The Jan 6 committee clown show opens today


It’s one year following the Capitol protests and there is a ton of information still in dire need of being brought to light. Desperately needing a distraction from the train wreck that is the Biden regime, democrats plan a circus today.

President Joe Biden expects to target former President Donald Trump during his speech on Capitol Hill Thursday, marking the first anniversary of the January 6th protests of the 2020 election.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki previewed the speech for reporters at the White House on Wednesday, noting that Biden believed that Trump had “singular responsibility” for the riots on that day and would call him out directly.

Biden hatchet man AG Merrick Garland said he planned to prosecute everyone under the umbrella shadow of Jan 6 – even those who weren’t there. The guy who had an agenda to conspire with the school board association to haunt school moms claims he has no agenda.

But let’s be very clear. Jan 6 was not an insurrection. NO ONE has been charged with insurrection, treason or sedition. People who didn’t enter the Capitol have been thrown into solitary confinement for 49 days. Garland claims to have viewed 20,000 hours of security footage. That’s the same footage the DOJ is refusing to release to the defense attorneys. There is little doubt that much exculpatory evidence exists on those videos.

There are a lot more questions which need to be answered before any conclusions can be reached.

Why was the National Guard not mobilized? Trump authorized it.

There are a zillion video surveillance cameras around the Capitol. There are allegedly 20,000 hours of video and yet no one seems to have any interest in the “pipe bomber.”

Federal authorities have yet to explain why three armed protesters were removed from the FBI Most Wanted List.

Federal authorities won’t explain why three men who participated in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, have mysteriously disappeared from the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted list. One unidentified man wore an earpiece during the riot and was filmed carrying what appeared to be a concealed handgun on his left hip. The man was pictured on the FBI’s most wanted list for over five months until he was removed without explanation on the same day the New York Times reported an FBI informant was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

A second unidentified man was filmed beating police officers with a baton during the riot. The FBI said the man was wanted for assaulting a federal law enforcement officer, but the agency removed the man from its most wanted list without explanation in late February, just weeks after his debut.

The third man, Ray Epps of Arizona, was filmed in the hours leading up to the riot urging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

Then there’s John Sullivan

sullivan, john.jpg

He’s a wannabe music star who boasts about being an insurrectionist in social media accounts filled with curse-filled rants against former President Donald Trump.

You would think the Jan. 6 march on the Capitol would be the last place to find John Earle Sullivan, yet the 27-year-old was seen continuously spurring on violence that day by pushing the crowd forward. He was just feet away from veteran Ashli Babbitt when she was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer outside the House Chamber, court records show, and he even sold video he shot of the incident for $90,000.

He carried a knife into the Capitol and smashed a window. He spent ONE DAY in jail. One effing day. Tim Caldwell never even entered the Capitol and spent 49 days in solitary. More on him here and here.

We also have to mention Ray Epps.

He helped provoke the protesters and exhorted them to enter the Capitol. Now he’s nowhere to be seen and isn’t on Merrick Garland’s radar. Inquiring minds want to know why.

The Jan 6 committee became a fricking farce the second Pelosi removed Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the Jan 6 committee and replaced them with two Trump haters- Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinziger. It was an unprecedented act by Pelosi. The Jan 6 committee is now nothing but a partisan sh*t show, a clear measure of how much they fear Trump. They will address none of the above.

Although wrong, an insurrection it was not. It was not coordinated, it was not armed in any viable sense of the word. Two people died that day, both at the hands of Capitol security. To this day the media lies about it. Anyone calling Jan 6 an insurrection is an ignorant moron. Please comment here when someone is charged with insurrection, treason or sedition. Until all those videos are released no one will convince me that the FBI did not have a part in this as they did in Michigan.

Today will be nothing but theatrics but there is an underlying goal. It is all a lynchpin for the democrat plan to end democracy in this country forever and that is coming next.


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This is nothing more than an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being eligible to hold federal office. These lunatics are so deranged, they are willing to destroy the entire American political system over their obsession with one man. Get that? One man. What they fail to understand is, this is not about just one man. He’s the result of what happens when millions of people feel their voices are not being heard and their representatives are busy selling out their constituents to leviathan. This was an insurrection? As a true example of insurrection, I offer to you, Kazakhstan.

It isnt about Trump, its the ideology. Being a representative of the people is horrible to them at every level.

