Garland is hiding a secret- Biden is unfit for office



After Joe Biden’s shout fest State of the Union speech Donald Trump suggested that Biden take a drug test:

Former President Donald Trump once again demanded a drug test for current President Joe Biden before their expected June debate.

This suggestion arose from Trump’s accusation that Biden was “high as a kite” during his March State of the Union address. In front of a crowd at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner in St. Paul, Minnesota, Trump voiced his demand.

I am totally on board with that, thanks to Merrick Garland.

Garland was found to be in Contempt of Congress yesterday for refusing to hand over the audio recordings of SCO Robert Hur’s interview with Biden.  Garland is blocking access to the recordings after Biden invoked Executive Privilege over them:

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden invoked executive privilege Thursday to keep the recording of his deposition about storing classified documents at his home confidential as House Republicans set two committee votes to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt for refusing to release the recording.

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel determined the recording falls under executive privilege and Garland shouldn’t be punished for following the president’s order to keep the recording confidential, according to Carlos Uriarte, an associate attorney general.

The Office of Legal Counsel has long held that executive privilege extends to a “closed criminal investigation where disclosure is likely to damage future law enforcement efforts,” Garland wrote to Biden on Wednesday.

Hur found that Biden was unfit for office:

In that report, Hur said Biden could potentially defend himself in court, if charges were recommended, by appealing to jurors as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Biden seized on that immediately

Biden pushed back with a fiery news conference defending his acuity.

We don’t know who is right (Actually we do) and we need to know if Biden is unfit for office. If he is fit for office, he is also fit for prosecution of violating the Espionage Act. This can be clarified with the release of the recordings. “You have the transcripts, you don’t need the recordings”, say Biden supporters.

That’s a non-starter because the White House works furiously to sanitize Biden’s remarks all the time.

White House Quietly Corrects Joe Biden Transcript After Numbers Gaffe

White House ALTERS Biden transcript to clean up gaffe implying African American and Hispanic workers don’t have ‘high school diplomas’

White House makes nine brutal corrections to Biden’s NAACP Detroit speech

White House works to correct Biden’s remarks at ‘ridiculous’ rate

While President Joe Biden is known for his blunders and colorful turns of phrase, his staffers increasingly are correcting his words after the fact via strikethroughs in the White House transcript.

The written record of a May 19 campaign speech in Detroit includes no fewer than nine corrections, some of which created mini-news cycles of their own in real time.

One was when Biden recalled being vice president during the pandemic, saying “Barack,” meaning former President Barack Obama, told him to go to Detroit and “help fix it.” But Biden was running for president during the pandemic, and Obama had been out of office for three years.

The transcript replaced the word “pandemic” with “recession.”

In a separate spot, Biden spoke about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, describing the people who stormed Capitol Hill as “erectionists.”

The White House press team wrote the blunder as “irrectionists” and corrected it to “insurrectionists.”

Correcting the record has been a frequent habit of Biden’s staffers for years, one that the president’s critics say reflects his lack of fitness for the office.

“I’ve heard of cleaning up a president’s mistakes, but this is ridiculous,” presidential historian and Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley said. “It should be called the White House Mess team.”

There is no good reason to withhold the recordings – even Jake Tapper agrees.

CNN’s Jake Tapper told Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman of New York on Wednesday that there is no legitimate reason for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to withhold the audio of President Joe Biden’s interviews with special counsel Robert Hur.

We have all seen how Biden frequently gets confused. We have all seen him repeatedly lie about his history. We have mall seen him need Jill to lead him around. He cannot conduct a press conference without the questions and answers being scripted in advance. We have seen him unable to have discussions with foreign leaders without note cards.

Along with many others, I want to see how different the transcript is from the audio recording. Without any doubt something is being smothered here- Joe Biden in unfit to hold the office of the Presidency.

America needs to know the truth.

