FIVE REASONS the 2020 Election FAILED


As is too often the case, most media outlets have accidentally or deliberately failed to tell the truth about a pivotal news event, and years later when the truth always comes out, they’re dragging kicking and screaming to announce it. This often comes in the form of a fast-talking, 15-30-second blurb at 3:42 am or tucked away in a newspaper between the classifieds and stories about the latest dog show winners. They did it with the 2016 election and all the Trump-Russia collusion lies, and some people still believe that conspiracy theory (even after the House investigated, the Senate investigated, the FBI investigated five times, the DOJ investigated three times, an inspector general report, the Mueller investigation, the Durham report, and more-some still believe). The media also did it with countless, daily scandals about President Trump. Of course, there are so many things the media got wrong regarding covid, that it’s easier just to say, they got everything wrong! When Dr. Fauci said we should be washing our hands, wearing gloves, limiting our interaction for a few weeks or months, wearing two masks, and maybe an N95 on top with a face shield…and trying to have sex with clothes on….the media didn’t question it. They parroted it. Later we’re told that studies show wearing a mask was as effective as keeping glitter off a stripper’s legs using fishnet stockings.

That brings us to the 2020 election. Across American states and counties altered their election practices to make it easier to vote in the wake of the Covid crisis.

Confusing Last-Minute Voting Rules

It was confusing. It was a choice between election participation and a sacrifice of election security.

The chance of getting hospitalized from Covid was 1-5% (or even lower), but people on the left were convinced by leftist media that if they got Covid, there was a 50% chance of going to the hospital, and people were told that hospitals were running out of places to put the dead bodies.

Realistic fear or not, a large portion of the nation was terrified, and given the unusual circumstances, the powers that be made unusual changes to the voting procedures. No unusual changes were made to counting votes, and in hindsight, there should have been some changes so that the nation didn’t lose confidence in its institutions. In 2016 the left lost confidence in the electoral process and 4 years of constantly trying to change the results followed. In 2020 the right lost confidence in the electoral process and years of trying to change the results have followed. All that could have been avoided with some changes to the way votes were counted.

President Trump has been impeached and charged with trying to overthrow the government by questioning the validity of the 2020 election process (something that half of America agrees was suspect at best). He had enjoyed years of massive rallies with tens- even hundreds of thousands of people showing up every day, and Joe Biden barely left his basement. When he did barely 20 people would show up. The contrast in public support left half of America shocked. So too did all the claims of ballot box stuffing, illicit ballot harvesting, questionable voting machines, and more.

President Trump’s campaign and others took almost a hundred of these ballot counting discrepancies to court. In several states, the secretary of state overseeing the election changed the rules without approval from state legislatures. Overwhelmingly, one by one, the courts decided not to get involved. Very few cases were actually heard and ruled upon. In some instances, the court process was either delayed or rushed so that Vice President Pence would have to certify the votes before the election itself was too closely examined. Old media-the same media that had spent years misleading the world about the validity of the 2016 election, used the lack of court rulings to declare that the 2020 election was legitimate, and only “election-deniers”, morons, believed it wasn’t. They did so with the same tenor that they used when they misled the American people and brought panic to those on the left.

On Sunday, one of the poster boys for the dying leftist media, George Stephanopoulos, tried to hammer a guest Republican about being an election denier. 3+ years into the Biden reign, and less than a year from the next election, ABC is still trying in vain to pretend that the 2020 election was fair, that they are the authorities on the truth, and that anyone who dares question something is a moron.

I used to be one of those people reluctant to say the 2020 election was “stolen.” I didn’t wanna look like a moron, hadn’t investigated it in detail, and though I had my doubts it did no good to voice them when the left would just shout down my questions. To ask anything that’s counter to the left’s narrative is akin to wearing a Scarlett Letter, but instead of “A” for adultery it’s a “?” No, they don’t chase you down with pitchforks, but the BLM and pro-Hamas protests are daunting. I do believe, however, that the 2020 election was a failure.

The Hunter Biden Laptop story.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was found over a year before the election. The laptop-as we’re now seeing-was filled with pictures, emails, and documents showing that Hunter Biden had illegally done lots of bad stuff-the least of which was the picture of him snorting cocaine off a young naked girl’s butt. He was a middleman for Joe Biden to sell American policy and favors and get kickbacks laundered through hundreds of dummy corporations, secret bank accounts, and more. When the FBI got the laptop a year before the election, they came up with a secret program to hide it from the media and discredit it without any substance at all. They found 50+ former intelligence agency officials to cooperate and sign a letter discrediting the laptop for no reason other than to keep the media from looking into allegations of Biden’s criminal activity before the election. Pawns for the Democratic Party that they are, people like Stephanopoulos and other MSM players obeyed, and never even bothered to look at the laptop story. Only one outlet, the New York Post, looked into it and found it to be real. Later, CBS did so as well after the election, and finally, Congress started looking into it-causing a full-blown impeachment inquiry. Post-election surveys show that when asked, voters say they would not have voted for Biden if they knew about the Laptop and its contents. This conspiracy of intelligence officials changed the outcome of the election.

The Twitter Files.

Making matters worse, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and DHS all worked with Twitter and other social media outlets to censor the news that voters would use to decide their votes. Stories-including the Hunter Biden Laptop were buried and dismissed. Other stories that might have led a voter to question or doubt their support for Joe Biden were censored and hidden as well. Any story or allegation towards President Trump, on the other hand, was pushed to the top of all searches at the direct and specific instruction of current and former FBI, DOJ, CIA, and DHS officials. Later, this illegal and unconstitutional partisan cooperation between government officials and social media (as well as old media) was discovered by Congress. Hundreds of people-possibly thousands-worked to alter the information that voters needed to decide the 2020 election. These people didn’t just sway voters, they controlled what they saw to control how they voted.

The DHS “Disinformation Group.”

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Jordan announced that a new Congressional investigation report was coming out. This report shows that not only did DHS and DOJ work to censor the news and information that got to voters, but it also censored voters themselves specifically. Later, when Biden was sworn in, his administration joined the political censorship and often White House officials would see something that someone had said somewhere online, and they would take direct action to make sure that the comments were censored. Free speech was killed, deliberately, often, without reason or remorse.

There it is. 3+years into the Biden reign of sleepiness, another mainstream media dogma bites the dust. The 2020 Election Failed. It was manipulated, skewed, censored, distorted, and manipulated.

  1. The Confusing Last-Minute Changes to Voting Procedures
  2. The Hunter Biden Laptop of Corruption
  3. The Twitter Files
  4. The DHS “Disinformation”/Ministry of Truth

What’s the fifth reason?

  1. An election is supposed to be a peaceful and believable transfer of power. January 6th shows the transition was not peaceful. 

The left blames Trump, intelligent people blame Pelosi for denying the usual reinforcement of security. There are lots of reasons, but it is as plain as day and undeniable by either side:

The election was not peaceful, and it hurt faith in our institutions rather than healing it. Whether people still believe the 2016 Russian collusion or other people look at the ways government officials undermined the election process, there’s not a lot of faith right now.

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Just like with Obama and Hope & Change Bidens Build Back Better is totally empty and meaningless since nothings been built back and besides the Bitter Biter Bitterns’ a far better tounge twister

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