Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Joe Robinette Biden is now considered by many Americans to be one of the worst presidents in modern U.S. history.  Biden is so toxic that voter’s remorse now covers the land like a wet blanket of dense fog. We wake up every morning, drop down to our knees and pray for a miracle to wake us from this nightmare, to end our misery and to restore justice in our land. That’s a fact Jack!  Biden remains clueless that his horrible Executive Orders and absence of intelligent leadership are destroying not only our country but also his own legacy.  Every morning Joe consults a magic mirror to confirm his delusion of being beloved by everyone.



Unfortunately for Joe and the lunatic wing of the Democratic Party, Americans ain’t buying what the magic mirror is selling.  Patriots are horrified that Americans in Afghanistan were abandoned and that many J6 Americans still “remain rotting in pretrial detention,” in Washington DC prisons.  Americans are also depressed that we may be subject to more lockdowns to keep us ‘safe.’  How exactly is slow Joe keeping us safe by allowing 2.0 million unvetted, illegal aliens, many of whom are infected with diseases, pour across our wide open southern border? Many of those poor, uneducated immigrants were transported secretly to cities across the land in the dark of night.  Americans are also concerned about our military getting ‘woke’ while China rattles their sabers and brazenly threatens us with annihilation and prepares for an actual war.

Biden is doing his best to make Americans miserable and everything that he touches turns to toxic waste.  Wreck It Biden has the reverse Midas Touch.  Everything that we love about our country has been either destroyed or weakened in 11 months.

Justice?  Corrupt.

Military?  Woke and broke.

Trust?  Ask Americans abandoned in Afghanistan.

Taxes?  Breaks for the rich and bend over for the middle class.

High gasoiline prices?  Quit your bitching and buy a $60,000 electric car and a long extension cord.

Energy independence?  Let’s shut down another critical pipeline with winter coming.

How other countries in the world view the USA? Cue the laugh soundtrack.

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Joe Biden loyally served Barack Obama and yet Obama supported Hillary Clinton for president.  Hello McFly! That should have raised some red flags because Obama was surreptitiously informing voters that Joe’s shelf life had expired.  Even Joe’s trusted ally Ron Klain defected to Team Clinton.  That had to leave a mark.  One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f__k things up.”  Obama also told one 2020 candidate;  “And you know who really doesn’t have it?  Joe Biden.” With friends like that who needs enemies?  Ironically, Ron Klain, who defected to Hillary Clinton, is now back working for Biden in the White House which is very Interesting (cue the ominous music). I fear that something wicked, this way comes.

Joe Biden initially proved them all wrong and was elected president in 2020.  Riddle me this Batman:  Why would a man who overcame insurmontable odds and became president of the United States, prove Obama right and intentionally f__k up the country? That doesn’t make any sense.



Definately you Joe…but it doesn’t have to be this way.  You have 3 years remaining to awake from your slumber and climb out of the basement.  I am a magic mirror  and while hanging on the wall composed this helpful list:

1) Close the damn southern border.

2) Open the pipelines and tell OPEC to go to hell.

3) Restore justice in the land.

4) Get tough with China.


5) Restore our valuable military and give them immediate pay raises.

6) Release the J6 prisoners.

7) Retrieve all Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

8) Stop sending our money to countries who hate us.  As Joe Kennedy succinctly stated, “They should be able to hate us for free.”

9) Start spending copious amounts of money helping the homeless and wounded veterans who faithfully served this country.

10) Remind all Americans to fervently pray to God and ask for His continued blessing on our country.

God bless America, land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above

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“Biden is doing his best to make Americans miserable and everything that he touches turns to toxic waste. Wreck It Biden has the reverse Midas Touch. Everything that we love about our country has been either destroyed or weakened in 11 months.” We called it “stomach hands”… everything he touches turns to shit.

” You have 3 years remaining to awake from your slumber and climb out of the basement. ” That is a true fairy tale because idiot Biden isn’t the one making the calls. This is what “President by committee” looks like and, as we can see, it ain’t pretty. There will be no self-reflection and reversal. This is what they want.

The GOP has become as toxic as Donald Trump himself. Trump has not only seriously damaged national unity, but seriously damaged the nation’s collective mental health. He’s a damn disease.

GOP toxic seriously you need assistance ASAP. Look at the democrat run areas smash and grab, murder rates, filth in schools protected by the FBI calling parents terrorists. Someone tell Biden the variant cant be spread globally by the unvaxxed, unmasked they cant fly internationally FFS. He is riding the Dem brand into extinction, it is rapidly transforming into marxist pigs.
When you cant afford your gas bill this winter, dont ask your wood burning neighbor to warm up in his house. Just lower your expectations of not freezing.