I watched Kumallover and idiot Biden’s speeches. I tried to watch all of idiot Biden’s but couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I have never heard so much bullshit in one speech in all my life. Truth has no purpose for idiot Biden or any of the Democrats; he knows he can tell any lie that serves him and the cowardly, corrupt media will not call him on it. Though long proven a lie, he even lied about officers dying at the Capital.

Democrats have failed to serve this country. Every agenda they set out on in 2021 has failed the citizens of this country. The face getting wiped out in November of 2022 and all they have is vilifying Trump and and Trump supporters. Only continuing to divide the nation and provoke hatred serves their purposes. They are sick, vile and despicable and need to be purged from our government in totality. In addition, many of them need to be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Pretending to be outraged over a riot at the Capital while denying a full year of nightly terrorism, riots, looting and violence committed by their BLM/ANTIFA allies simply doesn’t cut it. THAT’S what pisses me off; I have no problem whatsoever with actual criminals of January 6th being punished but giving leftist violent terrorists a full pass while meting out extraordinarily harsh punishment for TRESSPASSING in the name of political theater is revolting.

Who is Ray Epps?

Who is Stuart Rhodes?

Nobody, as far as Meritless Garland is concerned. They don’t further the political agenda. They were just useful idiots that better be watching their backs and having remote start on their cars.

Happy January 6th!

Today we celebrate how the growing Marxist/fascist elements in our government were brought the surface by normal, freedom loving Americans and their duly elected President, Donald Trump.

If you have to rig an election and then stage a false-flag, you’re one of the bad guys.

Enjoy the day and let your nearest Leftist know we’re still maintaining democracy, even if they don’t want it.

Dr John, an “insurrection” by definition is the act or an instance of revolting, especially violently, against civil or political authority or against an established government.

The Trump supporting mob who violently attacked and damaged the Capitol did so in an effort to prevent our legitimate electoral process from honoring the will of the voters in seating a duly elected President.

The world witnessed this live.

Your side lost fair and square. I realize you’re in denial of that but you and the mob are not above the law and you cannot reject our Constitutional and legal process of determining that simply because you and your insurrectionist loving mob didn’t like the legally declared outcome of the election.

And accordingly, the mob is in the process of filling up jail cells, just as they should be.

“Dr John, an “insurrection” by definition is the act or an instance of revolting, especially violently, against civil or political authority or against an established government.” Is that why NO ONE has been charged with insurrection? Because it was? Yeah… makes sense.

So, leftist terrorists attacking a federal courthouse to overthrow the lawful authority in Portland… was that insurrection? If so, why was it not prosecuted? Hell, why was just the violence, attacks, destruction prosecuted? Is it OK when they are working for Democrats?

“Your side lost fair and square.”

You wish. The only “sides” are those who are Americans and follow the Constitution…requiring the defending free and fair elections free of so many clear and overwhelmingly evident cases of voter fraud, and…whatever it is you claim to be.

Over 75 million legal American voters don’t acknowledge Biden as the president, and further dismiss the usurped Federal Government of having any real authority.

The Fed gets to govern at the behest and privilege of the People, and that privilege has been revoked.

I’m afraid people like you can’t pretend to defend the Constitutional processes if you only pick and choose those which pathetically give you the identity your failed life has failed to offer.

The election was rigged, and Jan. 6th was a false-flag to solidify a dictator’s installation.

The World knows this, and laughs at us…daily.

Luckily for you, we’re still open to maintaining the Constitution you atheist, marxist fools have essentially ripped up in your mad quest for authoritarian power.

Rig the election again? That’s a war that you will have started, and will be entirely on your shoulders.

Get a job and STFU.

Nathan, you’ve evolved into more of a deranged babbling fool than your protégé Deplorable. Nothing you say squares with reality or facts and you shoot from the hip with accusations you cannot defend.

“Get a job and STFU” you demand, as if my work ethics somehow defends the Trump supporting indoctrinated mob who attacked our Capitol. Aside from my retirement in just a few weeks from a long career and aside from you taking on some position of authority (this seems to be a new addition to the sock-puppet playbook lately), how does my silence give credence to your mendacity?

As we see more damning information and smoking guns immerge on Trump’s treasonous insurrection, the more we see propagandists such as Curt and Dr John throw sand in the air and try to muddy the water and lying misfits like you saying stupid shit like “Get a job and STFU”.

If it weren’t for the deadly, anti-democracy and unconstitutional consequences of the snake oil you un-American son of bitches are selling, it would be akin to slap stick comedy.

I’m American. I support and defend free and fair elections, due process, and democracy.

You do not.

