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Useful idiots plenty of useful idiots their everywhere especially on the daily fake news programs and in the printed Birdcage Liners /Fish Wraps

The left’s entire strategy is to create victims and incite them to retaliate for their imaginary victimhood against their oppressors, who are always the left’s political opponents. They have NEVER toned down their rhetoric no matter how violent the reaction to their propaganda is. Yes, it is progressives, not guns, that is the existential threat to society.

Here’s the press conference. BTW, Florida gun laws prohibit anyone under then age of 18 from possessing guns. IMO, the parents should be charged as accessories.

It’s also illegal to commit burglaries and steal guns, which is how these wannabe tough guys got theirs. Yet, leftist members of “justice” just keep letting them go to commit more crimes, no matter how violent.

To a leftist, there is only one life that is valuable: their own. All others are totally expendable and worthy of political exploitation.

The left is so big on “red flag laws”, I suggest a major red flag that should prohibit dangerous, mentally ill people from possessing a weapon is to create a registry of anyone ever involved in a violent protest. Until they have been prosecuted and served a mandatory jail sentence, they should be. Maybe abortion advocates should be added as well, as they prove they have no regard nor place any value on human life. Maybe it’s about time we went radical on the left.

The Jordan Peterson clean your room meme is very well known.
The idea is that your external world is an extension of your inner world and by cleaning up your room and reducing chaos, you clean up your life.
It’s a very good start.
Clean your room.
Progressive liberals have cities that are falling to crap while they insist on even wider power.
Clean up your cities, first.
But they can’t because those cities are how they want us all to live.
It’s crazy.