Full blown crazy



Yesterday was an educational day. Josh Hawley took on a looney from Berkeley- but aren’t they all?  I’ve seen lots of claims of how Khiara Bridges “pwned” Hawley but saner and more mature minds saw it differently.

During a hearing on the impact of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe Hawley and Bridges, a law professor from Berkeley, got into an animated discussion which made clear how far from reality the left has gotten. Hawley asked some simple questions of a highly insecure person and was insulted repeatedly.

‘You’ve used a phrase I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it. You’ve referred to ‘people with a capacity for pregnancy.’ Would that be women?’ Hawley asked during a Senate Judiciary Committee on abortion rights.

‘Many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy. Many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy,’ Bridges told the senator.

Stop there.

I think it was Matt Walsh who pointed out that trans men are not men. They are trans men. It’s a separate category. “Trans man” is defined as

  1. a transgender person who has transitioned from female to male.

A trans man is NOT capable of pregnancy. A person who identifies as a man but is capable of pregnancy is not a man- said person is a transvestite. A person who undergone female to male sexual reassignment surgery is not capable of pregnancy. Let’s cite a left wing source:

Transvestites can naturally reproduce while transgender people cannot

I don’t care how many hairs you want to split.

The Hawley went on to nail her

‘So this isn’t really a women’s rights issue, is it?’ Hawley said. Bridges said that it was not ‘mutually exclusive,’ and one could recognize that abortion affects women and other groups. ‘Your view, the core of this right is about what?’ Hawley pressed.

To which Bridges sharply shot back

‘I want to recognize that your line of questioning is transphobic. And it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing them,’

Say what? Hawley:

‘Wow, you’re saying that I’m opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women are the folks who are gonna have pregnancies?’

Bridges then noted that one in five trans people attempt suicide at some point in their life. ‘Because of my line of questioning? So we can’t talk about it?’ Hawley asked.

Bridges becomes shrill:

‘Because we can’t talk about it because denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist–‘

Note how the conversation changed from a question of pregnancy capability to basic existence.

 ‘–So I’m denying that trans people exist?’ Hawley asked.

Now in full desperation mode, Bridges starts firing out accusations

‘Are you? Are you?’ Bridges asked, growing more visibly irritated. ‘So you believe that men can get pregnant?’

Hawley says no

‘No I don’t think that,’

Bridges then makes clear there will be no differences of opinion tolerated and tried to turn the hearing into hers (I think “hers”).

 ‘So you are denying that trans people exist.’

Again, note the leap from logic. Asserting the only men are not pregnancy capable is the same as denying the existence of trans people. This is an exemplar of how the situation is now. You either agree 100% with them or you are transphobic pig. You have to swallow all of their propaganda or you’re some kind of bigot.

None of what they demand, assert or believe changes the science. Biologic men are incapable of pregnancy. Period. The rest of this is psychological overlay and not based in science. What’s happening here is the gradual erasure of what it is to be a woman. No amount of clamor is going to forge du jour social mores into scientific fact.

I also thought the exchange between Sen. John Cornyn and Bridges was interesting. Watch how she refuses to answer the question and says “I’m answering a more interesting question.”

So, the answer is no, the unborn have no value to her. It wasn’t received well. Hawley is right

“The Democrats have become such extremists. Now their official line is men can get pregnant — and if you disagree, you’re violent,” Hawley said on Tuesday after the exchange went viral online. “They have lost their minds and the whole country can see it.”

Full blown crazy.



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I believe in the existence of automobiles. But, I do not believe an automobile can perform brain surgery. I believe in the existence of dogs. But, I do not believe dogs can fly. I believe in the existence of stoves. But I don’t believe a stove can freeze food.

I believe in things as they are. There are things they can do and things they can’t do. That is FACT.

I believe in the existence of men. But, I do not believe a man can become a woman or have babies. That is a fact; a scientific fact and no matter how resolutely stupid you may be, that scientific fact will not be altered.

