Neither Trump nor Biden* Are Getting Sworn in as President come January


How’s that for a bold prediction? “But Brother Bob,” you may be asking, “since both of their nominations are all but etched in stone as their party nominees, how could you think that?”

It’s actually pretty simple. To quickly recap the 2020 debacle:

And how about that 2020 election? That’s another one where I could go on all day. The Radical Left have become so emboldened that they don’t even blink when they gaslight us on some of the most ridiculous “irregularities”, such as how a dementia patient who basically campaigned out of his basement got more votes than Barack Obama. In fact, The Democrats were so brazen about stealing the election, Time Magazine wrote a full confession of everything they did. And how did the time honored tradition of protesting an election’s results get answered? We now have political prisoners in this country. Let that sink in.

As if 2020 weren’t enough, the GOP allowed the same to repeat in the January runoffs in Georgia that gave Dems control of the Senate. And the GOP was shocked in 2022 when the Dems stole the Governor’s office in AZ, being so brazen as to hand out unreadable ballots at some GOP heavy precincts and even turning off the voting machines in Maricopa County. The GOP’s 2024 answer? Everybody vote early! That only tells the Dems how much they need to cheat on election day. And Look no further than Wisconsin, where it’s open season on questioning elections, but only if Republican.

You already knew all of this, but my point is that while the GOP is still trying to fight the last war, Dems are already launching new tactics to steal 2024. Look no further than their thwarting the efforts to prevent the millions of foreign invaders from voting in this election. They’ve probably got other dirty tricks we haven’t thought of. Let’s say that President Trump drops a Grover Cleveland Steamer on the Dems and wins the election. When The Supreme Court kicked potentially banning candidates back to the legislature, suddenly the Republicans’ slow bleeding away their majority in The House makes more sense. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get a few RINOs to resign between November and January so new House Speaker Hakim Jefferies could work with Schumer to ram through legislation disqualifying Trump.  And if that doesn’t work, James Carville helpfully offered up “Wetwork” as a possible solution. In a phrase I find myself saying way too often, I miss the days when I would just dismiss this last paragraph as pure tinfoil hattery. Nowadays nothing surprises me.

What about good ol’ Joey Sponge Brains Crapped Pants*? The Dems really painted themselves into a corner when they rans the “Sh*ts and Giggles” dementia patient / unlikable idiot in 2020. Biden* was originally served up to play the role of Bob Dole in ’96 or Romney in ’12 as the acceptable loser, and in Biden’s* case it was another rigged Democrat primary to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination and leading to a down ticket bloodbath. Then came the gift that kept on giving in The Fauci Flu and the Dems saw a path to install a dementia patient in the White House with Barry O pulling the strings behind the scene. And it all worked until brain decay became so apparent during the first debate that even the Regime Media couldn’t gaslight the public anymore, as much as they still try.

If you’re reading at this point, you know all of the Democrats’ bad options. Someone whose name I can’t remember said so well a few years ago, “Biden* has lived in a way that he doesn’t have a single person in his life who loves him enough to make this stop.” So the Dems are now paying the price for initiating this elder abuse four years ago – a wretched man whose wretched family won’t let him retire and even if the party finds some way to bribe Biden*, there’s no guarantee that after leaving the scene he won’t gaffe the full plot on a hot mic somewhere. All of their options are bad to varying degrees, and even though I keep reading that there’s no way this happens, my money is on Big Mikey being installed as President come January.

The cleanest solution I see for Dems is for an old man to have an “accident” that either incapacitates or kills him. This frees up campaign funds, turns Biden* into a martyr whose name can be used as a rallying point, and now a candidate’s age can get blasted out as the talking point on the legacy media. And if Trump picks a GOP Establishment approved Veep candidate, that will absolutely guarantee that he does not get sworn in or immediately removed.

Does this entire post sound like tinfoil hattery? Remember, Dems only care about winning at all costs, and damage to our legal system or society be damned. To Dems their politics is their religion, and it is their duty to destroy anyone who stands between their holy vision for America. Lest anyone think I’m some doomsayer, I’m not. Nothing would make me happier than to be dead wrong – my political predictions’ accuracy can be best described as “Dick Morris-esque”. As much as I’d love to see a Trump presidency that restores America like Reagan on steroids, for Democrats to come to love America as much as they currently hate it, and a clean, fair, and transparent election whose results everyone accepts, recent history tells me otherwise. Whatever happens, America will pull through. Eventually. It’s just a question of what the road ahead looks like and how rough it may be.

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

Cross posted from Brother Bob’s Blog

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It is a fact that Democrats are capable of anything in order to stay in power. They have much to fear from being out of power for their crimes and corruption are legion. They seem less and less concerned with making it overt, as the $500,000,000 judgement against Trump for the crime of committing NO fraud exemplifies. These are, to say the least, interesting times.

I’m afraid we will never see “normal” again, at least not as we knew it. Or, not again for a long time. There are many wrongs to be righted and punishment to be meted out. Without prosecutions, there is no hope that these attacks on the Constitution will ever end without examples of harsh punishment. Kind of like what the Democrats have done to January 6th protesters, except with justification.

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We will always have Abby

Then there is Dr. Jill.

Trump has been pushing the “Too Big To Rig,” concept for this election.

This election will not see Republican poll watchers and ballot watchers sent home in the middle of the night so dems could steal the election.
That’s a big difference.
There will be a 24-7 schedule of poll and ballot watchers from the RNC’s monitors.
RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said the RNC will place election integrity directors in 15 states, including the most hotly contested battlegrounds, and work with state parties to set up similar programs in all the other states.

Jill will insure that no one with evil intents gets close enough to joe to do him in.
IF he simply dies, Kamala will be president and who knows who will run.
joe’s right about his delegates: they have to vote for him on the first ballot…..and that is enough.

Trump would defeat any other Democratic candidate
The most likely of those prospective replacements is VP Harris, but Trump would defeat her by an even wider margin than Biden, 49-43%, with 8% undecided.

Emerson’s pollsters also put forward a list of eight other possible replacements for Biden but Trump also defeated each of them in the survey by anywhere from 5-10 points.

That included Trump beating:
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), 48-42%,
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, 48-40%,
former Vice President Al Gore, 47-42%,
and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 48-41%.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), 49-39%,
Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg, 49-39%,
Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, 46-38%,
and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, 48-38%.

Michelle Obama is claiming she/he is NOT running (I wonder why.)
If she/he did there is a chance she/he might beat Trump.

Michelle Obama is claiming she/he is NOT running (I wonder why.)

Do you literally believe that Michelle Obama is trans?

A majority of Americans think so. She is barry’s homosexual partner, one of many.

Is obama a topper or a taker?

They made Movie about the Obamas SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU it Bombed

Why are you telling me this? Do you think I was an investor or something?

The Obama’s prefer to f**k things up from behind the scenes. That way their name isn’t all over the disasters.

The Demon-Rats want total Control of our lives they prefer the whole pie and not just a small slice

joe’s “Big Boy” press conference has been pushed back another time.
Now it’s planned for well after joe’s sunset time.
Will it even happen?

Oh boy, something wrong with joe Drugs not working.

Not a reassuring look for the high stakes news conference to show he can serve another 4 years. Odds are against him making it to Election Day.

The M.S. Media finding it more difficult to defend Biden and the Demon-Rats

M.S. BoTtum Feeedrs AND U.N. sprklE like gleam of Gold in Sorohs eye. Demon-Rats and globalists Look like eye sparrkel.

Gee… for once you didn’t lie.