10 insanely overpaid public employees


10. Basketball coach

Earnings: $1,200,000
Where:SUNY Binghamton, NY

Kevin Broadus, who had a five-year $1 million contract, was let go from his job as head coach for little-known SUNY Binghamton men’s basketball team in 2009 over an ethics scandal. He sued the school for discrimination, and received a $1.2 million buyout to drop the suit. Taxpayers got to pick up all the legal bills too. In June, Broadus was hired as an assistant coach at Georgetown, where he has worked previously.

9. Hospital Rainmaker

Earnings: $841,557
Where:University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Retiring from his position as head of the medical center at UT Southwestern in 2008, C. Kern Wildenthal now devotes most of his time and effort to “philanthropic pursuits” for the medical center as “assistant to the president for community affairs”, according to a press release. With $841,557 earnings in 2010, the university must have been feeling philanthropic towards him, as well.

The nauseating rest of them are here.

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