Biden’s brain freezes have become the Hunter Biden laptop Part Deux




Note: I changed the title because of the astonishing amount of propaganda from the left. The year is not 2024. It is 1984.

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

George Orwell, 1984


Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.

On October 14, 2020, the NY Post broke the story about the Hunter Biden laptop. It became a book entitle “Laptop from Hell” written by Miranda Devine. The Post was savagely attacked. Its account on Twitter was suspended. Anyone (including moi) even mentioning it on Facebook was sanctioned. 52 former intelligence officials lied to America about it. It was repeatedly called “Russian disinformation.”

The laptop was 100% authentic. Its authenticity was confirmed by an FBI agent during the Hunter Biden trial.  Below you can watch 20 minutes of democrats denying it.

The NY Times still can’t admit it is real.

We are now in the “Hunter Biden Laptop Part Deux” era. Joe Biden has developed a tendency to seize up at events. Here he is frozen in time during a prematurely held “Juneteenth” party. Note the robotic posture.

Then at the G7 meeting in Italy Biden got distracted by a shiny object (a skydiver) and wandered away from the group with whom he was supposed to be posing for a picture. He was retrieved by Italian PM Georgia Meloni.

“MANIPULATED!” screams the left, and then they post the same video. Again, Biden wanders off, waves at the nice man and then freezes until Meloni retrieves him.

Actually, it’s even worse than we first thought. Watch toward the end of the video as Biden, with a blank stare, dons his sunglasses and goes into frozen robot mode.

Everyone freaking out about that Biden clip at G7.

“DISINFORMATION!” railed Biden campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod, who then demanded the media censor it.

Biden went to LA for a fundraiser with his real constituency the Hollywood elites, where he once again froze.

This set off a nuclear bomb of denial from the left

HAPPENING NOW: Left-wing influencers say the following video does *not* show Biden freezing up and being led off stage by Obama.

David Hogg: “For the record this did not happen and is a total lie.” Harry Sisson: “MAGA IS LYING AGAIN. The new lie is that Biden had to be “led off stage” by Obama and that he “froze” but that is COMPLETELY FALSE!”

Brian Tyler Cohen: “Right-wing media is becoming so desperate they’re just making up fake stories out of thin air.”

Alex Vindman: “Rag. Propaganda. Garbage. pissing into the wind because NYC will still vote for Biden bigly.”

Rufus Gifford: “Nothing remotely close to this actually happened.”

Andrew Bates: “Fresh off being fact checked by at least 6 mainstream outlets for lying about POTUS with cheap fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s sad little super pac, the New York Post, is back to disrespecting it’s readers & itself once again.”

Here’s a pathetic attempt to disabuse you of your eyesight


It has exactly the same ending, but from distance so that it’s not as easy to see.

And another lame effort to sway you. Watch as Biden freezes and goes into robot posture. One can only guess how long he would have stayed frozen were it not for obama leading him away.

Margot Cleveland asked a great question

Followed up quickly by a reminder from Shem Horne

Here is a truly lame and sad attempt to strike out at Trump. The Mirror US put this out

Donald Trump grips railing for dear life in embarrassing video as he walks down stairs in Michigan

“Dear life.” LOL.  Watch for yourself

Trump wears smooth sole shoes and the stairs are metal. Biden’s aircraft stairs are carpeted and he still falls.

When they’re not carpeted, he hangs on for “dear life” as well. In fact, most people do.

We are now officially in the time of real democrat desperation – it’s the Hunter Biden Laptop Part 2. The similarities are amazing. But the truth is Biden is not well. He will not make it through a second term before having to be placed in assisted living.


KJP and the left-wing media are asserting that these videos are deep fakes. Then show us the real ones.



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Bidens problems are getting worst then ever and its still a few months to the election

More proof of cognitive decline, joe…..

Today joe announced he’s wasting $50 Million dollars to tell the American people something we all knew before the 2016 election.
Yeah, and we voted for him anyway.
So, cool reminder about Stormy and the “cover-up.”

I bet even Hillary didn’t spend that much on the Stormy cover-up and she was running against Trump at the time!

It’s easy to waste other people’s money. It’s what Democrats are best at.

17% of democrat voter said they would have either not voted in 2020 for Joe or would have voted another way had they known of the laptop from hell.

She is trying to gaslight us except there is no gas in her light.

The Look on Obama’s Face Says it All: Biden Incoherently Babbles About “Joe Jobs” as Obama Watches in Horror (VIDEO)

Listen more carefully to what she says.
She purposefully conflated two sets of joe videos.

1 Her “deep/cheap fakes reference was to older videos where memers had made fun of joe by using AI and voice imitators to joke about joe’s infirmities and policies.

2 Her “apply the deep/cheap fake” standard to joe being video’d frozen is a plea to the viewer to not believe his own eyes and ears about how joe is nowadays.

She hopes dems look at the fact that there are some fake videos out there and conclude these, too are faked.

The left keeps setting the bar lower and lower and lower for their own “leaders” while always expecting perfection from the opposition.

All those who still support Biden(M.S. Media, Hollywood Liberals)need to hide away for the rest of their lives for supporting a Democrat, Globalists and Traitor

I wonder, Doc, if you have some idea what the suspected drugs being used on a regular basis to juice Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden up to functional status, what would the repeated use of these drugs do to whatever health he has left?