that would be a real turn-off. Anyone Sullivan hates can’t be all bad. How do they let him out?

I agree with madame above. If this slime said he supported Palin, it would hurt her chances. The more bashes her, the more people flock to her corner. Same is true with the entire lame street media.

Madame DeFARGE, they will choke on their saliva when SARAH DECIDE TO GET IN THE ACT,

@ilovebeeswarzone: bees… LOL!