Healthcare Waivers-Political Favors? [Reader Post]

Obama is hitting campaign mode full speed ahead as could be seen in his riding the Osama wave last week and his typical characterizing the mission as: “I wanted to make sure that if I sent them in, that I could get them out again.” Never mind the ‘we’, it has always been about Obama, and not the collective. The pandering last week however, became insufferably obvious.

Cibola! Cibola! bumpty, bumpty, bump! [Reader Post]

Folks, looks like ‘the bump’ ain’t happened, at least yet… Clinton, bombing a baby formula factory (actually it was a Sudanese Pharmaceuticals factory that mostly made aspirin. And they sued the US government afterwards for damages) to take the heat off himself, Obama may have hoped people would forget his incompetency and give him a bump for ‘his’ bringing down the ‘Great Satan, US version’, that previous presidents had failed to accomplish.

By The Waters of Babylon We Sat Down and Wept [Reader Post]

In this day and age of 24-hour news service, the attention span of the world is active only as long as the MSM elects to keep specific dramas ongoing on the tube. ‘News’ is ‘entertainment’ and the television ratings are all encompassing. Rating is money, and money, naturally, is the Lord of the marketplace. What ‘sells’, therefore, is what is splashed on the tube for the 6 O’clock news.

Reporting of the ongoing devastation in Japan, has been relegated to afterthought unless some dramatic development happens to come about that demands a ‘Stop Press’ shout from the Perry White’s of America. Presently the MSM of America are too busy spinning the budget ‘cuts’ demanded by those uncaring, people-hating Republicans trying to gut Planned Parenthood, or worse, de-fund the Cherry Blossom Festival up the Beltway.

Where Oh Where Has Miss Libya Gone? [Reader Post]

Barry Obama can’t win for losing, folks, just a few weeks ago, the MSM along with the Democrats who visualized side implications for ‘Obama 2012′, were semi-orgasmic when Barry unleashed those tomahawks upon Tripoli and parts thereabouts. The boy president intended the world at large to know that he could get tough when provoked by dire presentations of ‘humanitarian’ bloodbaths.

You CAN fool most of the people most of the time….[Reader Post]

Folks, there are times, upon hearing some of the stuff coming out of DC, when any intelligent person can only sit back, scratch their head, rub their eyes, shake the head , then scratch the head again. It has become obvious that when the ‘best and brightest’ we send to Washington to oversee our best interests and desires cross over the Beltway, they immediately descend into a world where ‘re-election’ is the objective of the day. ‘Double-speak’, it appears, is another objective of the day and it is immediately obvious that all politicians have a firm belief that it works upon the electorate as they use if practically every time they open their mouths to answer a simple and reasonable question. ‘Double-speak’ to the electorate is just a fancy euphemism for a LIE, but for politicians who want to speak what they think whomever is listening wants to hear, it’s their method of ‘heading them off at the pass.’