Who Gave the Order to Threaten Nuclear War Last Week?


Last Tuesday Vladamir Putin sent a nuclear submarine to the Gulf of Mexico. It arrived in Cuba for a rare port visit. A Russian naval task force joined it for an even more rare port visit. The next day, an American nuclear attack submarine docked in Guantanamo Bay for perhaps the first time. It had been trailing the Russian sub-ready to kill it at any given moment. Patriot Surface to Air Missile Batteries were setup on Florida beaches to stop any missiles launched from the Russians. USAF units were placed on alert as well.

In response, the United States Navy had a nuclear “boomer” submarine surface at the northern most tip of the Norwegian Sea; considered “Russia’s Backyard.” A nuclear “boomer” is a submarine capable of launching nuclear ballistic missiles deep into a foreign country. This particular American submarine had more firepower on it than was used by all the nations of the world in WWII COMBINED! If it launched its missiles that close to Russia, Putin and other Russian leaders would have seconds-at best-to react.

It’s a typical, nuclear “show of force”; a demonstrable threat to use nuclear weapons, and the Biden Administration has done more of these in the past year, than all our other Presidents combined. Well, someone has. Joe’s been on vacation more than half the time he’s been President. Is he giving the order, or just rubber-stamping whatever steps towards nuclear war the generals want to make?

Vladamir Putin was not pleased, not surprised, and not overly upset, but he made it a point to remind the world that the United States and NATO were actively provoking a WWIII, a nuclear war in Ukraine. In the Middle East the US and West are fully at war with Yemen and all of Iran’s proxies. In the Pacific, Chinese and Russian fleets are swarming Taiwan and the Phillipine Sea even as special Chinese cargo ships are moved into pre-invasion positions, and the Chinese army is practicing on full size replica buildings found in Taipei. (The world is not a peaceful place right now, and rocking the boat is a bad idea).

There was no response or threat at all from President Biden. He was sequestered for the week to prepare for his debate. 51 million people watched the debate. In its wake, no one with an iota of intelligence can believe that Joe Biden spent that time preparing for the debate when he was most likely sleeping; not doing his job as President in any way, shape, or form.

America and the world were staring down loaded guns, missile, and ballistic missiles that are so close to the United States they might as well skip any warning. If Russia (or any hostile regime) wanted to attack the US, they could have done so successfully-probably without even a “C’mon from Pres Biden.”

There have been hundreds and hundreds of nuclear close calls over the decades. Some, where dumb luck saved the world, some where the last man in the kill chain, the guy who has to turn his key or press a button has chosen not to do so.

Movies like Wargames and Dr Strangelove or countless others can scare people. What they don’t realize is that these fictional tales are based on non-fiction. Things have happened and will happen. I detail almost all of them in my book, “Dancing with Dragons: Close Calls with Nuclear Weapons.”

What makes last week’s moves on the chessboard pertinent to today is that it’s an undeniable fact that President Biden either couldn’t or wouldn’t call his adversary to negotiate a peaceful drawdown rather than a slow climb up the steps to nuclear war. The President of Russia is threatening nuclear war almost every day by deeds and words, but unlike EVERY POST WWII PRESIDENT who has spoken with the head of Russia, Joe Biden has chosen not to make sure that the planet doesn’t get destroyed ‘by accident, error, or madness'(JFK).

Russia’s fleet was off America’s coast.

Russia’s President was threatening nuclear war

The President of the United States was at Camp David “practicing” for a petty political debate about golf handicaps?!

So, who gave the order or the United States nuclear boomer submarine to threaten nuclear devastation on Russia?

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Who? Clue – his first initial is ‘O’

This is the Russian sub in Cuba.
It is falling apart.
The idea that it being 90 miles from the USA should scare anybody is absurd.
Retaliating with positioning an American sub near Russia is dangerous and stupid.
The uniparty is dangerous and stupid.
It attracts war-mongoring lefties as well as neo-cons from the GOPe.
People who benefit financially from war, in other words.


Simple who gave the order “Q” gave the order, saved the whole planet, again! Prior to Moving BACK into the White House!!!