Biden & Harris: Divorce Imminent


According to uninformed sources in low positions, the arranged “marriage” between sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may be coming to an abrupt end. Apparently, the honeymoon is over.

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram revealed on Tuesday that he received a “cryptic email” from a well-connected Washington DC, insider advising him to learn about the process for replacing a United States vice president.

Option A:  Biden steps down and hands Kamala the keys to the Oval Office and Air Force One

Option B: Biden replaces Kamala and dissolves the marriage because Jill Biden never liked her anyway

Monty, I’m going with Option B.  This isn’t rocket science: the entire country can hear the beep, beep, beep of Two Men and a Truck backing up to Number One Observatory Circle.

Look, this breakup shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I remember crying at their wedding in 2021 and I told my wife, “This marriage was a terrible mistake for our country. I give them ten months-tops.” Even their kid, Peppermint Patty can hear them bickering daily in their home which she calls Dysfunction Junction.  I can imagine Joe screaming that Kamala is an albatross around his neck, has the laugh of a sick hyena, and can’t solve something as simple as the invasion of the southern border.  Joe probably yelled, “Nobody likes you including me. Just go to France or Vietnam or the Supreme Court-anywhere but here!”

Kamala is definately not a wilting lily and I assume that she responded in kind.  “Thanks Joe for inviting 1.7 million unvetted aliens to invade our country.  Your cluster f–k retreat from Afghanistan and leaving Americans behind in the clutches of the Taliban was a special kind of stupid. Also, thanks to your incompetence, gas prices at the pump are going through the roof.  Wait until the country finds out that you’re “selling massive amounts of SPR oil to Asia.”

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Yeah, you didn’t think I would find out that your sold “1.6 million barrels of crude from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve in October? Ringing any bells Joe?  Not one, not two, but three supertankers sailed to Asia with our oil.  Winter is coming-explain that to your constituents! Then you have the audacity to order me to clean up your messes.  Oh, you’re really a “great” president:  you’re now polling at a whopping 36% approval rate.  Even Obama said that you were going to screw things up.  Joe, You haven’t been on the right side of a decision in decades! I’m not your lackey and I don’t appreciate getting thrown under the bus because of your moronic decisions! You are weak, feeble, cowardly and pathetically blame Donald Trump and women for all of your self inflicted failures.  By the way, you never stood up for me like Pete Buttigieg and that dude who runs China-you know-your BFF.  Whats up with that? You must like Xi Jinping more than Americans.  Go live in China Joe! As she stomps our the door, Kamala yells over her shoulder. . . and nobody likes you either-LET’GO BRANDON!

So there you have it-irreconcilable differences. Joe will get to keep his three houses, especially the 2.7 million dollar beach house with the snazzy new $455,000 security wall and the moat with alligators.  Kamala will get a really cool job somewhere over the horizon and an undisclosed boatload of cash NOT to write her memoirs. Kamala leaving the VP job is good for her and good for the country.  Biden remaining as president is bad for the country and gives him 3 more years to wreak havoc and destroy America before people with brains take over the reins. (Yeah, I’m a poet and didn’t know it!)

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Not buying it.

It all began with her answering the phone calls from the WH, “Is he dead yet?” Jill responding with a cackle “Not today” The enraged CamelA screeching at her not to steal her line, and to return the dollar store fishnet stockings that she left on AF1. Jill simply told her losers weepers then used them in a now famous photo op.

Idiot Biden was told to choose Kumallover Whoreass because her checked boxes will help him have enough election fraud to appear to win. But she called him a pedophile, a rapist and a racist. To show his appreciation, idiot Biden put Kamala in charge of the greatest disaster he had created (at that time). At that point, she was doomed. There was no way for someone that has been promoting what idiot Biden did at the border all along to get out of that snare unscathed. It’s bad enough to have supported the policies that led to disaster; to get put in charge of the disaster as it implodes is far, far worse. Her career is over.

Democrats didn’t take the White House to govern; they who are there are there to talk about how bad everyone else is and predict how much better things would be if THEY ran things (note: you ARE running things). They aren’t doing a damned thing, but there are things that need LOTS of attention, particularly the things that were working great which you wrecked. They are all way out of their depth.