Your Party literally fabricated the Russia Hoax, using the loyalist FBI to create a scandal that even now people like you think happened.

Four years of insurrection, public tweets and calls for killing Trump, even using the words “coup” were what we had.

Trump succeeded and the country was doing well.

Then a virus comes out of nowhere, and you don’t question that. Then the media all but telegraphs something is going to happen on Jan. 6th (like they programmed people to expect mysterious votes in the night as being normal), and you don’t question it. You are the insurrectionist. I am American.

The probable truth is that you are a CCP or FBI plant. No one could be as stupid as you are with your cognitive dissonance.

You offer nothing in the realm of facts, just shoveling the disinformation points they sold you on CNN and the other failing 20th Century information brokers who are now owned by the Enemy.

You once told us you got fired from Amazon. I imagine you an angry, disagreeable douchebag in real life, who bounces from job to job or is just getting paid by the State in someway.

You’re accusations that Trump was part of a coup is idiocy. It was a very, very weak and shoddy false-flag.

There are no smoking guns, no proof, just more lies from an unelected and usurping enemy state that is based on hatred and atheism.

I protect democracy. You destroy it.

It’s that simple.

Good luck, bobo. Maybe you’ll be the stormtrooper who gets to put me in the railcar for not submitting to the tyrannical state you represent.

When I read Ron/AJ’s unhinged rants, I see how political movements can use a small minority of useful turds to further their aims.

I think these people don’t have enough education to really comment, about anything, but they’ve been weaponized to talk out of their *ss and pretend they have something useful to say.

They don’t.

Ron/AJ is the kind of guy that might eventually go shoot up a place, in his blinding hatred for a class of people that don’t even exist.

I hope the FBI is monitoring him. Perhaps we should call them? His language is…well…rather disturbing.

“I support and defend free and fair elections, due process, and democracy.”

No you don’t and you’ve admitted to that on several occasions. You’re an unhinged fool festered in hatred.

“You once told us you got fired from Amazon.”

I suspect that was voices in your head telling you that as it didn’t come from me. But what does my employment, or lack of have to do with anything? You once told us that a certain faction of voters should be disenfranchised due to their employment as well as their thought process. Is this what you mean by supporting and defending free and fair elections? By excluding those who don’t agree with you politically or are supportive of your side?

You’ve actually admitted or alluded to this type of disenfranchisement. Yet, you can’t see how un-American and anti-democracy that is.

Jan 6 was an insurrection by an angry Trump supporting mob who were pissed because their man lost in a fair election. You and the ilk here lie one day by saying it was Antifa, lie the next day and say it was a peaceful protest, lie the next day by calling them patriots, lie the next day by blaming it on the FBI, only to pick out any of those lies or create a new one when ever it suits your promotion of the Big Lie.

You, Curt, Dr John, and the lot here are discussing, lying, anti-American frauds. Rot in hell every goddamn one of you.

Fuck you!

Ronald J. Ward

I don’t reckon you realize it, but dumping tens of thousands of marked ballots still warm from the copy machine into counting centers after observers have been told to leave, forbidden from approaching due to “distancing” or blocked from view is not what most would consider a “free and fair” election. We support the opposite of that; the opposite of what Democrats pulled off in 2020 and want to codify into law with their corruptive HR1/John Lewis Law. Democrats want to eradicate all means of vote security and make fraud the law of the land.

Now, why would someone that purportedly supports legitimate election support fraud? Only you can answer that, but you aren’t exactly into answering questions, are you?

“Jan 6 was an insurrection by an angry Trump supporting mob who were pissed because their man lost in a fair election.” Never saw you utter a peep about the BLM/ANTIFA attack on the White House (except to criticize Trump for following Secret Service directions to enter the safety of the bunker) or when your fascist thugs tried to burn down the St. John’s church. Not a bit of outrage when Democrats verbally attacked and threatened Republicans in the halls of the Capital or attacked the Supreme Court building because their lies were not working in derailing the Kavenaugh nomination. Nor have you or other Democrats shown outrage over a full year of left wing violence which brought riots, looting, burned out businesses, injuries and deaths. If a Democrat’s office get’s trashed, it’s worse than the asteroid that wiped out prehistoric life, but a taxpaying citizen gets his business and livelihood destroyed… well, that just never happened, so let’s not discuss it.

No, f**k YOU. You seem to be trying to get permanently kicked off here so you can blame the moderators for censoring you instead of suffering the intellectual ass-kicking you receive on a regular basis. You are a gutless lying coward. Typical liberal.

