John Fetterman’s no good horrible very bad day


John Fetterman is unfit for office. Never mind that he dresses like a slob. Never mind that he would make a mockery of the Senate. He is simply unfit for office. The country got a heavy dose of the present-day John Fetterman in the PA Senatorial debate last night. He had a no good horrible very bad day.

He entered the fray saying “Hi, goodnight everyone.”

The debate follows on the heels of an interview conducted by MSNBC in which he “stumbled and stuttered.” Fetterman has difficulty processing auditory input, i.e. speech. The reporter interviewing him said Fetterman had a “hard time understanding our conversations.” Fetterman needs to read the questions from a teleprompter with questions presented in closed caption format.

He also has trouble with speaking, as is evidenced by his opening remark. He is nowhere near recovered from his stroke and his impairment compromises his ability to perform the duties of a US Senator. When he was coherent he had trouble with the truth. During the debate he rattled off a number of falsehoods.

He said he’s always supported fracking. That’s completely false.

Watch as he tries to convince the moderator he didn’t say what he said

He said he never supported socialized medicine

Hs said “I do not believe in supporting the Supreme Court.”

He claimed to have gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor but will not release his medical records.

Fetterman’s performance was so sad even the left couldn’t gloss over it.

Swing voters found it hard to watch him speak. Afterwards the Fetterman campaign tried unsuccessfully to argue that the closed caption system was at fault.

The bar was lowered for Fetterman in anticipation of the debate:

During “Inside Politics with John King,” CNN senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson said that Democrats were smart to “lower expectations” for Fetterman, asserting that just having him be “relatively coherent” would be enough to portray his debate performance as a success.

It wasn’t low enough. It could not have been lowered enough. Fetterman is not fit for office.

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He should step down from the campaign for his own good and the good of the citizens of Pennsylvania

The guy needs to let himself heal and recover, not fit for the seat. He can concentrate on rehabbing his 8 properties and be a slum lord like Warnock.

Neurologist Who Watched Fetterman Debate Casts Doubt on Prospect for Further Recovery

“From watching the debate, I do think he has a type of aphasia, specifically a Broca’s aphasia, which essentially means there’s been some type of insult or damage to the part of the brain where language is produced but also language is understood,” Dr. Huma Sheikh, a neurologist specializing in migraines and strokes told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo after the debate. “It’s hard to tell from this how much his comprehension is impaired, because that requires different testing.”

Fetterman preparing for the debate


Independent Voters Change From Fetterman to Dr. Oz After Watching Dumpster Fire Debate

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Another load of manure from Gateway Pundit, no doubt. No link, but it has that unmistakable smell.


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This report was released on Wednesday by Verity Vote, an election integrity investigative organization.

From the report — At least 243,000 unverified votes were sent out in Pennsylvania — NEARLY A QUARTER OF A MILLION ILLEGAL BALLOTS!

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According to Pennsylvania law, these ballots must now be set aside. They can’t be counted in the November 8th election until the voter produces an identification.

You can bet that very few of these counties will set these ballots aside. This is how Democrats cheat.

There is no rational reason to vote for a democrat

How about, Because republicans will reinstall an aspiring nincompoop of an autocrat to the presidency; give Europe to Vladimir Putin; give America to the billionaires; dismantle Social Security and Medicare; continue to roll back the rights of women; and override the results of any future election that they happen to lose, while rearranging things so that they don’t?

There is no rational reason to vote for a democrat

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Verity Vote” is nothing but somebody’s budget propaganda website. The “report” is a fabrication.

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We are not all that enthusiastic about Oz, but Ffetterman just cant hack it.
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biden/fetterman 2024

Who wins the contest for the least functioning brain, idiot biden or fetterman.

Here is a sure election issue.

Biden: Airline ‘Fee’ for Extra Legroom Unfair to “People of Color”

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Where dose Biden dig up these screwballs from in the first place his whole cabinet is a Rouges Gallery of the worst of the worst

The sad truth is that dems use manipulatable people in positions of power – joe biden, John Fetterman and maybe Katie Hobbs – so their globalist puppet masters have them at their beck and call.
The dems also use morally compromised individuals – like kamala – who they can blackmail into following their agenda.

The worse sadness is that the voters didn’t have a chance to see Fetterman before about 1/2 of the mail-in ballots were already cast.

So, we’ll see.

It is said that people get the government they deserve. If Pa voters elect Fettermann then they deserve to have him in the Senate.

What’s that lump on the back of Fetterman’s Neck?