The GOP has become the party of “toxicity meets stupidity”. They claim ownership of virtues that they no longer have, and project their own degradation onto others. Basically, they represent a confederation of dunces and money grubbing bastards who would claim ownership of the air if they could, and then charge the people to breathe it. I knew they were losing their souls when they began worshiping Ayn Rand and proclaiming selfishness to be a virtue. Trump put the finishing touches on that project.

Sometimes what they’ve become makes me mad as hell. Other times it breaks my heart. They leave no middle ground. They’ve purged all people of principle from their midst. They make people chose between extremes, because they’ve become so damn extreme themselves. And most of their base don’t even realize what they’ve become. They’re so thoroughly propagandized that they think Biden is the devil, and John McCain was a leftist.

Um, you’re describing the Democrat Party. YOU people have take an page from idiot Mao’s little red book and made people into tribes.

It’s a Democrat tactic and theirs alone.

You’re efforts to paint the GOP as doing what you morons are doing is beyond pathetic.

Biden is a devil. He’s unelected, paid by China and big pharma, and completely against every principle the Democrat Party once held.

I’d know. I was a solid Democrat for years. They stopped fighting for change and merely became the new religious zealots of our time, bathing in corporate money and embracing batsh*t crazy ideas that no one wants.

They are the enemy, and so are you.

Actually greggie, you should spend some time reading about the life of John McCain. If he had not been protected by his father who was a General Officer, he would have likely been court marshaled for some of his actions. He was a nasty son of a bitch. You talk about a selfish person, he was the poster boy. He actually resembled many of the democrats. If you were more widely read, you would be able to post intelligent comments that are true.

We’d be a happier and better nation if Trump were gone and John McCain were back.

GOP who?

The Majority of Americans, Trump voters, pretty much reject both of these corrupt crony Capitalist parties that do nothing but steal and lie.

The GOP is still American.

The Democrat Party is not, and should be disbanded with due prejudice for insurrection and outright treason.

We need a Presidential election to restore our executive branch.

Trump, of course, is the best bet and candidate to set our country straight after an ideological cancer has set root.

That’s the disease: Marxist cancer growing off the backs of working Americans.

Biden, in a nutshell.

The Confederacy broke from the Union, just like the Democrats have.

They’re smart in casting themselves as “The Union”, but their values and slave-owning tactics used to harvest black votes are just the old Democrat Party by any other name.

The Marxist attack on this nation will be repelled.

4 of he 5 richest representatives in congress are Democrats money grubbers inside traders grifters of the worst kind. 1 of those had a chinese spy as an employee.

“Barack Obama’s water war… a massive power grab by Washington.” (“Barack Obama’s Water War,” Politico, 5/27/15) “…it will gave bureaucrats carte blanche to swoop in and penalize landowners every time a cow walks through a ditch. The rule allowed the federal government jurisdiction over all property that is adjacent to any body of water.
His war with ranchers not started by him but put on steroids. Federal agents shooting penned animals, rustling cattle, gunning down Roy who actually did have his hands up.

Who is projecting?

You’re complaining about millionaire Democrats after supporting a crooked billionaire who tried to overturn the election that sent him packing?

A fraudulent election. PROVEN fraudulent.

No one has produced a shred of credible evidence supporting ANY of Trump’s “Stop the Steal” claims.

As has been mentioned again and again, if there were such evidence, it would all be laid out for public inspection on a website. There’s absolutely NOTHING preventing that from being done—except for the fact that NO SUCH EVIDENCE EXISTS.

“No one has produced a shred of credible evidence supporting ANY of Trump’s “Stop the Steal” claims.” You’ve never been able to explain State Farm Arena. You don’t even have the GUTS to discuss it, and that’s just the FIRST valid example. Once you admit the fraud there, we’ll move on to the next example. Then the next. Then the next.

NOBODY voted that lying, corrupt, compromised, idiot Biden into office. He is a piece of shit, as are those who, knowing of the fraud, argue he is legitimate. THAT divides the nation. Democrats divide the nation.

There’s nothing about State Farm Arena to be explained, since the right’s entire narrative is a delusional construct to begin with. Every part of the tale has been debunked by REPUBLICAN election officials.

There were no mysterious suitcases, there were designated containers. All packing and unpacking of ballots was done for fully explained reasons, by the book, and under supervision, while the work area was under continuous video surveillance.

“There’s nothing about State Farm Arena to be explained, ” Well, that’s what I’ve been saying. It’s clearly election fraud in progress. Denying wais seen is what is being seen certainly doesn’t explain it innocently away; it only proves the point.

Unfortunately for you, the overwhelming evidence of election fraud extends beyond the State Farm Arena story, and hardly hinges on your posts about how it “didn’t happen.”

The election was rigged and Biden is a dictator puppet.

This is the majority view in America with actual Americans, so your narrative is real trouble.