In the old days, we referred to these people as members of a cult….but today….they would be woke-people.

Why was she (I assume) called before this committee?
Whose idea was that?
She has no expertise in anything but woke-acceptable-language-of-the-week.

What doesn’t make sense about the phrase, people with a capacity for pregnancy? Is that not as specific as a description can get? Does Hawley have some doubt who that means?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Overturning Roe v Wade only deprives “people with a capacity for pregnancy” of sovereign authority over their own bodies. That’s the subset of women who are adversely affected by the ruling. They’ve been deprived of a fundamental right. The judges who made the ruling weren’t. Neither was Hawley, unless he’s a “person with a capacity for pregnancy” in deep cover.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

We all know it is nowhere in the constitution. Recent polling suffers the neither Roe or Gun rights Slciurt opinions have had zero effect.

It does no such thing, the decision of pregnancy happens before you hop in bed, be in control take authority of your stupid unprotected sexual habits. the guidelines to determine legal boundries for disposal of a baby ie abortions was returned to the states where it belongs. Guys carry a condom if you dont want a baby. Men have some self respect when dating respect her dont impregnate her.
It isnt her body they are parting out like an old junk car to laboratories so they can sew a scalp onto a mouse.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

You have no constitutional authority to dictate the private and consensual sexual conduct of other adult citizens, nor do you have constitutional authority to command a woman who does not behave as you deem proper to give birth as punishment for her behavior.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Wow, greg really has a bone in his mouth.

get over it dude. Abortion is not in the constitution. It belongs to the states. What the state legislatures determine is the law for that state. Seems like greg needs a refresher on the Constitution.

Neither is it in the Constitution that stupid, self-righteous prigs shall rule the land.

Neither is it in the Constitution that stupid, self-righteous prigs shall rule the land.

You are right. That happened, not through Constitutional means, but through Democrat election fraud.

Correct and niether does the SCOTUS its not in the constitution you circular mindless lack of logic fool.
I simply stated the obvious, they need to take control of their bodies or an unwanted thing might happen, like herpes, crabs, HIV or pregnancy. I would call you a slut but I dont think you have the opportunity.

Consequences is not punishment.

And yes, we CAN punish behaviors that don’t fit in our society.

Murder, pedophilia, etc.

You’re an absolute nutcase.

Of course not. What does that have to do with Roe v. Wade? Overturning Roe v Wade only deprives “people with a capacity for pregnancy” of control over their own bodies. It specifically targets those persons. It might even be argued that it specifically deprives them of equal treatment under the law. It deprives a specific category of women of their autonomy. It allows the State to take control of their bodies.

Once again- do you believe that we are whatever we say we are?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Shaming people into NOT acting like rutting monkeys, so we don’t go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, IS A GOOD THING.

“people with a capacity for pregnancy”

Are those women or something else? What besides a woman has a capacity for pregnancy?

Women have full and total control over their bodies. When they don’t take that control seriously, they get an unwanted pregnancy. Then, they have ceded control.

Nobody said otherwise. This has got to be one of the stupidest straw men ever set up, but I suppose one has to take the target audience into account. Hawley is only marginally more intelligent.

ONLY BIOLOGIC WOMEN have a capacity for pregnancy. 

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

That’s a goddamn lie you tell.


luckily normal Americans are rejecting this LGBT hysteria and getting us back on track to being a moral and productive civilization.

Nobody said otherwise. 

Why do you comment on articles you don’t read or can’t understand?

Notice greg steers clear of the news of how disastrous the biden economy is. greg cherry picks topics that are meaningless and makes no point.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Even Greg agrees Trump would fix the country. He’s here so that doesn’t happen.

greg is the enemy of the USA.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

greg cannot defend biden. By the way, we are quickly approaching the 1st annoof the Afghanistan retreat

Specifically what do we call those people?

Fing lunatics.

This is the leftist woke culture. Adoption of it will doom civil society.

