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Happy Thanksgiving and don’t let the liberal party poopers ruin your day and I mean those wanks with the Day of Mourning load of poppycock

The left tries relentlessly to destroy the beauty of Thanksgiving. Most get into the spirit of thankfulness and, mostly, sharing. These are not characteristics of the left and they hate to see others practice it. No, as they usually do, they want to stain it with bogus accusations of racism and genocide.

Happy Thanksgiving nevertheless.

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Since you brought it up, how are the accusations of genocide “bogus”?

There was no genocide at the Thanksgiving feast.

Are you aware you’re accidentally posting under the name “Ace Daniels?”

Give the hate a rest for a day.

MAGA is the new “Jew,” and you people want to commit genocide against Conservatives and Christians.

Give the dumbassery a rest.

Big meal at moms, large gathering.
23lb turkey and a 21 lb spiral cut ham, all the fixings. Im more stuffed than the turkey.

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They the left call is a Day of Mourning we call it Thanksgiving and next month is Christmas and if they don’t like that they can celebrate the Fake African Celebration called Kwanza which in Africa is unheard of and in the UK is called Boxing Day DEC 26th

The first rule in destroying a democracy and installing a dictatorship is to attack the very roots of the nation, saying it’s “evil.”

The current idiocy of the Left is no different in their tactics than Mao, Stalin, and every other genocidal madman.

They attacked the police. They brought down statues. They attacked our history. Then, they started rigging elections.

The country is under attack from the usual Godless morons who simply want blood – the Left knows what they want.

For michael

Three School Staffers Arrested for Allegedly Locking Up 5-Year-Old Boy with No Food – Student Allegedly Starts Eating Own Feces and Drinks Urine

A Texas teacher and her two aides have been arrested forisolating a 5-year-old kid with special needs for so long that he began eating his own feces and drinking his urine out of desperation.

Earlier this week, 47-year-old Melody LaPointe, 33-year-old Tarah Tinney, and 27-year-old Augusta Costlow were charged with abandoning or endangering a child following an incident in April 2021.

You don’t need to share it with me each time you add some new material to your twisted spank bank, buddy.

Thanksgiving is not mandatory.
It is a tradition followed by people who are grateful.

Why should people who value “Pride,” (one of the Seven Deadly Sins) be expected to be grateful (one of the proofs of God’s blessing?)
Why should people who base their economic throeries on jealousy (another of the Seven Deadly Sins) be grateful?
Why should people who would kill or mutilate babies and young people (If you hurt one of the young ones you might as well fit a heavy stone around your neck and throw yourself into the ocean.) be grateful?