He is slipping quickly now- watch



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The Emperor has no clothes and nothing will be done about it. Democrat voters know and don’t care. They know Obama is the real president, his ‘fingerprints’ are everywhere.

Isn’t there at least one democrat who recognizes this is not good for the country and would initiate a course of action to end this elder abuse by dr jill?

No doubt Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Garland is confused as to why the Republicans don’t just make up portions of the recordings and “leak” them, like the FBI did photos of the MAL raid. Democrats wonder, “What’s the deal with the real thing? Just make shit up and then get yourselves enraged over what you yourselves made up. Like we do.”

I seem to remember the Democrats coming out and saying that the investigation completely exonerated Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden 100%. So, what, exactly, is the problem with releasing the audio?

The SOH should allow a vote on Representative Anna Paulina Lina’s resolution to vote on inherent contempt. A successful vote would then dispatch the Sargent at Arms to arrest garland and confine him in the Capitol basement jail.

We’d need all Republicans to possess a set of balls (real and figuratively) for that. I doubt that’s possible, but the vote should happen anyway, just in case.

A majority of Americans know not only is he illegitimate, his mental acuity is gone. The transcript of the two day Her interview has been edited. The audio is being withheld because it shows the truth of bidens mental condition. If Americans heard the audio it would sink the democrats faster than the titanic and with far more casualties.

OMG! Italy’s Prime Minister Has to Retrieve Joe Biden After He Wanders Away Like a Lost Dog During Skydiving Demonstration at G7 (VIDEO)

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden thought the guy packing the parachute had a little girl in the bag and he wanted his turn.

Who is monitoring the debates to make sure Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden doesn’t get the questions in advance? We know the left would do it; they’ve done it before.

Yeah, no questions that have not been pre-submitted, screened and approved.

And placed on notecards with answers and pictures of the reporter….

Because the octogenarian dementia riddled waking cadaver has a non functioning brain.

I must complain about the title of this post. There is no secret and the fact that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is a corrupt, incompetent, treasonous pedophile is not hidden at all.

Fit Biden with a Tacking Collar so they know where he wonders

Speaking of dog collars, Judicial Watch’s FOIA request was finally filled about each and every attack by joe biden’s dogs since his time as VP and president.
Seems joe watched three times while his dogs attacked members of the Secret Service to the point of the victims needing stiches!
Re-homing the dogs was a start.
joe needs to be re-homed as well.

I don’t mean just Dog Collars but the ones they fit on Wildlife as well

“Even when he wins he lies about it.”


Speaking of lying, where did you hide that response about those who predicted Trump would be acquitted and those calling for civil war?

Right where I left it, dildo: as a response to one of the other times you asked the question.

If I could remember which thread it was a share the link with you, you’d refuse to go read it and you’d continue to say that I hadn’t posted it.

There were a couple of instances from CuntWon, and one from you.

It wouldn’t be that difficult for you to find it. If it’s there.

No, I’d go check it out. Then I’d admit I missed it. However, when I come to comment, I check the “Active Discussions” and check out all the new comments. There has been no such comment, that I’ve seen. Much like the rest of the left, you like to attribute things to people that they have never done or said. That’s gutless and cowardly. Nothing but lies, which is what identifies the left most noticeably. Because you have nothing worth defending, all you do is lie about others.

You are a liar, and a gutless liar at that. But, that’s just being a leftist.

There has been no such comment, that I’ve seen

All that means is that you didn’t see it.

Can’t see what is not there. I’m not, as I have stated, a leftist.

So I’ve put a comment search widget on the sidebar based on this discussion so everyone search away!

Thanks. I used it. I had to do it twice for, while looking for “Michael”, I figured out that all posts by anyone other than myself or an author come up as “guest”. So I went back and looked at those. Very helpful feature.

Unfortunately, if they haven’t logged into WordPress it comes back as a guest. I could force all commenters to log in, but that would discourage people from commenting.

