‘Dumb’ War In Iraq Led Obama To Bin Laden


Leadership: If President Bush had not invaded Iraq, President Obama likely would not have found Osama bin Laden. The al-Qaida operative who fingered bin Laden’s courier was caught in Iraq helping terrorists in 2004.

It was a line Obama never got tired of. Most infamously, he used it during an anti-war rally at Chicago’s Federal Plaza in October 2002: “I don’t oppose all wars,” the state senator said as President Bush was preparing to attack Saddam Hussein. “What I am opposed to is a dumb war.”

Obama accused “political hacks like Karl Rove” of launching the Iraq War for the purpose of distracting Americans from their economic hardships.

A decade later we know Obama was dead wrong. The successful manhunt that delivered justice from the barrel of a gun to the elusive head of al-Qaida wouldn’t have happened without an indispensable piece of the puzzle that the U.S. got because of its presence in Iraq.

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Just think about it for a second … we have been calling this guy incompetent for the last 2+ years, and now we are supposed to call him competent now that he has actually gone and gotten somebody killed. In most jobs, they would simply fire you and perhaps you would get sued or go to jail.

Does it bother you at all when you are wrong?then maybe the facts I will provide you might make you feel bad…maybe even feel like you put your foot in your mouth?who knows you might even admit you were wrong…but that would take a bigger person.ball is in your court.


I will also follow up with this:

You really don’t get much better GOP credentials than Gates,just look up his bio.It is kinda sad that some people are more worried about their Party winning rather than America winning.Had Bush done this I would have been just as happy…but he didn’t.

doug sawyer, what is your whinning about?
don’t you know that IRAK was before AFGHANISTAN, so did it occur to you that the
guy moved around from IRACK where he probably work for the terrorists to build himself
a name in the ladder going up to bin.
and leave THE PRESIDENT BUSH out of your whinning too.