We’ll let the new confederacy of Blue States have a few bits of land, but for the most part, we’ll keep our Union intact and the Constitution free.

Yeah, right. The “overwhelming evidence” that nobody can collect and put on public display. Why is that???

That’s the most obvious question about the “overwhelming evidence”, isn’t it? Why can no one put in on public display?

They can’t afford a hundred bucks to put up a website? Trump has taken in at least a million times that amount since leaving office with his “Save America” PAC.

greggie, you actually know very little. You think you know, but lack the education and real life experiences to know much. You listen to the propaganda spewed by those who manipulate people like you to increase their power. You are just a dope who blindly follows. Pelosi and Biden are only leading the rats with their flutes.

Trump fixed the nation. Democrats destroyed it.


Democrat Media damaged national unity.

99% of what they report about Trump isn’t true.

Put blame where blame is due, jerk*ff.

Your Party wants power, and will do anything, tell any lie, rig any system, to get it.

Democrats destroyed unity and now they can’t even unify themselves. Like hyenas fighting over a carcass, they fight each other for the prime parts. Democrats have degraded law enforcement, erased our southern border and national security, made political terrorism and violence commonplace and acceptable (to themselves) and promote racism. Nothing is more toxic to this nation and the taxpaying citizens than the far left socialist Democrat party.

“They claim ownership of virtues that they no longer have, and project their own degradation onto others.” You know, it wasn’t Republicans that invented a treacherous false accusation out of thin air and tried to depose the last duly elected President this county has had. It wasn’t Republicans the unconstitutionally (without evidence of any crimes) impeached an innocent President. It wasn’t Republicans that defunded police then unleashed mobs of armed thugs upon citizens and businesses, burning down public and private property, injuring thousands of cops and murdering dozens of citizens. It wasn’t Republicans that opened a secure southern border and, in the middle of a pandemic the Democrats are exploiting for political gain and spreading fear of infection, brought in over 2 million illegal immigrants with a 20% infection rate, spreading them all over the country.

Now, those may be what Democrats consider virtues, but they are not virtuous by any means. You probably need a different tack than “virtue”; that’s not exactly your forte.

“Sometimes what they’ve become makes me mad as hell.” Yeah, I know. The thought of putting the nation and American people before everything else instead of just using the nation to make politicians rich pisses off every Democrat.

Still fixated on Trump. You are a broken record of mental illness. I guess you are under an illusion that anyone would take you seriously.

greggie, when Hillary and the democrats created the criminal Russian collusion gambit and the left media produced fake news, they damaged national unity. When there are two levels of justice created by the left that includes the FBI and Justice department, that damaged national unity. The left and the media lying about the COVID therapy and the importance of natural immunity, that damaged national unity. You and your TDS damaged national unity greggie. You lefties got just what you asked for!

Yeah, but they unified the America-hating corrupt criminals.

Greg= Severe case of TDS, combined with psychological projection. Like a bad case of herpes, just never goes away.

Shade War: White House Video Feed Crops Kamala Harris Out of Biden Covid Variant Speech, Features Fauci Instead

CRAZY TALK. Jen Psaki Tries Desperately to Explain How Trump’s Travel Bans are Xenophobic But Biden’s Aren’t

Amidst Gas Shortage, Biden Proposes Another Drilling Ban

SHOCKER: NYT Throws Cold Water on Biden’s Massive Infrastructure Bill

Most Americans are now understanding Biden is an unelected fool and their country is being handed to our enemies.

Trump would easily set things right, and is the best bet at this point.

A special election should be set up and Biden ejected from his fake desk in his fake WH during his fake presidency.

Biden IS what Dems try to cast Trump as.

The Democrats ARE the idiot fundamentalist fascists they try to cast the Republicans as.

The GOP is still are party.

The Democrats are not. They are a trojan horse filled with lies and autocracy from globalist and marxists.

Resist all Covid-19 edicts now, and take back the country.

Good news for Biden: he’s not the WORST president at all.

He’s not A president.

Hope that comforts him every day when he sundowns and the adderal wears off.

It’s sad to watch these immoral Democrats use an old man for such a puppet show as this.

I like Greg claiming that conservative voters are thoroughly propagandize. What a delusional hoot. Who brain washed them? ABC, CNN, CBS? Name one major media outlet or national news paper that did the dirty deed.

None. I’ve long said that FOX news serves the Left far more than the right.

If you point out that CNN lied about something, they just say “but…but…..but FOX!” As if because Fox exists, it’s okay for CNN to outright lie and distort public opinion.

Fox was formed as a business opportunity. It’s almost a parody of the Leftwing news complex.

Reason began circling the drain with the advent of FOX News; now they’re not nearly crazy enough, so there’s Newsmax and One America News Network.