I didn’t ever log in until recently. I found the “Active Discussions” updated as I was on it. Thus, the change from “Deplorable Me”, a moniker that is probably outdated anyway. Sometimes, and not intentionally, it shifts back and it takes me a couple of posts to realize it. Not trying to “trick” anyone.

Your total Ignorance is the problem you and Greg are about the same in your Ignorance

Well, I searched “acquit” and “acquittal” (actually, “acquit” will bring up all words that include “acquit”) and didn’t find your response which would be loaded with copies of all those comments predicting Trump would be acquitted, so apparently it doesn’t exist. For that matter, going back 2 months, there were no comments predicting acquittal, either. I won’t waste that much time searching for those calling for civil war.

My assessment stands as fact.

The DoJ refuses to hold Herr Obergruppenfuhrer accountable so I guess they’ll have to use Rep. Luna’s resolution to have Garland picked up and jailed.

Arrest the weasel. Lock his sad ass up. Is garland above the law?

By every measure, that sorry piece of fascist shit should get a healthy dose of what he’s been doling out. If only there was a way to carry out a SWAT raid on his house.

Trump’s “spiritual advisor” is a confessed child molester.

06/16/24 – The pastor of one of the country’s largest churches—and who Donald Trump once named as a spiritual adviser—has admitted to “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a woman who says he sexually abused her when she was just 12 years old.

On Friday, Cindy Clemishire told The Wartburg Watch, a religious watchdog blog, that Robert Morris, the pastor of Texas’ Gateway Church, asked her to come into his room when he stayed with her family for Christmas in 1982. She was 12 and he was 20 at the time. She said Morris molested her and then ordered her not to say anything about his behavior “because it will ruin everything.” The abuse continued for years before Clemishire confided in a close friend, prompting Morris’ wife to find out and Morris to step down from the ministry, according to the report.

He eventually returned to the church and founded Gateway Church in 2000, turning it into one of the country’s largest megachurches with an estimated weekly attendance of 100,000, according to the church. He serves as its senior pastor, prompting Trump to name him to a spiritual advisory board in 2016.

After Clemishire came forward, Morris acknowledged the claims in a statement to The Christian Post, admitting he engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a “young lady,” refusing to acknowledge Clemishire’s age at the time.

“It was kissing and petting and not intercourse, but it was wrong,” he said.

He claimed that, with the blessing of the girl’s father and church elders, he returned to ministry two years after the abuse was reported. “I asked their forgiveness, and they graciously forgave me,” Morris said.

Elders at Gateway Church also told The Christian Post that Morris disclosed a “moral failure” and had since been absolved. He has not been criminally charged, but Texas’ statute of limitations does not cover sexual offenses committed against a child.

“Pastor Robert has been open and forthright about a moral failure he had over 35 years ago when he was in his twenties and prior to him starting Gateway Church. He has shared publicly from the pulpit the proper biblical steps he took in his lengthy restoration process,” they said, according to the Post.

Still, the church has worked to shield Morris from public view. He did not lead the church’s Saturday services, according to the Dallas Morning Newsand the church has declined to grant any further interviews or release more statements.

Clemishire told the Dallas Morning News that her family never condoned Morris’ return to the ministry, despite Morris’ claim to the contrary.

“We don’t believe anyone that’s done anything like this should be an overseer to anyone in any industry, but especially in the church,” Clemishire said.

As for whether she found Morris’ public apology to be earnest, Clemishire struck it down.

“I don’t think that it’s repentant when someone calls a 12-year-old a young lady and tries to just dismiss what happened as just some heavy petting,” Clemishire said. “I don’t believe that’s repentance. There’s no child on earth that any person should ever do that to. It’s just unacceptable. There’s zero excuse.”

The Economist — Trump odds of winning jump to 72 percent.

Top pollster has Trump winning Iowa by 18 — If true, there is no way he loses Wisconsin, or Minnesota.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Will Obama pull the strings to remove Biden.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

3 cheers for Mr. Grab-em-by-the-pussy, the lying convicted felon who pardons child molesters!

