When do we stop pretending?



And when do we start getting answers to real questions?

The other day Joe Biden mindlessly held up a note card which gave him instructions on what to do during an event.

It is a stark warning to the country that the President of the United States does not have the mental capacity to conduct his duties of office. The staff has to instruct the President to enter a room?  The President needs to be instructed to sit down?


This is not a new phenomenon. Jen Psaki’s ridiculous argument last January was quite telling but it was overlooked. Biden inadvertently admitted that abortion kills a child:

“So the idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard.”

Peter Doocy then pressed Psaki about Biden referring to a child being aborted when Psaki retorted

‘I understand Peter. But what I’m telling you is what his position is,’

She’s telling us what his position is. Never mind what he says. That was a red flag- a big one. The current episode marks a new low for Biden’s acuity status. He can barely put together a coherent sentence. When do we stop pretending that Biden is alright? When do we stop pretending that he is in command of anything? When do we ask who had that cue card constructed? Who made the decision to have it made?

When do we ask the tough questions? I’d love to know what Biden has to say about the latest Hunter Biden revelations?

The 52-year-old Hunter got cheeky in front of a camera during a twisted session with a sex worker in October 2018.

Given that Biden is pushing hard for new gun control laws, when do we ask him about Hunter illegally gaining a permit? When does someone ask Biden about the gun being illegally disposed?

When does someone ask Biden or his press secretary about the “inappropriate showers” with his daughter Ashley that she alleges damaged her emotionally?

This is the leader of the free world. Putin and Xi must be laughing their asses off.

When does anyone say “enough”?

Speaking of Biden’s cue cards, I came into possession of one just recently.


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Does anyone remember the Star Trek Nazi episode? One of Kirk’s old professors, a guy named John Gil I believe was sent to observe a culture and in turn injected Nazi philosophy into it, trying to keep out the evil part so as to bring peace to the planet. Of course, some evil guy named Melikon took over behind the scenes bring war and destruction and so forth.

The thing is, they used Professor gil as their front man for appearances, If memory serves he was drugged and propped up, just mouthing what was written for him. In the end, they get him out of his drug addled state long enough for him to inform the people what was really going on.

Isn’t that what we’re seeing right this moment with these people in charge. A completey lost moron controlled by his minions?

Well, THEY ain’t black. That’s for sure.

The emperor has no brain.

If Biden weren’t smart, right-wing tools wouldn’t spend half their time trying to convince people that he isn’t.

Repeating lies endlessly until people begin believe them is the the right-wing propagandist’s most common tactic. It’s certainly TRUMP’S most common tactic.

Pay attention. You’ll notice the same simple-minded lies are repeated here again and again and again, reduced to the length of a Chinese fortune cookie message. I’m sure you can find a handy nearby example.

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How close are those Russian Tanks getting to the Alps, greg?

You scared?

Biden DID NOT win the 2020 election. He’s an installed dictator. America’s first.

Could it really be that simple? Slip him a few notes? ”End illegal immigration” ”Finish the wall” ”Drill, baby, drill” etc

Problem is, there no one within note-range that care that much about the country.

You should see the note cards Willie Brown used to give Kamala.