Hmmm… Fox was right about “Russian collusion”, quid pro quo, Hunter’s laptop, “bounties”, Afghanistan exit disaster and innumerable other stories the left wing media has lied and continues to lie about. It’s not even close.

Reason began circling the drain with the advent of FOX News; now they’re not nearly crazy enough, so there’s Newsmax and One America News Network.

Funny you could easily name 2 newer not liberal nonsense channels, how many new liberal channels are there as CNN and MSNBC circle the drain in ratings.
Did you hear Fredo covid super spreader was using his sources to try to get dirt on his Bros accusors? tsk tsk tsk.

Blah blah blah. Any news outlet that doesn’t promote the Leftist narrative is “crazy” to you.

If you’re values and beliefs are so good, you’d NEVER be afraid of dissenting voices.

Only cowards who are afraid to face their on insecurities would support the current Leftist media grift and their support of totalitarianism.

I have no problem with dissenting views. I have a problem with irrational mobs who break what they can’t fix.

You mean antifa/BLM and Leftists in general then, of course.

The Right has no such mobs.

You weren’t watching the news coverage on January 6th? This will be the week that the SCOTUS saves the nation.

You mean this is the week our Democrat usurpers try to codify their coup.

The Nation, our Nation, my Nation, will be saved when we remove the unelected and purge our bureaus and institutions of globalist/Marxists who are trying to replace our Republic with their own totalitarian vision.

This will be the week when Donald Trump is told you’ve got no executive privilege if you’re no longer Chief Executive, and that a private citizen can’t put his thumb on the scale of the balance of powers like a crooked grocer.

Who knows? Maybe the evidence he’s trying to withhold will fully exonerate him.

Trump was undermined of his executive privileges the minute he won the election. A losing HRC used our own FBI to commit treason.

Who gives a flying f*ck about this new hoax being concocted because you know Trump can win an election?

This is a form of political assassination, and it’s just as cowardly.

They’ve already state lies as facts, stated facts as the opposite of what they are.

I’ll never trust Democrats in this indictment and nothing, NOTHING, will convince me of any wrongdoing on Trump’s behalf. The Dems have lost that trust in them being impartial or even following due process.

You try to find Trump guilty of something, you’ll have a real civil war on your hands.

“I have no problem with dissenting views. I have a problem with irrational mobs who break what they can’t fix.” You have a problem with the truth. It destroys your ideology, so you suppress it. There has not been one of your expressed views or points you’ve defended that hasn’t been proven to be a total lie. Worse, you think no one notices.

“You weren’t watching the news coverage on January 6th? ” But unlike BLM/ANTIFA, they weren’t organized by Republicans, encouraged by Republicans or excused by Republicans. Democrats give BLM/ANTIFA free rein to commit violence and terrorism which encourages them to do more and worse.

The followers of an inveterate liar don’t get to lecture others about “the truth”. Claims that you have evidence don’t mean squat. You have to PRESENT it.

Have you never asked yourself why Trump spends half of his time trying to keep evidence hidden? That’s the story of his entire four years in office, and continues now that he’s out. His lawyers have taken that effort all the way to the Supreme Court. It sure as hell isn’t because what he’s hiding would establish his innocence.

Trump’s four years in office kicked off with a DNC-FBI collusion insurrection in which HRC paid for a false-scandal to be opened just to undermine the duly elected president of the United States.

Clear, credible, and overwhelming evidence of election fraud has been given. You’re a cheater so you’ll never admit cheating.

Democrats lie, then pretend Trump is lying. That’s how most tyrannies work.

And don’t pretend you’re interested in Trump’s “innocence”. There is NOTHING you’d accept, given every criminal investigation of Trump is built on treason paid for and designed by the Democrat Party and their Stasi FBI.

Innocence…you’re funny.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Your Party has been manufacturing non-existent crimes on Trump before he even took office in 2016.

“The followers of an inveterate liar don’t get to lecture others about “the truth”.” Yeah, that’s what we keep telling you. You worship and follow Obama, Hillary, idiot Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and Waters, so SHUT UP.

“Have you never asked yourself why Trump spends half of his time trying to keep evidence hidden?” What evidence? Democrats are always on fishing expeditions just looking for anything they might be able to use. But, glad you see how suspicious that looks; maybe you could encourage the left to stop blocking audits and election fraud investigations.

What evidence??? Do you think Trump has had teams of lawyers arguing for months to lock down empty boxes?

This is as nonsensical as the idea that he has boxes of evidence conclusively proving massive election fraud, but has never bothered put it all on public display.

If the fish an a plate smells bad, most reasonable people will suspect that there might be something wrong with it.

“What evidence???” Well, we have to start with State Farm Arena.

If you object to lying and liars, why do you support Democrats?