Are you all crazy?

The Economist — Trump odds of winning jump to 72 percent.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

The Economist — Trump odds of winning jump to 72 percent.

Harry Enten breaks down the bad news for Democrats.

Black voters under 50 are breaking for Trump.

Clinton was a Rapists and Traitor Obama a Traitor Biden a Traitor your aa Ignorant little Pea-Brain idiot

01/12/24/ – Second lawsuit filed against former Arkansas religious boarding school

…The suit says the school “possessed an overwhelming amount of actual knowledge concerning innumerable incidents of child rape continuously and routinely committed by the facility’s Director of Social Services, Emmett Presley, over a period of more than ten years.”

The lawsuit was filed by Romanucci & Blandin and the Gillispie Law Firm. They specialize in suing organizations accused of sexual abuse. Last year they filed suit on behalf of eight people who were interred at the facility throughout the 90’s and early 2000s. This second lawsuit is on behalf of another eight defendants.

Medicaid funding was suspended from the Lord’s Ranch in 2014 amid a string of scandals involving finances at the facility. This was around the time the owner, Ted Suhl, was convicted of bribery and sentenced to seven years in prison. His sentence was eventually commuted by former President Donald Trump

Trump’s evangelicals: Hypocrisy R Us…

Widespread sexual abuse cases in Southern Baptist churches were reported by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News on February 10, 2019. The report found roughly 380 clergy, lay leaders and volunteers had faced allegations of sexual misconduct, leaving behind over 700 victims since 1998.

12/29/23 – Southern Baptist Convention settles high-profile lawsuit that accused former leader of sexual abuse

…The suit prompted a major newspaper investigation into Southern Baptist sexual abuse and seven other men to come forward with allegations against Paul Pressler, an influential conservative activist and former Texas judge…

Texas tribune=left wing rag.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

The entire conservative apple barrel is rotting because they won’t remove the bad apples.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Bad Apples, when will one of Epsteins customers go to court Gates, Clinton?
Sling all you want the FBI knew for years about the Olympic “doctor”.
But back to the subject Biden cant function.

Greg and Michael the Dumb and Dumber of this website

Trump corrupts everything he touches.

Thanks for the WB, you say everything, perhaps if you could name something, or better yet name 1 thing Biden has not FUBR’ed

You know you’re in a cult when…

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Smoking Gun Email: Burisma Owner Demanded Devon Archer Ask US Government to Stop Probe of Burisma – So Joe Biden Forced Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

Most black people know Trump is a jive ass honky.

De jus jump in the hooptie and do da drive by.
Oh ya Cornpops, damn u rassist. Just whack em wid da chain.
Just because he did’nt want any perverts at the pool.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

So why did your cult leader grant clemency to Ted Suhl?

Georgia has 20,000 unsubstantiated ballots from tabulators that do not exist.

comment image

Curt how do you say Ive never ever done anything by myself?
comment image
comment image
Yo chucky burgers and dogs aint barbque, and you flip the burger before the application of processed cheese.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Trump hates dogs.

Secret Service Destroyed Video of Biden’s Dog Commander Biting Agent in Brutal Attack That Drew Blood

Who will the democrats choose as their candidate when they remove biden/harris from the ticket?

Trump hates dogs.
Debunked. try again.

A dog is a lifetime commitment to an animal not some ornament or tool for politics, Bidens have a talent to turn them vicious, the dogs the Obamas had were not properly housebroken.
But Joe he just is a shell having to be led around to tell his weird lies.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

biden has serious cognitive problems. democrat leaders are looking for a way to replace biden.

Trump vs. Biden: Let’s Compare the Facts…

MTG Loses Her Mind Over New Fox Biden-Trump Poll

06/20/24 – MAGA Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene went ballistic Thursday over a new poll from Fox News that saw President Joe Biden take the lead from Donald Trump, even if by only a couple points.