“You, Curt, Dr John, and the lot here are discussing, lying, anti-American frauds. Rot in hell every goddamn one of you.

Fuck you!

Ronald J. Ward”

Does that mean that we will no longer have to tolerate your lies and you will not be back to this site?

Gee, I was looking forward to your wailing and gnashing of teeth on a Tuesday night in November 2022.

Thank you for reminding us of the mentally ill, authoritarian-loving kind of outliers we free Americans must guard our Constitutional freedoms against.

Using poor people as voting cattle is wrong.

Basic hurdles to voting, like simply showing up to vote, prevents a tempted Democrat Party from picking ballots from their sheep like they used to make their slaves pick cotton.

Jan. 6th is a clear false-flag conducted by a deep state angry at Trump and the People for daring to decide our leadership democratically.

I support free and fair elections. You don’t.

Free and fair voting means everyone has to vote legally, with the same rules. Letting rich white tech billionaires harvest black votes is wrong, racist, and illegal.

Making voting “easy” means someone can be easily fooled by propaganda and can cast a partisan vote out of ignorance, especially when a young white kid was paying for the ballot with an Amazon gift card.

That’s illegal.

No collusion. No insurrection. You and yours have committed treason and can compromised our democratic Republic with simple despotism.

Your strawman “conservative” doesn’t exist.

We, the Majority of thinking, voting Americans, are deciding how best to deal with the usurping deep state, Democrat Party, globalist cabal that is now responsible for global genocide.

“I hope the FBI is monitoring him. Perhaps we should call them? His language is…well…rather disturbing.” Call him? Hell, he’s probably one of their “informants” that go out and incite incidents to justify their existence.

Hence, we get the screed he couldn’t stop from bleeding his vile, hateful fingers?

The entrenched establishment DC politicians are the enemy of the people.
In 2016 we the people chose a President who represented the people. We the people re elected President Trump in 2020 again because he put us in the room.
But the power structure could not let President Trump have a second term threatening their hold on power.
The DC power structure will need to be dismantled beginning with the midterms this year.
Already 24 safe democrat seats have announced retirement because they know their status will be minority. Even pelosi’s staff is beginning to jump ship knowing she plans to retire as well.


Not one of the incarcerated January 6 has been charged with insurrection and they won’t be.

Cut and pasted:

The AP reported that legal scholars have said the charge of sedition my be justified, but federal prosecutors may be hedging their accusations because of the “legal complexity and the difficulty historically in securing convictions” in sedition cases.

Former acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin, who was leading the federal criminal investigation in the Jan. 6 insurrection, said in March that he believed the facts supported charging the Capitol rioters with sedition — or, as defined by the Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, when “two or more persons … conspire to overthrow, put down or to destroy by force the government of the United States,” the Deseret News reported.

“Cut and pasted:”

Pretty much everything you think and say “cut and pasted”, which is why you can’t make a point.

Everything the Dems do is to accuse the Right of what they just did.

4 years of waging a coup, complete with antifa brownshirts? Just set up a false flag and invite a few idiots into the capitol, with antifa filming

Biden bribes Ukraine? Cover it up by saying Trump did it…when he investigates Biden for doing it.

Hillary colludes with the DNC and Russia? Just say Trump did it and have HRC pay for a fake scandal.

You people are absolute f*cking authoritarian clowns who simply can’t win your way into the life you know we enjoy everyday.

Trump is democracy.

Biden is tyranny.

Make your choice.

“Trump is democracy.

Biden is tyranny.

Make your choice.” They have. They have chosen the ideology that promises them everything for free but inevitably enslaves them. Totally stupid of history, the useful idiots cheer totalitarianism and undercut the Constitution at every opportunity.

Clown drive-by…as expected. Coward.

Sedition would be losing an election then colluding with the FBI to falsify charged on the incoming President and his staff.

Not one of the January 6th protestors invited into the Capitol by the police and FBI has been charged with sedition…

…because there was no insurrection.

You guys got the 2022 election rigging figured out yet? We’ll be out at the polls this time, with more cameras.

Hope you bought a few more coolers.

“federal prosecutors may be hedging their accusations because of the “legal complexity and the difficulty historically in securing convictions” in sedition cases.” Translation: “We’d love to charge these guys with something like sedition, but without any evidence it would be an embarrassing failure.” Sedition was what the Democrats committed against Trump for 4 years.