This woman should be committed to a sanatorium

The mere fact that they have to argue that it’s normal means it isn’t normal.

Its about WOMENS rights, saying some dude in a wig lipstick and dress can just claim those rights is violence towards women, its erasing our identity, and lowering the status of feminine. They do the same thing to being caucasian demonizing it by saying white.
There are no white people, there are no women with a penis.
Its simple anything else is leftist, insane, anti science. ABOMINATION
Just because they change the language does not make it true.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

It is impossible to govern when you are deathly afraid of offending and attracting the ire of even the most minute and radical extremists with a simple definition of a non-controversial entity.. Who really cares if people who don’t want to be what they are or believe they are a random gender think?

The demokrat party is now comprised of Communists, socialists, and freaks. They are batshit crazy and a cult of fringed lunatics. No rational person would want anything to do with them.

Hawley is a traitor and criminal who should be in prison now.


B/C nanny nanny poopoo. Im offended

Tell us, shitting dog, what is the prerequisite for going to prison?

Skipping dog supports the totalitarian way of simply inventing non-existent crimes and jailing your political, So it style.

Works for Putin, works for Biden.

They are the same.

You’re an absolute nutjob.


If men can get pregnant as the lunatic left posits, can men have an abortion?

I’m sure if that comes up in the propaganda sphere, greg will be the first paid troll o say so.

greg is absolutely batshit crazy.

How stupid does somebody have to be to believe anyone actually suggested that males can become pregnant?

If men can get pregnant as the lunatic left posits…

The real question is how stupid someone can be to suddenly backtrack and pretend the Left hasn’t been saying that.

So how fucking stupid are you?

I’m smart enough to understand that “people with a capacity for pregnancy” are those that the GOP believes need to be subjugated and brought under male control. You share that impulse—and the same deep-seated sexual insecurities—with the Taliban, and other crack-brained misogynistic religious fundamentalists.

So how fucking stupid are you?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Not having sexualized psychological trauma is not an “insecurity”, it’s being normal and whole. You share the same impulse as rapists and pedophiles, and believe it’s”new”.

Please give me one example of a godless, sexually unbridled society that didn’t collapse.

You can’t.

You’re not progressive; you’re a backwards monkey.

Any sect such as the religious Atheists of the Left who push that men can get pregnant disqualify themselves from being part of our society, and are being pushed to the fringes with groups like the KKK, where they belong.

Ignorant, harmful, backwards, and uneducated.

You’re all the same.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

You’ve just described the voters that the GOP targets for manipulation. Trump loves the poorly educated, you know. He lied about the well educated, of course. College graduates—without regard for race, religion, or gender—are one of the most predictably democratic voting blocks.

Ignorant, harmful, backwards, and uneducated.

It’s pretty obvious that those on the left are poorly educated.

The college educated are simply indoctrinated and are some of the most racist people I know.

I myself have been blessed with both an intellect and work ethic that has earned me a master’s degree and many other accolades in life, professionally and academically. Perhaps if you were at the same level as me you might understand things a bit better.

Those who claim to be educated but follow the batshit crazy ideologies of the left are merely showing that they didn’t study, and they didn’t listen.

The backwards ignorance of the Democrat voter is now legendary.

Trump sued Harvard for their racism against Asians. Biden drop the lawsuit.

Once again, Trump represents hard work without regards to race, religion, or sex.

The left just can’t seem to keep their hoax going any longer.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

When you can simply declare random stupid stuff as “fact” and “science”, you don’t have to be educated. You simply react to being proven an idiot with, “You’re transphobic and killing people.”

It is stupid. We agree on that. Your political side believes it, though. You are running the risk of severe cancellation by the dumbasses you support.

What most people are finally willing to say is that trans people do NOT exist. Neither do gays or lesbians.

These are behaviors and choices, not existence.

the same bunch of maniacs who support Abortion are the same ones who oppose Logging and having Mat for Dinner all 365 days a year and yes they weep for the Trees