Clearly confusing the poll’s agreeableness with its accuracy, the Georgia Republican found herself in lock-goose-step with the meme-loving fascist Charlie Kirk, who also took issue with the results.

“Okay, I’ve been studying this new FOX NEWS poll, and I have concluded it’s a complete outlier,” Kirk wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “They have Joe Biden winning rural voters 50-48% over Trump. There is no way that’s possible. Zero.”

Kirk recently announced that his conservative youth organization, Turning Point USA, would be partnering with the Trump campaign, and invited Trump to speak at its convention in Milwaukee last weekend.

Kirk didn’t provide any evidence for this claim, but Greene, who is no stranger to pushing conspiracy theories, reposted his so-called analysis in total agreement.

“100% correct!! This Fox News poll is WRONG!” she wrote. “My district is in rural northwest Georgia and it is SOLIDLY supporting Trump! Same with most of rural America! Smart people!”

The poll says you’re wrong. Why would rural America support a guy whose trade war tariffs crashed American agricultural exports to China from $24 billion to $9.1 billion in a single year? Soybean exports alone declined by 75%. He tried to buy back their favor at a $28 billion cost to American taxpayers.

Greene’s factless freak-out comes just hours after a tantrum from Trump himself, who went off about the poll on Truth Social, claiming that Fox News is regularly unreliable, even though the outlet pretty consistently backs the former president in its coverage.

Losing it over one poll is certainly not normal but goes to show the fealty Trump imagines conservative news networks should have for him. And wherever Trump goes, Greene is always sure to follow.

It’s not fact until Raging Madcow says it is.

I’d guess you’re around 10 or 12 years old.

It’s not fact until Raging Madcow says it is.

Typical Trump b.s. today, on Truth Social:

“FoxNews Polls are always the worst for me. They have been from the beginning, and always will be!”


You can see the 06/19/24 Fox News article with the August ’23 to June ’24 chart here.

Last edited 29 days ago by Greg

And fools watch the talking head propaganda on Cable television, bigger fools pay for it.
MTG has her voters, dont really care. He feelings are meaningless, as are Kirks.
Have you taken a drive out into rural America? There are no Biden signs, none in the small towns you pass through. The signs that mention the Resident are all FJB.
Go for a drive Greg, look for yourself. Some Biden Harris signs can be found just outside of some small towns, they are put in the grave yards, boy what a sense of humor they have.

Democratic voters are being voters, not fans. MAGA can’t understand the difference. Yard signs and boat parades don’t affect anything.

Dems are fans.
They’d have to be fans to vote for more of this:

Prices are Functionally Crippling

Democrat voters are mindless idiots that fear straying from the Ministry of Propaganda for fear of finding out the truth. But, mostly, Democrat “voters” are copy machines.

Trump supporters show they are PROUD to be supporting the NATION, not a destructive ideology.

Last edited 28 days ago by Just Plain Bill

I drove through rural Indiana a week ago and saw an anarchy symbol painted on a barn. Time was when I’d mostly see cornfields and Amish wagons.

Many are beginning their own homesteads, moving away from the crime and filth of urban decay to raise chickens and kids. They are learning food preservation to limit going to the grocer.
Yes self sufficiency is a form of anarchy.
The Amish are highly independent and reject vaccines they have the healthiest kids. Taught life skills from an early age no welfare sponges.

Last edited 29 days ago by kitt

Why is it that no Democrats anywhere care about innocent citizens being raped and murdered by Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s illegal immigrants?

dems only care about what they are told to care about.
Even then dems don’t really care, they just play act.
If dems cared would joe have kicked thousands of soldiers out of the military for not getting the covid jab while – at the same time – letting in MILLIONS of unvaxxed illegals?
dems don’t care, they pretend.

ALL they care about is power and exerting it on people.

Trump is only 7 points behind Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden in New York.