Red Wave Incoming…Mexican Born Immigrant Republican Wins Solid Blue District


So the tap is opening and the beginning trickle of the coming red wave starts with Mayra Flores

When Mayra Flores won a special congressional election Tuesday, she made history in more than one way. In Washington, D.C., she’ll be the first woman born in Mexico to serve as a Republican in Congress. She’s also helped the GOP secure its most-desired dream for this year in South Texas: for the first time since Reconstruction, a Republican will represent the Rio Grande Valley in Congress.
…Winning a district that’s more than 80 percent Hispanic, with a candidate who was born in Mexico and worked the cotton fields in her youth, could do big things for the Republican party.

The district she won in has been solidly blue going on four decades. It voted for senile old Joe Biden by +13 points.

Elon Musk, the new kingmaker it seems, said he voted for Mayra and it was the first time he had ever voted Republican in his life.

Signs of Ronald Reagan back in his day:

I didn’t leave the party, the party left me
– Ronald Reagan, 1962

Mayra thanked Elon:

It appears that many people are finally sick of the Democrats. Biden’s popularity continues to crater with no signs of slowing down. Trump had a higher approval rating at the same time in his Presidency.

The Democrats have tried and tried to start some kind of movement on their pet issues. But those pet issues are not what the average American cares about. Just look at this poll from Rasmussen showing what Americans care about and what the MSM cares (99.9% Democrat) about:

They have turned their back on everyone but their pet groups ie. abortionists, LGBTQ, climate alarmists and the like.

The average American cares about crime, open borders, gas prices, inflation, and the right of parents to raise their kids…not teachers.

Hispanics are beginning to see that the party that cares about those things is Republican. The party they used to vote for doesn’t care about them unless they’re transgender, believe in open borders, believe in abortion until birth, believe humans are responsible for climate change, and believe in raising their taxes to pay for those things.

The radicalization of the left has turned them against them and they know it.

Just look at the district Mayra won in. The open border allowing thousands of people, many criminals, was a major factor in that end result.

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A sure bellwether of what is to come in November. The Hispanic vote is going MAGA. MAGA will also win the black male vote in November.
The losses that will cripple the democrat party in November will put them in the smallest minority position ever in the House.
They will be less relevant than they are now.
The question now becomes how large a majority with MAGA have in the Senate after shellacking democrats.

Crash! Glass ceiling all over the floor! Will the squad welcome her? She checks boxes…..

Except she is not a liberal lunatic

Glass ceiling all over the floor! 

It’s not clear that you understand what the term “glass ceiling” means. There have been hispanic women in Congress before. In fact, one of them is a member of the group you referred to in your comment.


Please tell me more.

Do you think this election has no significance?

She is the very first to be born in Mexico, are you retarded? Which one the one born in the USA Bronx, failed to get a job in her educational field, the bartender from upper middle class? Bucktoothed googly eyed hapless soundbite victim?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

And this passes for educating the youth of today. We all have known for decades the quality of education was not and is not improving proportionately relative to the amount of money that is spent.

A little bird told me if he wants to be retarded he can do that, but just not here anymore.

comment image
This guy loses his re-election bid hmmm

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*giggles while idiot michael parses words and intentionally ignores the point being made, as always…*

You idiot government cucks are going down..and not in the way you hope.

The democrat party is in serious political trouble

Blue Texas, buh-bye!

What a queer thing to say…

Democrat campaign enticement to Hispanics: “Look, we’re letting in millions more with the same skin color as you! THE SAME SKIN COLOR! SKIN COLOR!!

Hispanics to Democrats: “We’re AMERICANS! We find illegal immigrants offensive! We work hard to make nice neighborhoods; we don’t want more crime and poverty!”

If Democrats ever talked to anyone besides their wealthy donors they might get a hint of how a common American person thinks.

Why? Because one (of many conservative points) thing she campaigned on was “TRUMP WON”! She reiterated that statement after she won.