“We finally beat Medicare”



“We finally beat Medicare”

That is an exact quote. That is the moment many people in the country realized what the rest of us already knew. Joe Biden is not up to the job. This is why he wasn’t allowed to conduct a real press conference. This is why he needs notecards in every meeting with foreign leaders. This is why the Muppet does all the talking for him.  Right away you knew something was wrong with Biden- the staccato cadence, trying to spit out the memorized talking points while they remained in his head, the confusion, the blank stare. It was all downhill. There was no upside.

As I watched I saw it coming. He hinted at it first and then fell right into it. He repeated the lie about Charlottesville- about Trump praising neo-Nazis. I wrote about this seven years ago. The NY Times and Politifact lied about it then and maintained that lie until just recently. Finally, Politifact, after seven years, properly branded the story as false. Biden’s handlers had to have known this and had to have told Biden not to say it. and still he went there.

He was wrong about Roe vs Wade. Roe was always bad law, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed with that.

Biden asserted that those voting for Trump were voting against democracy. That would be at least half the country- voting against democracy?

This was inexplicable

Biden said he was endorsed by the Border Patrol

When Biden said that Trump had “the morals of an alley cat” I would have responded “An alley cat? Your own daughter said you molested her. Care to address that?” I think Biden would have melted down on the spot.

But this was the moment it was over.

This from Jacqui Heinrich on X

VERY well-connected Democratic source tells me  – the house and Senate are the GOP’s for now -everyone is freaking out – he needs to go – but no way they replace him unless he agrees

Tapper and Bash surprised me. Although they tried to save Biden a couple of times, they did a pretty good job.

Through the debate, the drugs they administered to Biden wore off. All that was missing was Barack Obama leading Biden off the stage.

Will he stay in the race? Well, let’s ask Jill:

OMG Is this real?

Please note that Jill treats Joe like a child at a birthday party, or a fading old uncle. Today at a rally Biden made clear that he is going to remain in the race. And he wasted no time going back to his lying theme.



His reelection cannot happen. America learned what world leaders already know- that he is a basket case. Biden is functional only when the words are visible on a teleprompter and sometimes not even then. He cannot process without it. He is not capable of fulfilling the duties of the Presidency. It’s Jill who is pushing him on. The stiff gate, the staccato speech, the inability to process – it’s suggestive of Parkinson’s.

Putin and Xi know this already. Man of us knew it long ago. It must not continue. The country deserves better.

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How did biden defeat Medicare? We are in a serious national security risk with this dementia suffering octogenarian. It would be quite understandable for Americans to feel insecure against our enemies. The democrat party has no respect for the American People to have hidden this for three years and repeatedly lied about what we know. They were not “cheap fakes”.

Here is how Biden wants to defeat Medicare . Remember when Obama needed funds to set up Obamacare ? You have ask where did he get those funds ? The answer is the government can shift taxpayer monies to any project that is approve and sighed by the president [ ergo : Obama ] . So Obama siphoned off money from Medicare and shifted it to his fiasco . Now that Biden is president he has doubled down on Obama’s scheme and is allowing illegals to drain the system till it all runs dry . The democrats pasted Obamacare in closed door secession with no republican present in the room . Then Obama signed it into law . We the people had no voice of representative speaking in our behalf . Which is no more than tyranny . Taxing without representation is tyranny . Joe and Obama need to be jail an then thrown the keys away .Period !

That’s right.

The powers in the Democrat Party knew prior to the 2020 election campaign that Biden rapidly was losing his mental acuity. Apparently, it was of no moment to them. They cobbled together a workaround where Biden stayed in his basement and only selectively exposed himself to the general public. Those who propelled Biden to the Oval Office seemingly wanted an empty suit who would do as he was told so long as he enjoyed the perks of the Office. Most of the MSM went along with the deception and trashed anyone who pointed out Biden’s obvious failings. Now, suddenly the Democrats are “concerned” but only because they have been exposed to the light of day. All in all, it seems just like another day in The Swamp.

Depending on Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden to develop a comprehensive governmental plan for the country was never the plan. He was just a great candidate for a puppet. No one expected him to deteriorate to this level this fast. Now he’s worthless, but there’s no way out.

They also knew historically from child kings to enfeebled lords and incapacitated presidents of yore, that they get to rule in his stead, he takes the blame, and nobody can figure out what hit them for ages.

For those saying “He wasn’t that bad”


Dr. Jill: “And after the debate, Joey went potty in the BIG BOY POTTY! Such a GOOD BOY!!” Though many thought Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden was going to eat a can of spinach and suddenly whoop up on Trump, what we saw was nothing more or nothing less than what we see every time Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden steps on the stage.

jill’s ex-husband says he doesn’t even recognize her anymore.
She’s a monster.
A loving spouse would help joe to step aside.

She’s a power-mad skank.

Obviously, the “We beat Medicare” line was shouted into his earpiece to try to focus him.