A perfect primer on how the cowardly “Commie Cockroaches” of Antifa operate


I love Steve Inman, who takes video clips and adds his commentary to them. Inman is hilarious. He can be found on Twitter and on Rumble

In this clip Inman takes on Antifa. Antifa are a bunch of cowardly soy boy wankers. That much you know. They gang up and attempt to intimidate people, using fascist tactics while accusing other of being fascists. Although the video with the commentary is funny, I realized after a bit that this was the perfect instructional video to demonstrate the tactics of the Antifa wimps. Watch:


A group of people on one corner in a Texas city were peacefully protesting drag shows for children. The Antifa wimps cross the street to confront them. Then it gets interesting. Carrying their trademark black umbrellas which are employed to block video recording and repel would be responders, two Antifas form a line as a third comes from behind. The third creep then unholsters a spray of some sort, likely pepper spray or bear repellent and ambushes the peaceful group, spraying their eyes with their weapon. As the peaceful group members wipe their eyes, a fourth and a fifth jackass move into the ambush site with the fourth wimp openly carrying and the fifth wimp brandishing an assault rifle.

It could not be more obvious that this is a message- respond to our attack and we’ll shoot you.

These actions constitute a number of violations of Texas Code Title 9 Chapter 42:

(3) creates, by chemical means, a noxious and unreasonable odor in a public place;

(4) abuses or threatens a person in a public place in an obviously offensive manner;

(8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm;

#8 could be either a misdemeanor or a felony and this was a close call.

You’ll notice that at about 1:00 into the video that the cockroach in the greenish overcoat who brandished the assault rifle attempts to intimidate the cops who responded.  He backs off and the soy boy wankers attempt to flee. One of the wankers tries to block the cops with his umbrella, but this ain’t New York or SF. It’s Texas. It’s a model of how to handle these wieners.

Two of the “Commie Cockroaches” are arrested that I could tell but more should have been arrested, including the cockroach in the green overcoat.

Three Antifa cockroaches were arrested

Mugshots of Antifa counterprotesters from drag show

One was “non-binary.”

Samuel Fowlkes, the first arrestee, is a 20-year-old self-identifying nonbinary. He was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, search, or transport; assaulting a peace officer; evading arrest or detention; and four counts of assault causing bodily injury.

Fowlkes’ bail was paid out at $22,500.

Christopher Guillot, a 33-year-old leader of the JBGC, was arrested for assaulting a peace officer and interfering with public duties during an ambush of Fort Worth police officers.

Guillot’s bail was paid out at $9,500.

Meghan Grant, a 37-year-old who identifies as transgender nonbinary, was also arrested. Grant was arrested for resisting arrest search or transport and interfering with public duties.

Grant’s bail was paid out at $4,000.

This is Samuel Fowlkes


Trans women seem pretty aggressive.

They screamed like little girls when arrested and the remaining cockroaches tried to intimidate the cops

This is fun to watch in its entirety, especially at about 4:20 in when Grant got herself arrested.

It should be illegal to wear a facemask when carrying a weapon. Period.

The above is a perfect example of the tactics of the Commie Coward Cockroaches of Antifa and how they should be dealt with.

“Commie Cockroaches.”  You gotta love it. And you gotta love Texas.


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Carrying their trademark black umbrellas which are employed to block video recording and repel would be responders…..

Recall when blm/antifa were burning down cities because of the lies about black criminals’ deaths?
In one case an auto parts store was burned after a person with an umbrella came along and smashed out the windows.
That person was never arrested for that crime.
But an organization with uniforms, and policies, whose members work as a team is NOT just “an idea,” as their non-militant wing of the demoncrat party claim.
Antifa is part of the militant wing of the democrat party.

They are rarely prosecuted, unlike anyone on the right peacefully protesting. ANTIFA, like Hitler’s Brownshirts, are the muscle for the Democrat party. Otherwise, why would they stupidly lie that they don’t physically exist? Democrats openly condone and encourage violence. Look at idiot Biden praising those fascists from the Tennessee House that tried (and very nearly succeeded) to incite a riot on the House floor.

Inman is funny, Didnt hear a texas accent with the arrestees just like in Kenosha not one of them could properly pronounce Shawano or Waukegan. Traveling around looking to turn other towns and cities into shitholes.

If one is going to go out and peacefully protest, one would be wise to go armed. Go out as armed as possible. And if some masked turd comes at you with a spray can, how do you know what it contains? It might be acid or a bioweapon. If you are incapacitated by being blinded by their weapon, you don’t know what they will do to you. I would draw on that MFer and if he/she didn’t back off, I would lay them out. Enough of this shit.

These ANTIFA cowards operate on the premise that they are usually in superior numbers, can launch a preemptive, surprise attack, run away and be protected by scum like Kamala, who contribute to their bail fund. It is shown over and over that when they are confronted with superior force, they back down and run away like the cowardly pukes they are.

Last edited 11 months ago by Just Plain Bill

Tell that to the Proud boys who tried to defend peaceful prayer gatherings. You see we are not allowed to defend ourselves, others are not allowed to defend us either, right Kyle?

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

If we gotta take one for the team, so be it.

It doesnt take a gun to defend yourself from a soy creature and fat chicks.

They never operate solo.

It isn’t one soy creature. It’s usually a dozen of them. One ant isn’t a problem, a million eats you alive. It’s how Antifa and BLM operates. Go armed.

They almost always hide their faces just like the KKK dose in their Bedsheets and their also a violence prone bunch of Bolshevik Criminal’s those who Finance and support them should be arrested as well for giving aid and comfort to the enemy

Edited by author.

Last edited 11 months ago by DrJohn

Your retarded or a FED or a retarded FED.


Flagged for incitement of violence ^^^

The Left is violent.

The rest of us are not.

Stop using the term fascist incorrectly.The fascists were fighting antifa in germany. Fascism came about to fight the communists .Because liberals in europe couldn’t or wouldn’t fight the reds but the fascists could and saved the day.I wish we had more real fascists in america!

If you think the Antifa of the US is anything like the Antifa of Europe, you need to stop smoking that crap.

Enlighten us oh wise one.

Incorrect. Fascism is Communism.

It’s the same thing: subjugation.

Revelation 12:12

“Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”

I wish we had more real fascists in america!

Thanks to Democrats, you are getting your wish.

Wheres my comment????

Easy, homie.

The community here is pro-freedom, so posting the comment “I wish we had more real fascists in america!” is either posted out of ill-will, or…

You’re a bot sent to entrap people into agreeing with your incitement.

I personally denounce any sentiment or idea for America that isn’t in line with our Christian Founders making this country for all, to be free, not be under the heel of a government, and to practice their faith as they see fit.

Antifa fans are unaware that the “struggle” in Europe in the first half of the XX century waste socialists, communists and fascists against the aristocratic establishments… commies, socialists and nazis were adversarial in the diving up of the spoils. They are all the same thing.

These ANTIFA turds are ARMED and wearing masks? How is that even remotely legal? They should permanently lose their right to carry upon conviction……

I have seen it reported elsewhere (Dan Bongino for one) that the police say once they get these soy boys into lockup they cry like babies. As for the forth and fifth wimps, the police should have shot their asses on site. Their handlers and defenders at DOJ and the FBI would come after the police, but they would only be further exposing themselves as being culpable in Antifa’s actions. What the FBI is doing now with their treatment of Antifa would be the historical equivalent of Elliot Ness and Melvin Purvis covering for and supporting the likes of Capone, Dillinger, the Floyd gang, and all the rest of them.