A little climate realism from warmist


Our greenhouse gas emissions will stick around long enough to prevent the next ice age 50,000 years from now, and emitting more of them could well prevent more ice ages much deeper in the future. One could reasonably argue that ice ages are bad news for Canada and northern Europe, because having your landscapes bulldozed by mile-thick slabs of ice amounts to total environmental obliteration.

…When new ice ages start to roll around in 130,000 AD and beyond, our descendants will then have the option, if they so choose, of burning some of those fossil fuel reserves in order to warm the planet enough to prevent the ice sheets from forming. Of course, we can only guess whether they’ll do so or not, but at least we won’t have made the decision for them. So there you have it; one more, only half-joking reason to stop our fossil fuel emissions.

…Climate change is not going to kill every last one of us; humans are too resilient for that, having lived everywhere from floating sea ice to burning deserts for thousands of years even without modern technology and despite massive, abrupt environmental shifts of natural origin. In addition, regions such as Greenland may actually become more habitable to humans in a warmer world, offering refuges to at least some remnant populations.

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The frequency of ice ages is about 10,000 year, not 50,000 years. He has no clue !

Curt Stager adds:

My “optimism” for human survival is not to be confused with a belief that there will be no human suffering in the future.

Like there’s no suffering going on right now!
Do these ”warmists” actually believe that if they took away most of all the money and resources from all the ”haves” on earth, thus preventing earth’s warming, there would be NO suffering?
Hasn’t he read the predictions that show how many will die if we stop making stuff and start being simple sustenance farmers?
Even bonny Prince Charles has backed away from that idiocy!

I did love his analogy about his colleagues who are willing to quit science and take a political side in the climate battle.
He likened such scientists to Red Cross workers who take up arms in a battle.
IMHO he should have used ”Red Crescent” workers so that we could have posted some of the many videos of them doing just that.
I have never seen a video of a Red Cross worker doing it.
But his point is a good one.
These men and women choose sides and thus taint any of their research if it does not fit their side of the battle.
They give up on science.
He has not done that.

Interesting read.

This is so familiar…. Men make plans and God laughs!!! I picked this off of newsmax. this morning:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad charged that European countries are using high-tech equipment to deprive his drought-plagued nation of much-needed rain.

“Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran,” Ahmadinejad said in a recent speech inaugurating a dam in the city of Arak.

“According to reports on climate, whose accuracy has been verified, European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their rain on Europe.

Ahmadinejad also referred to an article by an unnamed “Western politician” that he said predicted “droughts in some regions spanning from Turkey and Iran to east of Asia” for the next 30 years, The Telegraph reported.

Those regions “include countries whose culture and civilization frighten the West,” he added.

Moments after Ahmadinejad spoke, it began to rain.

The Telegraph noted, “Iranian leaders claim on a daily basis that Western countries, led by arch-foe United States, devise ‘plots’ to undermine the Islamic Republic and to impede its economic and scientific development.”

This reminds me so much of when Mr. Obama appropiated large sums of money to Mr. Gore to continue the much needed “green house effect studies” immediately followed the worst cold spell in over 70 years to hit the United States and much of Europe as well!
Now much of Louisiana and Mississppi, along with parts of Tennessee , Missouri, and more are flooded and hundreds of thousnads of people are suffering in an already crippled economy job and income loss. It seems that the people of Paskistan are more important that our own! It took this administration exactly three days to send 100’s of millions to Paskistan , and yet our own good hardworking tax paying citizens do not merit aid in the eyes of Mr. Obama!
Maybe it could be because those areas didn’t prove to be areas that didi not carry him in the elections? Seems to be it is a “I”, “ME” and “MYSELF” and “MY GROUP” party.

I appears that not only does Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Obama not only share speaking at the United Nations. But it is apparent they expressly share two other things in common! Blaming everyone else for the problems they create and God laughing at them both!