Yes, Virginia, there is a deep state. The FBI and CIA are a threat to democracy



One is often chastised for asserting that there is a deep state. Well, there absolutely is a deep state and it got Biden elected President.

First, let’s go back to 2023. DHS Secretary Alejando (“El Cabron”) Mayorkas forms an ‘intelligence experts group’ to “offer their insights about national intelligence matters to the department’s Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Ken Wainstein and Counterterrorism Coordinator Nicholas Rasmussen.” It includes this description:

“The security of the American people depends on our capacity to collect, generate, and disseminate actionable intelligence to our federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, campus, and private sector partners, ”Mayorkas said in a statement about the group.

Right away one wonders how they are going to collect actionable intelligence without being in government. Three of them were signatories to that fake 51 expert letter falsely alleging the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation and they would continue with their deceitful ways.

Stephen Miller’s America First Legal has done an invaluable job exposing these monsters. They’ve shown that this “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group” exists only to smear Trump supporters and others:

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advisory board characterized supporters of former President Donald Trump, as well as those who are in the military and religious people, as posing potential domestic terrorism risks, according to internal documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL).

The board, called the “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group,” was created in September 2023 to provide DHS with “expert” analysis on subjects such as terrorism and fentanyl trafficking. The panel included former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and former CIA Operations Officer Paul Kolbe, all of whom signed an October 2020 letter casting doubt on the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop and suggesting its release was a Russian disinformation ploy.

Internal documents obtained by AFL show the board characterizing “supporters of the former president” as constituting “most of the Domestic Terrorism threat” in the United States. The documents also classified traits such as having served “in the military” and being “religious” as “indicators of extremists and terrorism,” citing unnamed research.

AFL has released three tranches of documents

In the first installment, AFL released documents showing how the group proposed expanding DHS’s reach into local communities in an “ambiguous” and “non-threatening” way and contemplating ways to get teachers and mothers to report their children.

In the second installment, AFL showed how the Biden Administration proposed using military, religious, and even political (Trump supporters) affiliations to tag Americans as prone to committing violent attacks.

In the third installment, AFL revealed how the Biden administration’s allies on the Brennan-Clapper committee discussed using January 6 and the manufactured raid at Mar-a-Lago to justify further targeting and surveillance of political dissent.

AFL sued the DHS and Mayorkas for the group’s documents back in November, arguing the panel was anything but unbiased. A Court the group be disbanded.

“As a result of our lawsuit in federal court, DHS is surrendering in total to our demands,” former White House advisor and America First Legal President Stephen Miller told Fox News. “They are closing down their new partisan intelligence board featuring [James] Clapper and [former CIA Director John] Brennan — which would have been used to promote censored, unethical spying, and gross civil rights invasions of political enemies — and they are surrendering their documents, handing them over to our possession. We won. We beat Biden and DHS.”

The “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group” was merely an extension of the subversive “51 experts” group and fully intended to control the outcome of the 2024 election.

Two days ago, the House Judiciary released its explosive findings in regard to that “51 experts” group letter. It’s nothing short of mindboggling. The CIA itself participated in election interference.


• High ranking CIA officials, up to and including then-CIA Director Gina Haspel,
were made aware of the Hunter Biden statement prior to its approval and
publication.8 Because several former senior intelligence officials signed the statement,
the PCRB sent the draft statement to the CIA’s then-Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Andrew Makridis, who said he subsequently informed then-Director Haspel or then
Deputy Director Vaughn Frederick Bishop that the statement would be published soon.9
Senior CIA leadership had an opportunity at that time to slow down the CIA’s process for
reviewing publication submissions and ensure that such an extraordinary statement was
properly vetted.10
• Some of the statement’s signatories, including Michael Morell, were on active
contract with the CIA at the time of the Hunter Biden statement’s publication.11
Throughout the course of the Committees’ investigation, the signatories claimed to not
have had access to any classified information when asserting that the allegations
surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop had “all the hallmarks” of Russian disinformation.12
However, at the time of the statement’s publication, at least two signatories—Morell and
former CIA Inspector General David Buckley—were on the CIA’s payroll as contractors.
Due to purported operational concerns, the CIA declined to declassify the entire universe
of signatories who were on active contract. In addition, some signatories to the Hunter
Biden statement also had special “Green Card” access to the CIA at the time of the
statement’s publication, allowing them to gain entry to secure CIA facilities.