Kamala may be the sacrificial lamb to redirect attention away from the results of their willful wreckage. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

Are you under the impression that vulgarity will win people over to Trump’s way of thinking?

I am under the impression that these corrupt liars deserve all the respect and consideration you leftists showed Trump and his family. What’s wrong… don’t you like it?

At least in this case, it is a confirmed historical fact that Kamala IS a whore. Or, at least, was until she got what she wanted.

For a short time today, Kamala Harris became the first woman in history to hold the full powers of the U.S. presidency. Deal with it.

Willie Brown’s favorite gardening tool is a hoe …

She forgot to mention that when the looters break into their favorite store, they have her and her boss to thank for the shelves already being empty.
comment image

Que mala spoke at graduation from USNA this May. A large contingent of adults went to the concession area shortly after her intro. Many of the graduates left the stands. All went to the head and took a dumps in a stadium toilet during her speech-said it was the most appropriate thing they could think of to do.

Hope she enjoyed it because through a technicality during the time idiot Biden is having his head removed from his ass is the ONLY way she’s going to see even being the fraudulent VP replacing the fraudulent president. Neither one of them will EVER be legitimately elected.

They already were legitimately elected, to replace a jackass whose team of evil clowns tried to destroy a legitimate election.

Bullshit moron

The idiot and the whore, frauds in office. Look at the cataclysmic damage they are doing to this nation.

And they did more yesterday morning in the house and they cheered themselves destroying America.

The current state of affairs is a result of what people did or failed to do in the past.

greggie, if the past is the last 10 months, you are finally right on one thing. Now maybe, if more democrats had been aborted 70 some years ago, things would be much better now.


biden can’t even wipe his own ass much less do damage to the country.

It is not biden doing to America what is being done. It is the people who stole the election to put this brain dead piece of shit in the position so they could destroy America.
You will not find that on any the redial left wing news outlets you watch or read because they too want America as we would prefer it to be to be destroyed.
You are just another one of their useful idiots

Indeed. Trump failed to open the border to sickness, drugs, terrorists and crime. Trump failed to cripple our energy production. Trump failed to destroy the economy and drive up inflation. Trump failed to embarrass the nation and insult our allies in Afghanistan. Trump failed to use senseless mandates to pit American against American and deny free will.

Trump failed to shit his pants in front of the Pope and fart on the Duchess of Cornwall.

But he made the country safer, wealthier and energy independent. Nothing that interests Democrats.


Trump failed to finish the border wall and so now we have 2 million scumbags a month coming into our country to sandbag on our welfare system.

comrade greggy poop, you still smoking that cheap grass you grow in your basement??

Hi, Randy.

Biden is far more vulgar, rude, and toxic with his speech than Trump.

Biden is also an actual racist, at least by the in-context, unaltered things he says on tape regularly.

Trump? Not so much. Better lives for African Americans under Trump…now destroyed under Democrats and the incompetent CCP.

And the reason Trump won in 2016, and most likely in 2020 when you look at legal of votes, is because his “way of thinking” is what the majority of Americans already think.

You win in life based on merit, not pretending to be a different gender and raping girls in the bathroom…or dying of a fentanyl overdoes while an overworked cop does what he’s trained to do.

And she was also a prostitute.

Great throws out her being interim fraud president while idiot Biden’s head is removed from his ass as if he considers it insulting. Welk, it is… to the national pride.

“Greg”… not great.

Let’s see. There’s someone who checks all the right boxes. Someone who would love to be President but who also has never campaigned or debated or interviewed and who doesn’t want to do any of those.

Getting Kamala out would please this person who could then be “shoe-horned” into position to replace the senile old fool.

This person just may have been pre-positioned for this eventuality even during the last election. This just might have been part of the deal causing all the sudden primary drop-outs and the Biden non-campaign knowing full well that there would be a super surge of ballots at 3 AM on election night in those urban counties in the key swing states.

Do I really have to say the name?

The propaganda media would be in ecstasy!