13 Scumbag RINO’s


13 scumbag RINOS voted with the Democrats to bail out Biden and House Speaker Pelosi by passing a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill.”  The bill passed 228-206 and would have failed without RINO support.  These are the RINOS who voted for the bill and subsequently screwed America.


According to Marjorie Taylor Greene (A real life Wonder Woman):

Republicans who hand over their voting card to Nancy Pelosi to pass Biden’s Communist takeover of America will feel the anger of the GOP voter.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) nuked this disastrous, 2,300 page monstrosity called the “Build Back Better” package. He tried to warn RINOS that this bill included:

  • Mass amnesty for an estimated 7 million illegals
  • 87,000 new IRS agents to comb through citizen’s bank accounts
  • Insane leftist mandates
  • Insane natural gas taxes that will increase average household energy costs by 30%

In what universe did those RINOS think that the passage of this bill would actually help Americans?  Scalise also warned that “trillions of dollars in spending would lead to trillions in new debt and taxes.  His warning fell on deaf ears.  I understand that Democrats would vote for this bill because they hate America and want it destroyed, which is painfully obvious to anyone paying attention the last nine months. That doesn’t explain why 13 cowardly, scumbag RINOS would go to the dark side, sell out their family and America in the dead of night.

According to the great philosopher Michael Corleone, “But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again.  Ever.”  Those RINOS by voting with the Democrats took their side, betrayed their family and helped destroy America.  Shame on them!

A shout out to Marjorie Taylor Greene.  I previously called her Wonder Woman because she is one of the few elected officials who has the cojones to speak the truth loud and proud.  I can picture her as the captain of a ship under attack yelling, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” She is an amazing woman who makes most of the men and women in Congress look like spineless wimps for their reluctance to proclaim the truth about this porkulus bill and to defend the poor, incarcerated January 6 political prisoners who have been stripped of their rights and dignity in America.  Where is the outrage?  Where is justice?  We need heroes to stand tall and fight the good fight, not cowards to join the smarmy swamp creatures. The swamp is already full enough.



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wonder how much was put into their bank accounts or pure cash given in oversized brief cases? These are traitors to the American people. Most will be voted out of office but retire on nice fat pensions and join the boards of lib corporations to promote communism in America

Most of these people are either paid or threatened in private.

Just look at how the Governor of Georgia’s daughter’s boyfriend got suddenly killed in a strange auto accident, with Kemp suddenly certifying election results he knew were false.

It’s up to the Constitution-abiding States like Florida and Texas to oust the states who don’t want to be part of our Union anymore.

Disgusting! They are helping destroy America because they are to weak to stand up to Marxist and do their damn job!

Thirteen conscientious people more concerned about the dire condition of the nation’s infrastructure than the wishes of Donald Trump is the best the GOP can do?

Trump blathered about the infrastructure, but didn’t do a damn thing about it despite having republican House and Senate majorities his first THREE years.

They DID, however, manage to give billionaires and America’s corporate giants HUGE, PERMANENT tax cuts, despite running rapidly increasing deficits; they ALSO backed their Leader’s effort to obstruct investigation and avoid removal from office for an extortion plot intended to assure his reelection.

I see things that way because that’s the way things are.

I’m afraid you losers can only blather about what Trump didn’t do because he DID so much.

Building back the military was very, very significant.

Trump was COSTING the billionaires and corps money. No lobbyists allowed, and no influence for him to line their pockets like the average Democrat would.

Like Biden is doing right now.

The government is not your friend. They don’t get to have more and more of your money, especially if you’re successful and employing thousands.

Biden is getting them rich. That’s why they gave him over SIX BILLION in campaign money. And he’s increasing the debt like Democrats and Democrats alone always do.

Trump freed up money we shouldn’t be paying to other nations, and finally was making the real culprit, China, pay their fair share in the Billions a month.

You’re either dumb or playing dumb.

He had the House for two years. However, he didn’t have a large enough majority in the Senate to get the bills passed. It was Democrats that blocked infrastructure spending. Like COVID aid, the wanted to control what went in it and, like COVID aid, when they got the opportunity they loaded it with waste, pork and opportunities for theft.

Do you drive a car? Buy groceries? Are gas, groceries and energy costs cheaper now than they were under Trump?

Constantly admitting that Donald Trump owns space in your head is the best you can do?

I know he’s a vastly, massively successful real estate tycoon and the 45 President of the United States, but is your mind really that easy to occupy?

Trump had an incredible economy, improving life for African Americans on a scale not seen, and overall one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

This impostor Biden has destroyed out “infrastructure” with policies and ideas that no one wants and no one voted for…except maybe a few igloo coolers and xerox fax machines.

13 people just “getting on with it” is no victory, and no story of conscience.

The problem is the space Trump owns in his followers’ heads. Were it not for that, he would only pose a threat to his business partners and investors.

That’s your propaganda narrative, but it’s not reality.

After Obama laced the country with Soviet-style art in the form of stickers and the like (paid for by the AP), you wouldn’t DARE accuse the right of being a cult because they found someone they could get behind, would you? Only the Left is allowed to have some no-name cardboard cutout to fawn over?

Trump is the real deal and we need more leaders like him.

there was no “soviet style” art.

why you gaslight everyone?

Shepard Fairey, the artist who made the “HOPE” poster, is listed and self-described as painting in “Marxist Theory.”

The Obama poster was directly influenced by the portraits of Mao, Stalin, and Lenin.

Either you are not American or too young to know what happened.

As we saw with Trump’s vastly successful Presidency, the swamp creatures are real and will defend the corrupt and non-Constitutional power they’ve amassed.

But it’s all a matter of time.

We don’t suffer tyrants, especially pedophile tyrants getting paid and installed by our enemies.

Why the surprise? Since the 1070’s here are almost always just enough Republicans available to do the democrat’s bidding.

I honestly am glad there wasn’t just one party over the other on this one. There were Dems who didn’t vote for it, right?

That’s how democracy works: if well line up and have no debate, that’s a dictatorship.

Thirteen Traitors

The only remaining republicans with the integrity and spine required to stand up to Donald Trump.