“If the fish an a plate smells bad, most reasonable people will suspect that there might be something wrong with it.”

Does that make sense in Mandarin or something?

The minute anyone arrests Trump for made up charges is the minute our cold civil war goes hot.

Don’t touch him, Zhang.

“If the fish ON a plate smells bad, most reasonable people will suspect that there might be something wrong with it.” Better?


Although there is considerable evidence of fraud during the last presidential election, I think Greg makes a valid point.

His point could be used to sum up the biden presidency and the election.

Oddly, no one has refuted or even commented on the two points that accompanied fishy simile.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Logic tells that Trump is concealing evidence of serious misdeeds in connection with January 6th; if it were not in the locked down records, there would be no point in fighting their release all the way to the Supreme Court.

NOBODY seriously believes former presidents continue to hold a power of executive privilege for life. It’s a power of the office, not something permanently granted to the person.

Logic also tells us that he has no real evidence supporting his “Stop the Steal” claims, because if he did, it could all be easily placed on public display.

The illegal, crime-creating witch hunt on Trump is both evil, and completely fascist. You’re insistence on this new hoax is just more of the same.

Actually arresting Trump will have the same effect as if you people just went ahead and assassinated him: the majority of Americans would resist the government in a real way.

Your goal is to keep these neverending false allegations going…but never pull the trigger. That keeps your sheep thinking Trump is a criminal, but always seeking justice that never seems to come.

You and your Party NEEEEEEED Trump far more than the majority of American voters do. He’s just supporting what we want: freedom and due process. It’s not about him for us, and never has been.

You’re still evading the obvious points, aren’t you?
The reason being, you’ve GOT NO logical rebuttal.

The simple truth? Trump and his clowns incited an INSURRECTION with a campaign of LIES about a stolen election.

It doesn’t matter that they’re a bunch of damn CLOWNS, because the extensive damage they’ve done to the nation is REAL.

If this were not true, he wouldn’t be so desperate to lock down all evidence of what he did, and would present the evidence supporting his own claims. This is simple enough for any reasonable person to understand.

Why did all the swing states lock down the ballots, if they didn’t outright delete them? Trump has NO obligation to give any information to a corrupt and compromised state who has already demonstrated they’ll PAY for a false scandal to push a false crime Trump didn’t do.

Your goal is to keep these neverending false allegations going…but never pull the trigger. That keeps your sheep thinking Trump is a criminal, but always seeking justice that never seems to come.

You and your Party NEEEEEEED Trump far more than the majority of American voters do. He’s just supporting what we want: freedom and due process. It’s not about him for us, and never has been.

“If this were not true, he wouldn’t be so desperate to lock down all evidence of what he did, and would present the evidence supporting his own claims.” Hmmm…. you don’t say. So, why was Holder and Obama so afraid of providing documents on Fast and Furious? Why was Hillary afraid of providing 33,000 emails the State Department subpoenaed? Why is idiot Biden afraid to provide his Senate archives for the Tara Reade case? Why are Democrats destroying flash drives and ballots instead of turning them over to auditors?

What are they hiding? What are they afraid of?

Yes, the damage Biden and the unelected Democrat regime has done to our nation is REAL.

The election WAS stolen. Trump is just telling the truth.

Why don’t you pussies just roll up your sleeves and fight like men, instead of cucking for the Karen voting block like a bunch of losers?

Weak men and women have seized our nation, against the Constitution.

There was no Trump insurrection or even attempted, its a word that the left agreed to twist the meaning of.

I’ve destroyed your idiot arguments more time than I can count.

As usual you offer no logical rebuttal, or point…then just blame other of doing what you just did.

Mirror mirror, indeed. You should buy one and take a good look. You’re a sucker and you’re being suckered.

Greg Obama issued Executive Order 13489 on his second day in office go look up what that order says.

The smelly dead carp of WEC knowingly breaking the law with the retirement homes and 2 elections in a row with witnesses on mail in ballots? The Zuckerberg carp in Greenbay?
PA officials on film destroying public records.

No. It sounds like some primitive saying from some primitive culture, or just more blathering from a dumbass.

“Joe Robinette Biden is now considered by many Americans to be one of the worst presidents in modern U.S. history.”
And yet on Quora he and Kameltoe would appear to have legions of ADORING fans. I suspect that if the election were held today Brandon would get even MORE votes than he did last November!

Joe Biden Declares Everything is Okay After Meeting With Retail Executives

Earlier today, Joe Biden met with a roundtable group of retail executives and CEO’s. The topics of the discussion were supply chain issues and current impacts to businesses that are causing rapid inflation.