• After publication of the Hunter Biden statement, CIA employees internally
expressed concern about the statement’s politicized content, acknowledging it was
not “helpful to the Agency in the long run.”13 At least one employee found it
“[i]nteresting to see what was submitted and approved” when discussing media talking
points that the statement’s co-author, former Senior Intelligence Service Officer Marc
Polymeropoulos, submitted related to the statement.14 When discussing Polymeropoulos’s
talking points, another CIA official stated, “It appears [Polymeropoulos] is actively
involved in a pro-Biden campaign and may be disclosing classified information in his
efforts.”15 The CIA’s internal review board, known as the Prepublication Classification
Review Board (PCRB), determined that Polymeropoulos’s talking points contained
classified information that had to be removed prior to publication.16

The CIA, including then-Director Gina Haspel, colluded with the Biden campaign to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story when they all knew the laptop was authentic. The importance of this cannot be overstated

“The report reveals new information detailing how the highest levels of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), up to and including then-CIA Director Gina Haspel, were made aware of the ‘Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails’ by 51 former intelligence officials prior to its approval and publication,” the press release says, outlining of Haspel’s likely knowledge of the letter. Haspel served as CIA director from 2018 to 2021 during the Trump administration.

The CIA’s chief operating officer, Andrew Makridis, testified that he informed Haspel or Deputy Director Vaughn Frederick Bishop about the statement ahead of its release, and the report indicates that CIA chiefs had the opportunity to vet the validity of the statement discrediting the laptop of Russian disinformation.

Haspel was informed about the letter and so was Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, who publicly and repeatedly denied it was Russian disinformation. He was ignored by the left-wing state media, who instead pushed the false narrative which Biden then used as a hammer in the 2020 debates. Haspel was duty-bound to tell America the truth but she chose not to be truthful, which between her, Clapper and Brennan tells you all you need to know about the CIA. It was hardly the first time. In 2015 then-CIA Director Brennan illegally targeted 25 Trump associates for surveillance.

The US Intelligence Community asked foreign spy agencies to surveil 26 associates of Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election, which triggered the allegations that the former president’

s campaign had been colluding with Russia, according to a report.

Former CIA Director John Brennan identified and presented the targets to the US’s intelligence-sharing partners in the so-called “Five Eyes” agencies – the intelligence-gathering organizations in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – according to a report published Monday on Michael Shellenberger’s Public Substack.

That infamous letter needs more fleshing out.  Former CIA Assistant Director Mike Morrell says Antony Blinken requested the letter. Blinken denies it, but he and the truth are at times a distance apart. Morrell has testified that he did not intend to write the letter but was “triggered” to write it once Blinken asked.

This is huge black eye for the CIA which, along with the FBI, simply cannot be trusted. and that brings me to Chuck Schumer. after Trump was elected but prior to his inauguration Schumer famously said

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,”

Truer words have hardly ever been spoken. Thing is, how did he know? Was he in on the plot against Trump? I’d like to see Schumer subpoenaed and have to testify about this. And if election interference is a crime, I can think of about 60 people off the top of my head who need to be charged with that crime and thrown into solitary for four years awaiting trial. They are an existential threat to the United States of America.

The FBI and the CIA are threats to democracy.  Chew on that for a minute.

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Stuff off of the Hunter laptop is being used to prove Hunter lied under oath over and over.
One recent one Hunter got caught on was him saying, UNDER OATH, he didn’t know very much about a certain business.
His laptop shows he was, AT THE TIME being talked about, appointed as a VP of that very business and was being paid a salary of $800,000 for that job.