Biden’s condition is worse than you think. He’s a threat to national security


By virtually all accounts, Joe Biden’s debate performance was disaster. At first the left was in denial and eventually shifted to “it was a just a bad night.”  The family gathered together at Camp David for a summit to determine Biden’s future course. It was speculated that the family might be trying to talk Biden into stepping down, but apparently that was inaccurate. It was reported that they were rather displeased at some advisers.

Members of Joe Biden’s family privately trashed his top campaign advisers at Camp David this weekend, blaming them for the president’s flop in Thursday’s debate and urging Biden to fire or demote people in his political high command.

Biden’s campaign staff was angry about the debate conditions that they demanded.

Biden’s campaign staff only grew angrier at CNN as to how the debate was run, according to several people familiar with the conversations. Their complaints were lengthy, including that the moderators should have fact-checked Trump more often, that Biden was not told which camera he’d be on when not speaking and that the makeup staff made him appear too pale, according to the three people. Biden did, however, agree to the terms of the debate before it was held.

The editorial boards of a few newspapers (NY Times, AJC) called for Biden to drop out of the race but that’s not likely for a number of reasons.

Most unsurprising was who was strongest in urging Biden to continue- Jill and Hunter Biden. But they have a big problem on their hands. Biden is exhibiting the symptoms of real mental and physical debilitation- specifically, sundowning and Parkinsons. Liberals tried to take solace in Biden seeming to be more alert the next day while the sun was shining, and he had a teleprompter to read.

And there is the problem.

Axios reported that Biden functions better between 10 am and 4 pm.

From 10am to 4pm, Biden is dependably engaged — and many of his public events in front of cameras are held within those hours.

Outside of that time range or while traveling abroad, Biden is more likely to have verbal miscues and become fatigued, aides told Axios.

Sundowning is increased confusion that people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia may experience from dusk through night. Also called “sundowner’s syndrome,” it is not a disease but a set of symptoms or dementia-related behaviors that may include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, agitation, hallucinations, pacing and disorientation. Although the exact cause is unknown, sundowning may occur due to disease progression and changes in the brain.

Cleveland Clinic

What is sundowning?

Sundowning is the name for a group of behaviors, feelings and thoughts people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia can experience as the sun sets. The behaviors start or get worse around sunset or sundown. However, this delirium can potentially occur at any time, not just at sunset.

Also known as late-day confusion, sundowners syndrome or sundown syndrome, sundowning is most often experienced by people with dementia, a group of symptoms that can affect:

  • Memory.
  • Thinking.
  • Personality.
  • Reasoning.
  • Behavior.

All of this was on display Thursday night.

Then we have the staccato voice cadence, the stiff walk and robotic stance.

Stand up and let your arms hang. Look at your hands. Then look at his hands.

Mayo Clinic

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and the parts of the body controlled by the nerves. Symptoms start slowly. The first symptom may be a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder also may cause stiffness or slowing of movement.

In the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, your face may show little or no expression. Your arms may not swing when you walk. Your speech may become soft or slurred. Parkinson’s disease symptoms worsen as your condition progresses over time.

Here is Jill Biden imploring people to support her husband in a debate postmortem.

Watch Joe Biden’s face.

The Babylon Bee posted an amusing piece that crossed the line into reality in which they state

Jill Biden Refuses To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

It was accompanied by this picture

She clearly doesn’t want to let go of her throne, no matter how much he’s deteriorated. But again, look at his face. The blank stare.

As I said before, she treats him like a child.

The truth is that after sunset he is a child.

When they arrived at the Hamptons for a fund raiser, Biden got off Marine One clutching Jill’s arm.

Joe Biden is sundowning, and that’s a prelude to the onset of dementia.  Right now, he is only cognitively functional between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Think about that- the American President is mentally fit between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Unless the next debate (which the Biden team claims they want) is held between those hours and Biden is allowed a teleprompter the result will be the same. This is only going to get worse over time.

Our G7 allies are well aware of this and are pretending Biden is OK but behind the scenes….

President Biden has been “losing focus” during discussions at this week’s G7 summit in Italy, with one diplomatic insider saying the commander-in-chief is “the worst he has ever been.”

Another attendee from a non-US delegation told the Sun Friday that the 81-year-old’s public missteps on the first day of the gathering were “embarrassing.”

Biden should not be running for President. I read that the country ought not be concerned because he’s a got a “great team” behind him. Who is this “team.” Who is really making the decisions?

The bottom line is that Biden is not capable of carrying out his duties as President outside of a narrow window of the day. Problem is, being President is a 24-hour job. Biden is a threat to our national security.

Both China and Russia know this. So do democrats, who are stuck with him.

Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself.

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As Larry Elder said so well, “Even before the dementia, Biden* was just plain dumb.”

In 24 hours Nancy Pelosi did a one-eighty.
She said he was “sharp as a knife,” but had a bad debate yesterday.
Today she said, “he has a condition.”
The tide is turning.

ABC News scored an interview with joe.
They will RECORD it Friday and AIR it (EDITED) over the weekend.
Will we ever see the unedited whole thing?

The WH is going to have an “emergency meeting,” soon.
They have probably reached a deal with the biden crime family and the DNC.