At the conclusion of the meeting there was supposed to be a press conference where Biden was going to outline what his administration is doing to combat the ever-increasing problem of inflation. However, moments before the public remarks were scheduled to begin, the White House cancelled them. Instead, the people managing Joe Biden sent out the following tweet:
comment image

According to the White House messaging, everything is wonderful – there is no cause for concern, the supply chain crisis has been handled, shortages are no longer present, shelves are full, the clouds have parted and Santa is enjoying his time preparing for Christmas by watching unicorns play with the reindeer. Baghdad Bob would be proud.

If the narrative is true, if there is so much good news to share, then why cancel the remarks and press conference about inflation?

One likely scenario is the retail CEO’s told the White House about: (1) upcoming additional price increases due to energy policy; and (2) the latest news from China where the shipment of goods is going to go from bad (slow) to much worse (a virtual halt):

(CNBC) – […] Helen Zhu, managing director at Hong Kong-based investment firm Nan Fung Trinity echoed similar sentiments about China’s response.

“If omicron turns out to be a major threat, I think China will certainly continue to lengthen the period of staying isolated,” she said on CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Monday. […] China’s ultra-strict zero-Covid strategy involves mass lockdowns — even if just one or a handful of cases are detected. It also includes extensive testing, heavily controlled or closed borders, as well as robust contact tracing systems and quarantine mandates.

The Asian giant has also implemented strict checks at its ports, including monitoring ships and cargo, to prevent cases from slipping into the country. (read more)

Beijing is cunning. They know Biden is weak politically and personally. Everything they can do to increase the impact of inflation weakens the U.S. economy, and China can do an awful lot on the supply side to create even more U.S. inflation.

Biden’s globalist policies in general make the U.S. Main Street economy very vulnerable; however, Biden’s energy policies specifically make that vulnerability exponentially worse.
comment image

Joe Biden Declares Everything is Okay After Meeting With Retail Executives

“High gasoiline prices? Quit your bitching and buy a $60,000 electric car and a long extension cord.”

Ever notice the conflicting policy ideals in the Biden Admin?
On the one hand buy an electric car then install a charging station in your garage to keep it running.
On the other hand, Joe wants to end single family dwellings!

CA, where more electric cars exist than anywhere else, has limits on if or when you can plug your car into your own garage outlet.

Apartment landlords will not allow tenants to suck that much electricity from their bottom line.

Condo associations will not allow the few elctric car owners to pull electricity from commons area outlets while the majority don’t.

Trailer parks cannot rewire their grid to support that level of higher voltage (110 up to 220).

Farms have hills, gravel roads, snow and ice and long distances. They can’t just use weasly fru-fru cars.

People can’t all just give up their cars for electric buses, either.
Buses can’t be electric, see Philadelphia and Duluth for why.

Report: Philadelphia’s Electric Bus Fleet in Complete Shambles

The Left and their propaganda outlets such as CNN inspire their irrational mobs to attack private citizens and the government, and to commit murder and mayhem.

From the years of anitifa/BLM insurrections that are still ongoing, to the black supremacy attack in Wisconsin, to the doxing of a patriot found innocent in a court of law, the advent of Leftist ideology and their takeover of media and education has only left people dead and divided, but done little to nothing for those they claim to help.

Blacks and minorities had it good under Trump.

Now they are paying the price more than any one under the Democrat Hell we’ve allowed to break out in this country.

if Biden’s polls continue to tank he will be at the very Bottom of the Marianah’s Trench

November 30, 2021 – Ex-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will appear before the Jan. 6 panel

The Democratic-led House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has reached a new agreement with former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for him to appear for an initial deposition and say he is cooperating by providing documents to the panel.

The committee and Meadows’ attorney, George Terwilliger, said on Tuesday that both sides had reached the agreement that included the appearance and the turning over of records. However, the committee warned that it is still weighing taking additional steps against Meadows depending on how cooperative he is with his testimony.

“Mr. Meadows has been engaging with the Select Committee through his attorney. He has produced records to the committee and will soon appear for an initial deposition,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the committee, in a statement. “The Select Committee expects all witnesses, including Mr. Meadows, to provide all information requested and that the Select Committee is lawfully entitled to receive. The committee will continue to assess his degree of compliance with our subpoena after the deposition.”


Before the SCOTUS has rendered any decision… The dam is about to break.

When do you think they might get around to questioning Epps or Rhodes? You know… people actually involved and instigating the riot (on the FBI payroll). Don’t you think that might be helpful… IF they actually wanted to find out facts instead of trying to validate their preconceived political conclusion?

Oh, that’s right… it’s all political theater.

The most important thing we Americans can do is criticize China and do everything we can to marginalize them on the national stage.

They’ve been manning Marxist attacks against this nation in the form of disinformation for decades. Now the backwards, stone-aged CCP has a cell embedded in our government.

Tis easy to excise such filth, legally.