What do you expect AJ to believe? That the idiot Biden regime is a totally incompetent failure and their only hope is to vilify Americans like Hitler did the Jews to refocus attention on a “common enemy” instead of offering policies that might mitigate the damage their initial agenda has wrought?

I don’t think so.

One of his most current posts begins with a statement that sums up everything he says and thinks:

“Cut and Pasted:”

That’s all he is.

Not sure they will be able to prove conspiratorial actions of those who were in the capital. But, the Michigan 12 fbi informants who attempted kid napping whitmer did conspire.

Russian paratroopers moving into Kazakhstan

Crude oil is surging because Kazakhstan is one of the largest oil producers in the world.
If Putin loved Trump his paratroopers would have been in DC not the reject Shaman the from JG Wentworth bus.

Do we want to undermine their form of Democracy …YES dammit we are a REPUBLIC.
Tired of folks on our side using that retarded form of government when referring to the USA.

I’d ask a Biden voter the following:

“Does it feel like you ‘won’?”

Covid deaths out of control, and mostly because of suppressed treatments and preventable death…completely the fault of Biden himself…

A secured border ripped open with kids being trafficked to various part of the country.

War in the ME, after being peaceful under Trump.

China threatening nuclear war. Russia actually moving into War.

Crony capitalists getting a return on their investment after being kick out of the WH by Trump, which is why they paid to install Biden.

Going from selling oil to the world, to begging OPEC and tapping our strategic reserves.

Biden is the actual incarnation of the drooling, unelected boob who is destroying our democracy that they tried to cast Trump as.

Nate the question is with a Representative Republic do Bidens imaginary 80 million voters and the 1 million like Greg and Ronnie feel like they won. Biden was able to stop time its according to the Damaged goods Resident 2020.

Looters,Rioters and Arsonists belong in Prison doing 50 years

Agreed, no matter what party they affiliate with.

Trump said “be peaceful.”

The media lies and says he incited insurrection.

These fools are committing treason.


Trump is a patriot. Idiot Biden is a traitor and a puppet.

So say all despots about those their citizens vote in legally and democratically.

Trump is exonerated by physical evidence.

Biden is an installed dictator puppet.

Are all 75 million of us “traitors” too?

You have enough men to arrest us all, Nazi?

03/2922 – White House logs show over 7-hr gap in Trump call record on Jan. 6 -report

White House records show an unexplained gap of more than seven hours in the record of former President Donald Trump’s telephone calls the day of the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, The Washington Post and CBS reported on Tuesday.

Logs turned over to the House of Representatives panel investigating the attack showed no calls placed to or by Trump between 11:17 a.m. and 6:54 p.m. while his supporters violently rioted at the Capitol as lawmakers were set to certify Trump’s 2020 election loss, the news outlets reported.

The 11 pages of records turned over to lawmakers showed Trump talked to at least eight people by phone before the gap and 11 afterward, the Post and CBS said.

A spokesman for the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot declined comment. Representatives for Trump could not be immediately reached for comment on the report.

Extensive public reporting also cites multiple conversations Trump had on Jan. 6 with allies and lawmakers, prompting investigators to probe whether he communicated that day through unofficial back channels, the report said, citing two people familiar with the congressional investigation.

At least seven deaths have been connected to the assault on the seat of the U.S. government by thousands of Trump supporters, interrupting certification of the result of the November 2020 president election.

They marched on the Capitol after the ex-president’s fiery speech at a rally repeating his unfounded claim that his loss to Democratic President Joe Biden was the result of fraud.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy last year described talking to his fellow Republican during the rioting, saying he urged the president to call off his supporters and accept his defeat.

The House panel on Monday voted unanimously to seek “contempt of Congress” charges against Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to Trump, and Daniel Scavino, who was a Trump deputy chief of staff. read more

Uh huh.

Russia Collusion.
NY indictments, coming.

Touch Trump, and you are signaling your official status as a traitor against the United States of America.

What’s the matter? Are the newest schemes of you WEF going poorly?

Biden’s masters rig and steal the election. Just say Trump did what Democrats did publicly.


Sad liberal sucked in once again…the walls are closing in!!!1

The abusive January 6 Committee leaked Trump’s internal White House records to the media and accused the former president of a “possible coverup” over a lack of record keeping on 7 hours of phone calls on January 6.

There are years missing from Hillary while she was SOS. No logs of any kind every weekend for Biden while he recovering from his busy week trying to start WW3. A laptop full of salacious incriminating comms outside of the official channels while Biden was VP. No concerns there