They fear Trump because he did what any thinking American wants our Presidents to do: bring the 3rd-world, human-right violating CCP under heel and under our control.

They will NEVER be a superpower, at least not in their current form.

Support democracy and arming the Chinese citizenry now. In exchange for them buying our media companies, buying our professors and buying our political parties, we can just smuggle in Bibles and AR-15s?

Seems like a fair fight.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Black Friday Sales Down 28% – Cyber Monday Sales Down (1.4%) for First Time Ever
comment image

It’s been a rough week for Biden’s economy. Christmas sales are down from last year as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales fall.
According to CNBC, Black Friday was a dark day for retailers.

These numbers are not surprising due to the many economy-killing policies of the Biden regime. For example, the reduction in sales may be related to the supply chain issues that started with Biden.

The loss in sales might also be due to the lack of product after looters rob products off the shelves and walk away uninhibited.

Shoplifters Are Looting In Broad Daylight In Blue Cities, Police Hands Are Tied Under Democrat Leadership

Unfortunately, with inflation on the rise and government spending at record levels, the Biden economy is only going to get worse.

Probably the stuff people want is not available and the stores are putting out what’s available. A poor holiday shopping season (aka “Christmas”) will have long lasting affects throughout the year.

Then, there’ll be all that hung-up inventory that will have to be dealt with. It will have to be sold off for low profits, further hurting businesses.

Pete Buttigieg Thinks Americans Concerned About High Gas Prices Should Just Buy An Electric Car

When demand for gasoline exceeds supply, the price goes up.

When demand for electricity exceeds supply, they shut it off.


Looks like Petey Buttplug doesn’t understand how things work. Every gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel is taxed at the federal and state level for INFRASTRUCTURE. Electric car owners pay none of this. So they aren’t paying their fair share. Free riders is the term used for this I believe.
Asphalt roads are made with and by petroleum. Just like fertilizers, plastics, prescription drugs and of course electricity to name a few. The electric cars he wants us all to buy have petroleum and other fossil fuels used in their creation and content if you will. Steel, plastics, glass plus the materials to create the batteries, which contain metals as well, are all fossil fuel depend in their creation and existence. There will not be any solar panel powered steel mills or aluminum foundries. Lastly you also can’t manufacture solar panels or wind turbines without fossil fuels being involved.

Do you think the people advocating for an end to fossil fuels are intelligent enough to have thought this out? They are the least adept at living without creature comforts provided by cheap and readily available energy sources.

My daughter and son-in-law just got themselves a Tesla. The intent is for her to drive it to and from work and locally, mostly. Based on the differential in buying gas (and Bidenflation prices) and home charging, not to mention the government subsidy, it costs the same as her old car. It truly is an amazing vehicle.

But it’s not for everyone. The rate of charge at home is about 3 miles range per hour on a 110v outlet. With 220v, it is about 30 miles range per hour. It can be programmed for when you want the charging to happen. Faster charging is available from stations with 440v.

No, and they do not care because they think they are contributing to the “health” of the planet. Remember when the Prius first came out and when people were polled they responded that their purchase would save the planet because they were not using as much fossil fuel. Morons…

Except the fbi said no evidence of an insurrection

Really? Then what the hell are his lawyers in the Supreme Court trying so hard to keep hidden???

This smells like a plate of bad fish…

Russia Hoax, first impeachment hoax, illegally obtaining tax returns hoax, Jan. 6th Hoax.

He’s never going to prison. Get used to that.

New poll out has biden going even lower

Biden is a disaster

The disaster isn’t Biden or Biden’s doing. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the polls, any more than you did when Trump’s tanked for 4 continuous years.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, republicans won’t be able to be elected as dog catchers, come the mid-terms. You have NO CLUE how pissed off women would be.

It appears your mental illness doesn’t allow you to understand not all women think the way you believe they do.

It’s way, way too late to overturn it. Giving women complete and sole control over reproduction is what has allowed for the female-lead collectivist/communist infection in our nation.

Fortunately a few generations of women will die alone…with their cats…with no kids…and their idiocy will not live on.

Omicron in San Francisco.
Another idiot Biden massive failure.

CLOWN WORLD: Fauci Calls for Testing of All People Coming into the Country — Except Illegal Border Crossers

These people are so ridiculously stupid that they don’t realize everyone sees how stupid they are. The GOAL is to maintain fear of the virus through the 2022 election to try and save the Democrat control on government and continue to try to get election fraud codified into federal law.

Trump’s polls were cooked, and the 2020 polls were MORE WRONG THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN IN HISTORY.

Everything plaguing our is Biden, and his hidden masters’, fault.

Or their design. I’d say the later.

Xi didn’t threaten nuclear war when Trump was in office, and Trump didn’t threaten to nuke his own people, like Biden did.

Biden is weak, demented, and completely laughed at on the world stage. Their actions prove they don’t have any concerns about what America will do.

Because it’s already brokered that America will do nothing.

At least we still have Trump and other fighting Americans like him.

The Democrats know they are in trouble going into the 2022 midterms so many are fleeing a sinking ship.

ANOTHER House Democrat is retiring from Congress.

Oregon Democrat Rep. Peter DeFazio, the House Transportation Chair, is retiring, according to sources who spoke to Punch Bowl News reporter Jake Sherman.

Who wants to be identified as part of this disastrous gang of idiots?

DC Democrats Claim Victory Over Inflation With Temporary Two Cent Drop in Gasoline Prices – Their Emphasis Explains Why They Need Omicron

If you were still on the fence about Omicron being created/used specifically because the people behind Biden were worried about gas prices {Go Deep}{https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/11/29/joebamanomics-oil-and-energy-analysts-all-agree-100-barrel-crude-costs-by-end-of-this-year-the-biden-team-really-need-omicron/}, you can quit the straddle.

Energy inflation overall, and gasoline inflation specifically, is the Build Back Better communists’ Achilles heel. The Biden administration is ideologically committed to climate change policy and as a result they have no supply-side tools to stop gasoline prices from necessarily skyrocketing. They desperately need the fear of Omicron to shut down the demand side.

Ten days ago the communists said they were releasing 55 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve {Go Deep}, approximately a three day supply of oil given the current level of demand. Today the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) laughably claim victory over a two cent drop in gasoline price. Worse still is the gaslighting graph they use to show a downward trajectory on price:
comment image

The Y-axis is in increments of half a cent. The X-axis is showing six days of impact.

Yes, gasoline fell from $3.39/gal to $3.38/gal in the six days after the strategic petroleum reserve release. We are spared a single penny per gallon in gas price.

Even the leftist media recognize this type of propaganda only makes Democrats look more stupid. A longer review of the Joe Biden price for Gasoline puts that six day Democrat graph into perspective:
comment image


All communists are knuckleheads.

That said, what this insufferable effort highlights is how much emphasis the Democrats are putting toward trying desperately to get away from the problem of inflation.

All of Biden energy policy, and all of Biden’s spending around the Build Back Better agenda, is designed to take us from where we are now into some distant place where fossil fuels are not the energy mechanism; that’s the Green New Deal component of this. However, there is no policy for their transition – they stopped all current energy policy around oil and coal.

Biden halted pipelines, cancelled oil and gas leases, blocked expanded refinery capacity and regulated the entire U.S. oil industry into a place of diminished capacity. That is why energy prices have, as Obama promised, “necessarily skyrocketed.” And, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Depending on how cold it is this winter, you can expect natural gas and home heating oil to double in the next few months.
comment image

The near horizon looks pretty clear. Gasoline will keep rising fast and will cost $6 to $7/gal before next spring. There is no way under current Joe Biden policy to avoid this, unless he was to completely abandon his energy policy; that’s not likely. The climate change ideologues, academics and far-left communists behind the Biden policy are not likely to see the catastrophic economic damage as a bad thing, instead they will likely say it’s the new normal.

With that level of supply side economic chaos seemingly unavoidable, the only way for Biden to try and mitigate political damage is an attempt to halt the demand side. That’s why the administration needs Omicron.

It is more important for our government to use Omicron than all other governments because we are the spending and ideological center. That is why we are seeing a much bigger emphasis upon the fear of Omicron by our government; and that is why the descending levels of variant emphasis/fear fall in line depending on how closely other nations are aligned as allies.

Meanwhile… China, Iran and Russia (adversaries on an ideological level) know what is happening, and to the extent they can drive U.S. inflation even higher, they will. Our adversaries know how to use Biden’s policy to make massive inflation hurt the U.S. disproportionately. This is why OPEC is giving Biden the middle finger on his ‘request’ to increase oil production, and this is why China is now triggering shipping quarantines. (more){

Sunday Talks, Allianz Group Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian Emphasizing Inflation is Not Transitory – Inflation is a Consequence of Embracing The Great Reset

Again, as repeated previously, our window to prepare for a massive jump in inflation is slowly closing. We are down to around 60 days, and then things will get really ugly. The people behind Joe Biden know this. Omicron is a tool they are attempting to use to moderate the speed of impact within the inflation window.
comment image

Idiot Biden’s big plan to end inflation is to just let it run its course… it’ll eventually go away. You think Obama is not directing this idiot regime? He could/would never do anything to improve the economy; he would simply accept failure and misery as “the new normal”. Well, allowing these corrupt liars to rule long enough, it damn sure is the “new normal”.

obama is directing this regime. Even Helen Kellar could see and hear that the captain of this ship is obama…